Loom-icon KangRoo

who tf is that
jryou made guiskia?
hey @Cttenuatea you heard of Wrapper online/offline?
which ones
jrI wish all your fucking spam accounts were deleted

VidLii, because it isn't blocked on my school's computers
MitchellStudIoswhich is better vidlii or bitview


Ben_doverhey kangroo are you a nibber or a nigeria without the ia

RoyalRawrcut off my head.

@MasterBaiter I like to master bait.
windows 7 gang
toudouboufou dont use vista then

Samsung Galaxy the III
"spronktrap" wtf
toudouboufou spronktrap fuck you

oh shit
Twig2021Windscreen wipers are going up in price do to inflation of cost of production.

google translate
toudouboufou my windows 8 vm just said _ - ' like i understand what it means

So I'm not the only one who got those weird ads.
Marcus First it was BitView, and now it’s VidLii? Why the hell do ad companies do this “hot singles in your area” or “you can take her clothes off in the game” crap?

Marcus Should I be sleeping?

Out of school
CDs nuts
enterwebs @S: do you like tapes or cds?

EliTheKitsunehi im im bed hii inm jneff xd no im no

Battle Cats circa 2013 Fuck proper English, all my homies use Google Translate
homework is bs
Marcus welcome to high school! *gets hit by a binder full of homework*

@ school
Johnny Johnny? Yes, Papa! Eating sugar? Yes papa! telling lies? No Papa! open your mouth. BANG! BANG BANG!
Marcus @KangRoo, you right click on the time stamp under a bweet, then you click on "Copy link address". Once you've done that, type whatever you want to reply to in your bweet, then paste the link into here. Try it out.

how do I reply



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