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S aw hell nah, are they really ratioing bwitter by advertising blips here
Guys just go to It's also old twitter and has more features
It left to get the milk... and never came back. There's which is like Bwitter but with more features.
AlonsoWhere did all the funny go?

@Punchy207 more about : there's this guy that's a lot like you
This is, without a doubt, the website of all time
yurmom4in my opinion,this is the most website of all time

Thinking of making a Google site that's just a list of revivals
Hows it like for you?
Punchy207i looked up this turntable deal, its essentially a digital jam sesh

@Punchy207 You should try I'm sure you'd LOVE it, I do too!
Where do i get a referral key to signup to utue
toudouboufou my utue account

They don't! :-D
DuffinPlease tell me people don’t ratio on here :/

To reply, copy the link of the blue timestamp under a Bweet & paste it after typing your reply. Be sure to put a space between your reply and the link to the Bweet.
Duffin@Kingjc901 how you reply to someone on here? (Like rebweet?)

I'm back!
My sister asked for some of my food. I said yes, and she took HALF THE WHOLE MOTHERFUCKIN' THING!
Punchy207they pulled the plug on nana, i cant believe it but she's gone

S who tf is kuz and why are ppl mad at him?

My sister just casually put her headphones in while I was in the middle of saying something to her. The nerve of her! Also bweeting from my Wii U cuz I'm too lazy to pick up my phone.
Not much
nycritejust remembered this website

Thanks! Also, do you know if I can change my email?
Trying to change Bwitter account info but only get an error saying "Invalid web". How to fix this?
It's 2011?!?! :D

jawed 2: electric boogaloo
@amylee go to hell
My sister's math teacher rides a fucking motorcylcle. MY math teacher... is a bitch.
@amylee did ur mom
jrYou are probably watching underage women tossing the salad while beet into that

I hacked my Wii U!
you better NOT be one...
LovorI swear I’m not a brony fr

I like both but Bitview is blocked on our school's computers
S I plan to remain a user of VidLii, BitView, not really a big fan

nice try

This time I was playing Wii Sports Resort Cycling Vs. mode, and my sister got all pouty and quit AGAIN just because I won. Talk about salty!
Punchy207i got to stay home from school cause i got food poisoning from that damn salmon

You should get a Wii U too.
Rexolri have a wii and a 3ds and a decent pc and 4 iphones

Do it!
Punchy207for april fools day i will change my pfps back to Punchy from animal crossing, and chances are i'll forget to change them back

This is why nobody uses this site. Why do people have to gatekeep?
jrMad because you can’t reply in the way you’re used to 🤡 stop acting like a mean old lady and we might be friendly to you

I've seen that show while looking for stuff to watch. I never even watched for longer than 5 secs, and I was able to come to the conclusion that most of the songs would be pop.
Punchy207im watching this gameshow called Name That Tune, my mom is gtting a lot of them right but i suck cause theyre all top 40 pop trash

There's this kid at school who hates Battle Cats yet talks about it more than I do
Just like Colorado weather. Scorching one day, sub-zero the next.
Punchy207good old illinois weather, it was hailing 10 minutes ago and now its sunny

Was just playing Laser Hockey on Wii Play. I beat my sister ONCE and she got pouty and quit. YOUR sibling(s) may be annoying or rude, but at least they have good sportsmanship.
What's that?
Punchy207i got capnolagnia

The best part about Bwitter is that it's compatible with older web browsers like Internet Explorer and the Wii U & 3DS browsers.
TarePandyi am using bwitter in internet explorer

theme song
Punchy207im a pervert

The weather right now is very weird. It's snowing a little bit, the wind is blowing like crazy, and somehow it's above freezing temperature!
need ideas for really lazy videos
Unrelated but this image would make a good pfp for you
CC229update on gwitter: finally got my ass up and started work the website should be done in about a week btw i am not giving out the link, i want people to see it when it's at least in beta

Some midget kid called me a faggot TWICE within a minute. Talk about pushing it!
Tomorrow Spring Break starts! Today is good!
Should I stick to the Wii U and 3DS or buy a Switch? I've always been an early 2010s person, but I want to play Nintendo's current games.
finally back
toudouboufou the giarussy is all stereotypes

I overheard some girl at school said they wanted to be a stripper. Kids these days...
AbramBenoai'm gonna die tomorrow

Modded my 3DS a few days ago. It was worth it!
My friends call these revival websites "cringe".
A global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing? Answer on your phone, ass, or right here on the web!
time to play generic truck commercial mu-siiiic

I don't got any logo ideas, but I've got a name: ReviVilla.
nauticallyepicSo I'm back to working on that project I mentioned ages ago where it's a info/hub site for old web revival stuff. If yall got any cool logo ideas, I need 'em.

Idk why but sometimes I feel like I'm annoying on this site.
I don't know. Seriously what'll they say?
Marcus i really want an old iBook I think we all know what my parents are going to say. Even if I use my own money, which I do have enough for one.

@Kyasadi927 There's an impersonator of you!
Kylesad928Is that other Kyle supposed to be a cool dude or something? I just don't get it.

Who's Giarusso?
jrY’all, Blips is back. Go there so we don’t have to deal with Giarusso. He can post all his political shit until he realize he’s getting no attention.

You listened to my call!
mac Twig2021 and WhitePeople have been suspended for: Purposefully spreading misinformation that could harm others

Twig2021 has been usurped!
Marcus south detroit is always violent


PLEASE just delete your account already!
DylanCoronaTV@KangRoo You are a living buzzkill

This man talking to himself💀
Just downloaded BCU (modded battle cats that lets you add custom units)
Chromebooks are garbage.
did they make another
jrI wish all your fucking spam accounts were deleted

binbows phone
Marcus pls don't swaare on my teimline1! my mothear cheak me binbows phone

Oh dear! I hope you'll be OK.
Marcus Update: The counties in the southwest are now red, meaning life threatening conditions can occur. Also, my county was upgraded to Amber/Orange, meaning that 130 KM/H wind gusts will occur. Most of the Tesco’s here have little supply. No school on Friday too. Still pretty gusty out there.

iThs dioeprd jubmles pu oyru xett, ocpy-ptase ti ->-- .
Kemesfuck windows 11

atking this comma makes your text backwards : copy and paste --> ,‮

sry just forgot to @ the person
jrwho? who are you talking to

Yoshizin_Gordinoh, i apologize for my serious mistake, and hope that one day we can forget such thing and be friends.

And why do you ALWAYS have to be a dick SPECIFICALLY towards people who like late 2000s to early 2010s internet?
Kemesyou only agree because you know you're losing the fight

forgot to actually add bweet I was replying to my bad
Kemesyou only agree because you know you're losing the fight

I'm more of an early 2010s guy, but I understand where you're coming from.
jrMore like "Forgetting 2007 and 2008 fucking existed in the first place"

with that name i bet the horniest person in the world wouldn't even come near you
dexter_the_protogeni like doing your mum

The old YT community isn't my main concern. For me it's the old layout, looked and worked good
Kemesi think everyone wants the old youtube community to fade out and be forgotten about, stop clinging

uneducated fool
RealOskarLogo2No This is Not True The First Channel On YT Is actually Jawed!

VidLii's fucking dead
klocowbitview and vidlii are getting some cool stuffz!! can't wait owo

WTf are "nanoparticles" those don't exist
BitView rule34 hahahahahahahahahaha
novekwtf someone uploaded pron to bitview

I'm not a troll fucking UFO's don't exist
fuck shit ass ho bitch motherfucker bullshit shitass
RealOskarLogo2i am going to delete some few comments that you swear except for THIS

shut the fuck up you fucking tin foil hatter
AnonCarrot id marry the early 2010s (2010-2013)

@RealOskarLogo2 fuck shit ass asshat fuckwad motherfucker whore bitch bitchass bullshit jackshit
get windows 7 instead
SegaSonici might get windows vista

Marcus @RobloxianHub Guilherme Rocha Borges's 6th alt account spotted!

Man school fucking sucks
RealOskarLogo2@Kyasadi927 Dont SAY THAT!

you fuckin stupid
AbramBenoai bought a NFT

You already have one, don't you?
RocketSnailI was asked today if I would ever consider crowdfunding a new virtual world like Club Penguin? I don't know. What are your thoughts? #crowdfunding #clubpenguin

whore penis wenis fuck shit damn ass asshole asshat dick cock
bruh SHUT UP
Damn that sounds like hell
Marcus dropped a history textbook for history class on my toes earlier today and it hurts

XenseerYo Bwitter, currently bweeting from my schools chromebook!

Twig2021 as always.. posting random things
fuckbookmis in for ma tion .......... reported

Would it be possible?
Tinkeryeah yeah yeah fuck yeah fuck fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuckkkk yeha fuck yeah yeah fuck fuckkkkkk yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahy eha yeahhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeah fuck fuck fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah yeah yeah fuckkkkkk

in a wig

dont do it
SegaSonictommorow i will swap my xbox 360 for a ps3

jrthats what i started doing october 2021. i still use modern sites but i normally style them to look like their old versions.

happy weels irl revael!?!?!?!?!?!11!1!1!1!1!!11?!?!?!!
atking *pushes old guy in wheelchair off a balcony* happy weels

They don't want a cat on their sausages
Yoshizin_Gordinit's a fucking cat, ever seen a cat's teeth? who would want that shit on their dick?

Everybody does
higgorgao1I want a neco arc

sks2002 Go on then, just this once.

AnonCarrot ok fnf profile picture

Cheaters don't deserve NFTs!
novekreminder: they have dream youtube pfp as nft

Yoshizin_Gordinman, fuck modern first person shooters, i want to feel like Xx_R4nG4r_-S8P4r--K1ll4r_xX not like john, american soldier who is going to die in his 20s

SegaSonicTweeting on my way to school this is gonna be so cool

HOORAY (not owned by me) |

who tf is that
jryou made guiskia?

hey @Cttenuatea you heard of Wrapper online/offline?
which ones
jrI wish all your fucking spam accounts were deleted

VidLii, because it isn't blocked on my school's computers
MitchellStudIoswhich is better vidlii or bitview


Ben_doverhey kangroo are you a nibber or a nigeria without the ia

RoyalRawrcut off my head.

@MasterBaiter I like to master bait.
windows 7 gang
toudouboufou dont use vista then

Samsung Galaxy the III
"spronktrap" wtf
toudouboufou spronktrap fuck you

oh shit
google translate
toudouboufou my windows 8 vm just said _ - ' like i understand what it means

So I'm not the only one who got those weird ads.
Marcus First it was BitView, and now it’s VidLii? Why the hell do ad companies do this “hot singles in your area” or “you can take her clothes off in the game” crap?

Marcus Should I be sleeping?

Out of school
CDs nuts
EliTheKitsunehi im im bed hii inm jneff xd no im no

Battle Cats circa 2013 Fuck proper English, all my homies use Google Translate
homework is bs
Marcus welcome to high school! *gets hit by a binder full of homework*

@ school
Johnny Johnny? Yes, Papa! Eating sugar? Yes papa! telling lies? No Papa! open your mouth. BANG! BANG BANG!
Marcus @KangRoo, you right click on the time stamp under a bweet, then you click on "Copy link address". Once you've done that, type whatever you want to reply to in your bweet, then paste the link into here. Try it out.

how do I reply



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