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Fuck. I need to take my schizo meds again, and maybe delete my lgkid alt so this stops happening.
Who else likes jizz?
Shut The Fuck Up!!!!
LPM2011IM BACCK !!!11!!!!

Whose existence is a |
Nickelodeon 2008 screenbug |
disneychanneltakenSpongebob on hd |

good mornign bwitter
LOL i made a drawing with my cum. wanna see it?
I can't believe that exists, i'm going crazy...
lgkidIt.. already exists.

Someone should make the concept of watermelon juice. It sounds cool.
Ok, dude, i know i'm supposed to go to my job, but i'm bweeting while driving there. Cool right?
Bro, how's your Vista installation going. Oops, i need to go to my job. BRB
lgkidI’m going to take a small break so watch as my homosexual and white clone blabbers and copy pastes the gayest bullshit you guys will ever hear. BRB

Haha dude, talk about it. Happens to me all the time.
lgkidAutocorrect had fucked up “bile” for me shitty IPhone

Apparently 400 times i fucked your sister, aunt, brother, sister, father, and mother. I killed them all and salvaged the bike out of there pancreas as lube for the next victim; you.
lgkidApparently 200 times I fucked your sister, your aunt, and your mom. I killed them all and salvaged the bike out of there pancreas as lube for the next victim; you.

V The result of child support money that wasn’t well spent
lgkidV The result of child support money that wasn’t well spent

Apparently 23729218 nuts he can suck. He showed a large smile doing that.
lgkid is known as the best nut sucker. But how many nuts, can he suck in 24 hours?
Everyone on this platform sucks serious nuts, especially whoever hacked me.
Have a thought how this post wouldn't exist if your dad got a different job.
lgkidThink about how a small 2x2 inch rubber could have prevented this post.

I'm talking about you, not your dad....
lgkidYou spelled “gay pornstar” wrong buddy 😑

Shut. the fuck. Up.
Anyways, since i think the hacker is gone, who else is proud to be a keyboard warrior?
Get a fucking job that's not being an asshole. I AM GOING TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD SO THIS STOPS HAPPENING
I am betting you grew up in an orphanage. Fix the issues in your life and get off the internet before being a fucking clown.
lgkidCry me a fucking river, and pedal a kayak away to your fat mother. Probably one of the homosexual white Alfredo cheese motherfuckers are you. You got some serious issues dawg and you need to get off the internet.

You're embarassing, this is not how i am. You're saying i'm imposter? Maybe you're just very inferior.
IgkidThis gay hacker hacked my account...

This gay hacker hacked my account...
yurmom4what the fuck is going on

Stop hacking my account. It's not cool, you are just unable to accept facts. Fucking weak.
Yeah hacker, i'm sorry, i'm just really building up right now. That's right! Igkid never speaks in all caps! But fuck you for hacking my account!
lgkidSays the fat Twinkie lover child fucker who falls after stepping on one arrow on Dance Dance Revolution

lgkidIgnore this son of a bitch he’s not the real lgkid. charcoal motherfucker likes men.

I will beat your ass motherfucker. Also I'm not gay.
yurmom4go back to twitter mofo v v

Dude, the past is the past, dont bring it back. It sucks anyways
yurmom4i said that because of the new things coming off of nostalgia

Anyone think women should be spayed?
That hacker is fucking gay LOL..... no life he just Burt hurt by my thoughts fucking gay nutjob HAHAHA
I want to come out of the closet to my family but i don't know if i should. I have my boyfriend with me and i want to hide him. Opinions?



Name: lg

Bio: People have hate boners for me and they like to cum a lot but I’m spermicide