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thanks bwitter for hosting a bunch of people telling me about revival websites listed nowhere else
pokemon yellow part 1 |
turns out it was just not compatible with any flash players for some reason |
yurmom4your browser might not support html video,or its just your computer

Yoretude looks great! but i cant seem to get the videos working, its all just white screens, any help??
you're on bwitter |
jrQuit trying to fix a bug on a dead site

finally messaged the right people about the bitview upload bug maybe it will finally get fixed finally hopefully (please)
finally messaged the right guy about the broken bitview uploader maybe it will finally start working agan
figured out whats wrong with bitview |

thanks "yurmom" on bitview for sharing my video for me! i wish bitview let me do it myself |

its been like a month and a half now??? two months?????????? i am DYING
one month anniversary of bitview revoking my ability to post videos!
Punchy207i dont even know who the hell you is and i doubt nobody else does

PLEASE let me upload on bitview PLEASE

they are keeping me from posting my dark and evil videos because they know they KNOW they would RUIN their website because nobody else would be making any because MINE ARE THE BEST! YES i am still on about this why would i not be
pokemon crystal part 23 |
pokemon crystal part 22 |
pokemon crystal seventh gym leader |
haha you watched my videos |
Punchy207yeah and only losers repost animes and pokemon vids to bitview

only LOSERS do drugs |
Punchy207marijuana is quite relaxing

BWITTER RETURNS! but what does this say about Bitview? who knows
bitview and vidlii fucking died LOL (its not funny at all)
first bweet since server maintenance ended! lets hope it doesnt have the same issue as bitview (CANT! DO ANYTHING!)
message to lolwut |
they still arent letting me upload videos but my SISTER gets to post whatever she wants. COME ON
hey if you guys want to know why bitview is back up its because i spent all day doing DARK MAGIC when uploads work again i will show you how
its still not back up :(
hey can anyone explain what is actually happening? why are they doing this. is it an update? are the merging with popular sister site vidlii? is it dead jim?
Taps |
it looks like bitview is down for some reason, "The site is in transfer to a different server" could either be a really bad thing for a really good thing. or maybe they just banned me from their site??
OHSHC Episode 9 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 9 |

pokemon crystal part 20 |

i made a YTMND |

OHSHC Episode 8 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 8 |

Pokemon Crystal Part 19 |

i have NO IDEA how to reply to bweets SORRY @Punchy207 on bwitter
OHSHC Episode 7 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 7 |


pokemon crystal fifth gym leader |

UN Owen Was Her- Full version |

OHSHC Episode 6 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 6 |

pokemon crystal part 17 |

pokemon crystal part 16 |

jimmy neutron nightcore music |

Kyoya Ootori: Tsumetai Yori, Ouran High School Host Club Song |

song that causes world peace |

OHSHC Episode 5 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 5 |

pokemon crystal fourth gym leader |

i use all of my magic powers to make you watch all my bitview videos and rate them 5 stars
OHSHC Episode 4 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 4 |

i've been bweeting my videos for like a month now, but only now do i realize you guys cant actually check out my channel, which has more videos then i shared here, check it! |
pokemon crystal part 14 |

OHSHC Episode 3 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 3 |

pokemon crystal part 13 |

OHSHC Episode 2 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 2 |

OHSHC Episode 1 Part 2 |

OHSHC Episode 1 |

pokemon crystal part 12 |

raining again |

new super mario brothers |

i love hetalia
Hetalia Song Italy "Life is Fantastico" |

pokemon crystal third gym leader attempt two |

pokemon crystal part 10 |

pokemon crystal third gym leader |

i love this video |

thanks @DCTheGamr
pokemon crystal part 8 |

pokemon crystal gym leader 2 |

pokemon crystal part 6 |

pokemon crystal part 5 |

pokemon crystal part 3 |

pokemon crystal first gym leader |

pokemon crystal part 2 |

pokemon crystal part 1 |



Name: Griffen Higgins