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"i drew animal crossing NSFW at 1 am." "I have changed" huh
yknow when people say shit like "ive changed im a new man i wont do it again" and then they do? there are still people trying that shit with me and it's worked on me too many fucking times now. not anymore.
im still alive i think
@ExDeeXD you don't deserve to sleep.
im kind of tired
Just factory reset my PC, very nice. :feelsgoodman:
god alex ffrom minecraft is so hot she is my QUEEN i lo9ve her so mcujch
vvv wHat
Last night I actually had a dream, which is weird, because I usually never dream when I sleep, even weirder was how bland and boring it was, yet somehow I remember it. The entire dream was just me holding a wireless G502 gaming mouse and being like "wow, this mouse is really good." That's it.
I just listened to my old 2011-2015 EDM playlist AND got through my paranoia at the same time, I can even listen to music with my eyes closed and not open them once! I think I regained a part of my soul tonight. Might be less of a piece of shit tomorrow.
GTA 5's singleplayer world is a satire of GTA Online's world, change my mind.
I have decided that my life goal will be being an asshole and dying.
I just wanna live my life as a non-sentient single-celled organism that eats space dust, is that too much to ask for, universe?
@BwitCOIN is a perfect example of how the outside world sees the Bitview/Fulptube/Bwitter/Revival community. Are they wrong? No lmao. im speedrun
@everyone :troll:
If you want a quick Alzheimer's simulation, just talk to Punchy for more than five minutes.
Donald Ray Burger wants to talk about fireflies.
So I was messing around on random websites and I came across the most wholesome website on the internet. I fucking love this website.
I haven't slept in a few days, my friends aren't talking to me, I drank 4 redbulls today, and I think I'm dying. I couldn't fucking be happier.
@BLU746 Well first you go on fucking Google, you search "png to jpg converter" and find one that works.
@Team_fortress2 I've never had Openshot crash before.
It's fucking Zomboy. >:D
Listening to tally hall ooooooooooooooo good band,,,,,, :))))))))
@Team_fortress2 hey fuck you buddy it's fine for adding cuts, audio, transitions and subtitles and that's all I need.
Update: I am still cum.
Hey @Punchy I wonder what happened to your "man on the inside"? :)
Update: I am still god.
I am cum.
I might make an account for actual nostalgia instead of shitposts.
I am god.
Has the world been taken over by giant crazy alien frogs yet?
I'm trying to learn this reverse psychology thingy and I sure hope I don't get verified. :troll:
I say shit about hating everyone a lot but everyone thinks I'm joking like wtf bro
@cn_ You tell people to suck your dick even though your dick is the size of a snail, not that you know how big a snail is, you don't go outside enough to know.
WHy is @cn_ sobbing and crying and shitting and pissing this ttime
Us humans do an inconsequential amount of internet trolling.
Hot take: Pedophilia is bad. I know, I'm brave, I'll take that nobel peace prize.
Punchy is currently writing gay threesome fanfiction about his neighbors dogs.
I wanna be verified some day so I can tell children on the internet to fuck off. Or I could join a CoD lobby. Or maybe scrap the idea entirely and go outside for once.
Hey guys, wanna see the best display of humor mankind has ever known? Here goes: I hate gay people. Did I do it? Am I the dictator of comedy yet?
Got out of a toxic friendship two days ago. :feelsgoodman:
@Ashley2004 What do you mean?
Bitview community = Fulptube community. so how the fuck is there a fucking rivalry between the two. It's like two discord mods fighting over which one is a groomer as if they aren't both groomers.
vv no
When they don't use Firefox. :troll: :flushed: :weary:
welcome to cumtown! epic pogchamp!!
(farts) (shits)
@Ashley2004 I use Windows 2000 but I'm gonna get XP soon. :D
@hotguy126 you should get Grand Theft Auto 3! It's really fun, might post some footage on my Bitview. xD
yeah and to have sex
Punchy just committed tax evasion via shower sex.
wishing there was a YT 2014 revival.
It's 2:20 AM and I'm very tired, but crippling paranoia said no.
It was a horrible idea to try to eat seven bars of chocolate. :sunglasses:
I'm about to eat seven bars of chocolate because i'm a goddamn loser :sunglasses:
Finally, I was able to edit my profile and add my logo
@MitchellStudios Welcome back :PogChamp:
from team fortress two game!
holy shit guys! It's scout team fortress two from smash hit 10/10 game of the year GOTY 2007 edition Team Fortress 2!!!
So I've invented a "toxic-o-meter" for Discord servers, what you do is search for messages containing the word "f*ggot" in #general or #memes, if that shows up, oh idk... over 100 fucking times, leave the server. You can also look for anything LGBTQ+ related, obviously.
I'm trying to update my profile and it says "invalid web" what the fuck? I'm using Firefox.
hey its ExDeeXD punchy207 just made a new account
v uwu wholesome epic xd bwitter moment
@hotguy126 welcome to hell
@dooplol extremely convincing alt. we're all fooled. "just got home" yeah you just made this account too.
@Punchy207 a death threat would be if he said he was going to kill him, he didn't say that.
@doop ? More like poop. (this is funny)
@Victor Okay, hear me out, v8 original is the best. We need more non-sweet drinks!
@alexanderjt why are you speaking alien lamguage
@sniped128 What are you gonna do with my IP? Turn my wifi off for five minutes?
Bwitter: What are you doing? No seriously, what the fuck are you doing? What the fuck? Get out of here you piece of shit. Holy fucking christ.
I hope Goodblox doesn't shut down permanently, it's my favorite revival and the community isn't as toxic as others. :(
ExDeeXD's got the munchies... Yeah, it doesn't work for me. :/
I wonder what the name of Lovecraft's cat was! I'm sure it was a nice name with no slurs. :D
@Void shitty raid you got here, not as in I'm calling you pathetic because you're a shitty troll, but because you're shitty at trolling.
i wish there was a 2014-2015 roblox revival.
@Punchy207 found ur bitview while looking at the comments of a 9/11 video. what the fuck is this comment
ok i did the stupid ass discord thing lol
I tried to play a Goodblox game and I pressed "play" and a string of text came up, "You must verify your discord to play games. You can do so <a href='/my/discord'>here</a>" Can anyone help?
I'm gonna make a new bitview video.
ok tanq :]
After comparing VidLii and Bitview to the real 2008 YouTube, I have confirmed that Bitview is much better, in fact, it aligns perfectly with the real 2008 YouTube, Vidlii is just too big.
@Sir what's it called right now?
can't wait until 10 years pass and there's a simulation of 2021 Twitter and people are spamming memes that have simultaneously evolved beyond belief and stayed the same, featuring phrases such as "I miss 2021 Twitter when it was just pedos instead of war criminals", and "Summoned the underworld smh"
noooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(((( being the guy with the default pfp is myyyyyy thing nooooooooooooooooo :((((((((((
@Team_fortress2 this is a remake of 2008 twitter i think.
downloading Novetus, it apparently has all versions of Roblox from 2007-2020.
v punchy with a nokia, what will he do?
crying and shidding and pissing because i found another nostalgic song i thought i had forgot. Hint: "This game has Chat Voice, brought to you by Mad Studio!"
goodblox is down rn hhh :/
people who say that american cheese is actually cheese are stupid.
@ExDeeXD hey go fuck yourself i hate you and everything you stand for.
> Wake up > Fulptube still exists > dAY RUINED. :(
i must know the song in the goodblox trailer, I haven't heard that song since like 2014.
@Punchy207 yoU BITCh
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills...
@Punchy207 WHo the fUCK PUTS CHEDDAR on PIZZa???//
wow i have a goodblox wow ahaha that's so cool,,,,, I'm "ExDeeXD1" on goodblox this is epic,,,,...,,., gamieng
When you cough up blood from too much swag. B) #JustGamerThings #GamerProblems
@Sir I'm doing good, got Goodblox to work so I'm gonna be learning how to make games.
I tried to change my PFP and it said "invalid web". h uh??/?
Who wants to see my Discord mod impression? "Oh boy, is that a thirteen-year-old girl? In my Discord server? (Sweats profusely and adjusts fedora) M'lady, can I see your feet?"
Who's this ExDeeXD guy? Sounds like a fucking loser honestly.
Having problems with Goodblox, looks like I'll have to stick with Retroblox and SuperNostalgiaZone. :/
Pwning people in ROBLOX!!!!11! :DD |
@Chipflake are you an impersonator or is this real?
listening 2 the awesome face zong LOL!!!!!!!! XD
I use both bitview and fulptube because bitview is for 2007-2011 nostalgia and fulptube is for 2012-2015 nostalgia. :DDD
wow are all the cool people making bwitter accounts, okay sounds cool XDDD gonna play roblox l8r probably. :)



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