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hi everyone

@Punchy music says a lot about a person
hi everyone gonna be going down the shop in a moment to by fish and chips YES IM BRITISH
@TalalQ8 i mean't bands
@Punchy remember i used to be BMF'S friend during the whole fulptube thing that went horribly wrong
@TalalQ8 what other groups do you like
@TalalalQ8 sure
@TalalaQ8 what os you on
@TalalQ8 cool love ace of base me
@Punchy as its my summer holiday im doing things like its 2008/2009 Windows XP ps2 and DVD's watching an idiot abroad on my ps2 also enjoying watching bitview
hi @Punchy
hi guys
if your using windows 10 please view this in internet explorer 11 or lower not edge as flash is dead on edge LONG LIVE FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello please check this retro search engine out fully flash based PACMAN IN HOMESCREEN
@Punchy hi
anyone ever played tropico
im gonna start making a neocities website
hi guys got my old account unsuspended
@joell95 don't worry everyones joined now
We need to fight chief bazinga
We need to fight fulptube
It's fine I'm tell people the truth my rep as you put it doesn't matter it's keeping those kids safe
Turkey all you need to do is admit the truth you will be in the clear then
@joell95 no fulptubes trying to turn bitview into Vidlii 2
we need rid of the kiddy fiddlers
ok well turkey or chiefs second in command what you need to do is is take fulptube offline its harming people kids infact the police hates stuff like this its illegal its not a case of who can provide the most facts its a case of who can prove if there legal or not bitview fine i don't knok about FT
no he has moved to fulptube as well
Ex bitview mod metalboy is another one of the pedos steal files from peoples computers
he is trying to "having fun with people" as a 45 year old femboy having "fun with people"
we need to fight fulptube and it evil child hunting that prays on your children
you can believe fulptube and get all of your information stolen any kids on here don't join fluptube they will look though your computer and steal information so any pictures on your computer theres a chance chief Bazinga has go those keep safe and stay of fulptube
its ok its back now
well bitviews just been hacked
@sir you keep telling yourself Chief did nothing wrong we all know the truth
yes it does
i love bwitter and i don't want this drama getting in the way of things on here i still have my beliefs and im sticking to them maybe people like @segasonic and @TurkeyBurkey should leave bitview alone we love our site until people like these maniacs who chief is there demi god
@Punchy207 hi
would anyone watch if i started a bitview account playing gta or fifa videos
5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale
5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale
hello guys just enjoying my ipod
found this here on bitview 2pac Hail Mary
LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change My Fav From Fifa 10 in the future to you guys
@ErMest cool just don't have a webcam for my windows xp
@enterwebs yes
@9 winxp is great os im having to use 10 as im doing zoom for school you know britain in a national lockdown again
just went down the shop ang got myself some haribo and a monster lol my mom slept through it all i though i would be told off she must be tired
hi guys
@Everyone Goodnight and Happy New Year
you want your flash player back on bitview join my group and support me
@F10Setup lucky
@dylanmc67 hi
will they still work
hi guys does anyone know whats going to happen in 2 days time when adobe flash is unsupported will it still be used and can it still be used if so i will continue apart from bitview which has forced me into html 5 but sites like or
@segasonic remember the old televisions with the static
hi @everyone
also got one way ticket by the darkness anyone else like that album
hi everyone just got finish setting up my digital box im ready for digital switch off in 2012 even if you guys are not
could anyone help me it would be much appreciated
Coldplay - Viva La Vida |
i have been experimenting with internet explorer 6 been given the web player source code and well my assessment is that browser is practically dead even if i had got bitview working well then this site and spacehey would not work so i think im gonna cut my loses finally and enjoy mypal
anyone have a clue on how to get bitview working in internet explorer 6 which uses the same engine as internet explorer 8
hi everyone
@Victor XD
does anyone know of any playstation 2 forums
this is an interesting story from way back when
@Victor hi victor welcome to bwitter hope you enjoy yourself
here's Yellow By Coldplay thank me later
this is my spacehey please follow as im planning on writing blogs its your choice if there great
How Can I Get Back The Flash Player In Bitview?
@segasonic same hopefully they continue windows xp support i hate windows 7 XD
The Lightning Seeds - Lucky You |
i would love to see more of us in bwitter actually uploading music from youtube as well as this makes youtbe more useless please check out my channel i have just put some music on it
anyone use escargot
im using bwitter on windows xp via mypal shame internet explorer doesn't work anymore but there again mypal is a recreation of old firefox so this is the best i will probably ever get
check this channel out it seems to have really good music on it
My Entire PlayStation 2 Collection 2018 | excellent video
Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal |
im at school typing this this site doesnt seemed to be banned
hello guys finally got my wifi windows xp computer sorted so i can go on here without plugging into my modem
hi guys



Name: Ashley Boorman

Bio: My name is Ashley Boorman i love everything 2000s from ipods nokias and windows xp my school friends just don't understand XD

Location: London