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Idk the password so I'll just start a new account. This username is outdated.
You can think whatever the fuck you want. I already have an alt.
I'm not denying anything. I have an alt I just don't use it.
@Punchy207 Aw hell no. I would rather die than go through bwitter's bullshit sign up process. I should have made an alt tho.
Essays suck
@amylee Pedo
I love trolling the troll
amylee@dylancoronatv stop calling me a pedo. I have no interest in retarded lil shits. I'm a lesbian

Lmao I was trolling in the first place
Punchy207lol it was literally a joke dont be butthurt

Lmao prob
XenseerI think Punchy might be the new Giarruso

Not wrong
Also someone told me.
@jr Just guessing considering most people in the oyc are teenagers
It amuses me
Lmao get owned. Thx for the reaction tho
@3 thx
What did I say about molestation. I just don't like fucking pedos.
3don’t try to molest dylan, he was raped as a kid

Get a fucking life other than critiquing others.
Punchy207we know dylan is 13 because he rages like he is

@stereotype I have a PS4 but yesterday it started buzzing. I have to call Sony on Monday.
Playing gta4 on PS3 right now lol
@amylee You fucking pedo. Tell me, why do you fantasize about kids. Don't you have a husband you fat piece of shit. Oh that's right you don't. So you fantasize about kids on the internet. You are a fucking pedo should be thrown into jail. Fuck you stupid motherfucker.
@amylee Do you enjoy being someone who fantasized about kids. You fucking creep. Why do you fantasize about teenagers jerking each other off huh. You really have pushed me past the fucking limit motherfucker. I hope your fucking house burns down stupid cunt. Fuck you.
Fucking pedo. I'm 13 and I know that Jr is underage. You need to stop fantasizing about kids weirdo.
amylee@jr @glitchyzai and @dylancoronablips kneeling in a circle tossing the salad

Man just died for our entertainment.
We get it fucking bozo.
Punchy207retards still take the bait part 11: and this sucks because i cant think of anything witty that rhymes with eleven

Or forget. Who gives a fuck.
@amylee @amylee @amylee @amylee @amylee
amyleeIf you aren't 18+ don't @ me

Don't joke about peoples family's. I would like you to know that Winnie is my father. Don't do this in the future.
amyleeBreaking News: DylanCoronaTV is the illegitimate son of Winnie the pooh

No I'm just Mexican.
amylee@DylanCoronaTV did your father invent the coronavirus? you shut the fuck up you dumb lil shit

My PS4 just died lol
Shut yo ass up
amyleeWeekly reminder that sucks and jacob is gay

How do you log into vidlii
Kuz is so fucking incompetent.
Makes me glad my dad is in prison.
I'm gonna be a twitch thot
@cheesebonker456 Can you stop fucking spamming.
Haha yes very funny.
Shit tube is pretty good.
@stereotype The only reason I use these sites is because they replicate old yt. I would just use yt.
I saw someone getting sucked off in the middle of the street.
@stereotype Vidlii and bitview went to shit with the new team
@amylee Got any?
Human intelligence
Shut the fuck up

@Punchy207 Ooooooh I'm retarded

Oh yes. That's exactly what I meant.
Good luck.
School lunchrooms are like literal sewers.
Fuck school.
Well, good fucking luck.
Sound like a normal day at school lol
I just wouldn't take my phone lol. Ain't risking that
Well, fuck.
Oh hell no
Idk what skee ball is.
Idk lol
Fixing to throw a sick party this Friday!
Lolwut literally doesn't do anything or care.
@Punchy207 Kuz can't fix bitview but has the time to push his shit. You can clap for the new team.
@amylee lol ur like 37 and you bully random 13 year olds
@amylee Jacob hates you because ur a troll. So does everyone else.
Bweeting on a 3ds.
It's honestly a really cool place. If you were to take a tour of Louisiana I would suggest doing around Mardi Gras.
If your'e talking about NO it's pretty cool.
@Punchy207 what part?
why cant someone make a twitter revival from a period other than 2007
Poor Pastor Dave |

@coral i hope your fucking family dies of cancer fucking retard
@mac ya ur doin a real fuckin good job so far lol
Just checking in on the daily shitshow, glad I moved lol.
wow what a toxic community
Sorry at the time I was in the wrong state of mind and sent him an ip grabber. Though I never leaked his exact address I know he lives in Georgia.

listening to mcr
might go to starbucks
Fuck the drama
@LinfoWarz stupid god damn motherfucking cunt
@LinfoWarz fuck you
Fuck everyone on this godforsaken site
@Kemes I wasn't even trolling he actually said that.
@LinfoWarz If you make one more bullshit post then you can say goodbye to your ip.
@LinfoWarz Yay i have your ip
@LinfoWarz He legit said that the Sandy Hook Shootings were staged and made a mother of a victim get targeted by his brainwashed audience.
@Punchy207 13
@Username You stupid fucking cunt. I swear if I fucking see one more of your stupid fucking political bot accounts again I will track you down and fucking murder everyone you know.
@linfowarz shut the fuck up
damnit betatube is down
lmao @WhitePeople got the boot
@WhitePeople Bruh I'm not going to argue with some morbidly obese, 40 year old man living in mommy's basement. Go out in the real world and make some friends.
@Punchy207 That's fucking sick.
@WhitePeople I came to have a good time not to hear about politics or news, I would also like to add that you said "some" therefore invalidating your point.
@Twig2021 Shut up you stupid fuck. Go to twitter if you want to talk about stupid fucking politics. Stupid cunt.
Those sites still fucking exist, sad.
I fucking hate my life.
@DCTheGamr Was it you?
bruh some mf just hacked my discord ad started posting gta5 pornography. It was franklin cumming in micheals asshole some weird shit.
@jr is that really necessary
doin your mom original |
lmao betatube is down damnit
@fuckbook wth is goin on
@Kemes yes i am edditing now
@DCTheGamr popopoppooopopopopopoop
balls and shitfart nusts
Why don't you fuck back off to twitter.
I think i'm gonna start a show where i get 3 people on a skype call and let them atgue.
Plagiarism Is A Problem |

The best of all time
I love how now every linked bitview video links to a miniature version of the website.
Goddamn motherfucking biviews down.
@KangRoo You are a living buzzkill
bitv9ew support is shit
I fucking love bitview so much
New BitView 2009 upgrades! |

Goddamn it i hate my life.
Stop flirting with my grandpa susan.
@Twig2021 How about you shut the hell up.
fronpaged on vidlii
Just got bwitter. Deleting my twitter account.



Name: Dylan Marcus Corona

Bio: I make shitty web content.

Location: Pearl River, LA