Loom-icon Duffin

Vidlii or Odysee, those are the ones i use
WorldOfThingswhat youtube revival should i switch to????????????
this cool down shit is pissing me off, i end up needing to rewrite so much shit..
what is blips?
WorldOfThingsim now activate on bwitter and blips

finally got my profile setup on bwitter, shit took forever man.
Bruh, wtf is with all these numbers?
To those of you who go to church, how do you feel about wearing dress clothes?
Does Bwitter only have 1 ad on the side? Like the SAME one.
It’s old twitter :)
Thug_dariusyo niggaz wtf is this site
Y’all acting like I don’t exist, wtf?
why the clouds so swirly bwitter?
should've called this new account, "fuck12evenmore"
12fuck12cant login into fuck12 anymore awesome!

day of the week ruined it for me
these credits long as fuck though lol
DuffinJust finished the Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign, the gameplay was good, I like the boss fights though :) overall rating (for campaign) 7/10

Just finished the Call of Duty: Vanguard campaign, the gameplay was good, I like the boss fights though :) overall rating (for campaign) 7/10
I only hop on Bwitter when I’m going to bed lol
What do you think about YouTube? (potentially detailed reasoning?)
guess no one's proud... :'(
Duffinso no one's proud then...? :'(

so no one's proud then...? :'(
DuffinMy mom ate bread today, you proud? :)

honestly surprised anyone on here is in a relationship at all lmfao
Punchy207this is my first night as a single man and it feels wierd

My mom ate bread today, you proud? :)
Well I already knew this..
PasJeftHappy gay month everyone.... YOUR ALL DAMN GAY

Does anyone else partake in survey apps?
Ngl, I’d kinda hope so 😅
dinkyi live

So what does everyone got going on this week? (other than work or school, to keep it interesting)
So it’s dogshit, got it..
The100thDinnerFanbitview's site is absolute shit i can't even log into my account anymore but why would i want to even do that when i can barely upload videos due to the uploading bug where the video becomes corrupted and i can't even change my channel info and other stuff

Yeah, I’m just going to use Vidlii… (I already use it without issue)
zawazawaright like i made my account 2 days ago; the only way i got my login to work was to refresh the page a ton and enable popups on the site;thought it would be fun to use but it's just getting on my nerves--cant even get my video to play

Wow, I’m not even a latest Bweeter… 😭
I made an account yesterday, and now can’t login to it. Info is correct for it as well.
zawazawabro why does bitview keep having a billion issues i cant even upload a video and sometimes i cant even log in

Repumped my bike’s tires today, and god does riding a bike feel weird now.
I just can’t login lmfao
Punchy207i cant believe people still even use bitview, its a site for peasants

Ok, thanks :D
KangRooTo reply, copy the link of the blue timestamp under a Bweet & paste it after typing your reply. Be sure to put a space between your reply and the link to the Bweet.

I love it when my moms happy, makes me happy :)
@Kingjc901 how you reply to someone on here? (Like rebweet?)
Join my intoxicated discord server lol
Hey @Griffen, how do you Bweet videos?
What does Bwitter mean by “Answer on your phone, IM, or right here on the web!”? Like is there an app or something?
Please tell me people don’t ratio on here :/
this is a much better version of twitter
how tf are you guys rebweeting?
Lol, I’m here from @supremek567’s Vidlii video! Cool site you guys got here.



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