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@Punchy true

I feel so alone, gonna end up in big pile o' them bones!
episode 5 finally there on bitview
halo sucks
@enterwebs yeah its on PC but also N64
they might be also kinda late due to processing
Videos that will be released today: Garry's Mod Idiot Box: Episode 4 1:35 p.m. The Watchable Subscriber Milestone Video (10k) 1:45 p.m Garry's Mod Idiot Box: Episode 5 1:50 p.m Garry's Mod Idiot Box: Episode 6 2:10 p.m SUPER SECRIT!.wmv 2:28 p.m
@enterwebs all you need is quakeworld, it's a multiplayer version. Quake is like medieval doom but 3D, multiplayer brought DM, TDM, Capture the flag etc. So it's a father of deathmatch while doom is grandfather of it
Sup y'all, wanna play some quake
Sometimes im typing my password like i'm fucking drunk
I made a group for when i will upload. Like if i made fourth one i will post there when it will be on bitview, but i will also bweet here release dates so more people can see my videos. :
im more of a kabob person than taco or buritto.
and third one is here!:
Episode 2 is here!:
im going with new one episode 2 should be in few mins and episode 3 next hour
Guys quick question, should i try editing GIB: 2 so it has Du Hast by Rammstein like how it was back in the days or, just upload that video without any editing with uncopyrighted music like it is now?
Oh also episode 3 is coming tommorow too, be ready for double-uploadery
episode 2 tommorow. Here is my channel if anybody wants to subscribe:



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