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Wii and DSi shop back baby
tsukihiiroSuper Mario Teaches Safe Sex |

Thug_dariusyo niggaz wtf is this site

Noice. Glad that is doing something for you
exclusiveconte2Hi guys. I turned the screen rotation of my kindle 3 and now I'm typing on a sideways keyboard. It looks like I'm on a laptop. I also like the way bwitter looks this. Bye Bye!

Can confirm. Even spacehey doesnt compare
bruhmachineI love getting on my PC and going to, it's such a relaxing place to unwind and have fun with the wonderfull community🥰🥰

think you too high on the weed
ilovemanboobsit is actually pornhub i have done a fair amount of research and yes it is

very haram
ilovemanboobsI'm over here stroking my dick I got lotion on my dick right now I'm just stroking my shit I'm horny as fuck man I'm a freak man like

stroke is gay. no strokes allowed


ilovemanboobsMY PENIS

Gay is illegal now. Wait until June to get your free pass again
ilovemanboobsGAY SEX WITH MEN

Ok good i havent been caught just yet. Ill pay you $4.20 if you remove me from the list
And me, but im barely active
Punchy207sometimes i think you and i are the only sane people here, and even that's a stretch


exclusiveconte2Hi guys! People are shooting fireworks for 4th of July by my house so my mom told me to get out and see them. They're cool but the police want to shut them down. Have a goold night everyone. Bye Bye! :)


yay lol
fuck12so a anti you month?


Since BitView/VidLii is dead right now, use Odysee. Link:$/invite/@DigitalCheese:1
And I am going to use brave browser from now on. Yay
happy gay month
Thanks to @Griffen on BitView, my group has the most videos out of any group. Thx for that :D
Successful ban from Twitter for 7 days.
I'm basically the only one making content that isn't just reuploads or shitposts. Username is DigitalCheese
Punchy207how is bitview doin these days i havent checked it in a long time

Go fuck front then. Back may be good, but front is better
astwii'm fucking back

Bri'ish person i see
ilovemanboobs"What are you doing?" ur bloody mum ya twats

Thats pretty gay to be a rapist. If hitler was still alive, he would kill you for being a rapist :D
AstkkkchildrapistYou are nigger stfu

New video :D

Yea I agree, but its what I am going to try to exploit to help build my career by 3 people. Now even though Odysee would likely be more effective, we will pretend thats not the case xD
anyone else have issues with uploading content less than 15 min but bigger than 100MB on BitView even on modern OS's? I have that issue lmao. A video I am making will have to be compressed a little but whatever. Dont even think BitView supports more than 480p anyways so who cares.
Yo @DCTV I might take 69420 trillion dollars from you as you have the letters DC in your name. Therefore, I must sue you. Expect the FBI to destroy your door in 3 milliseconds and for you to get banned from Bwitter.
Yo its me at the zoo |

I've been uploading on BitView and VidLii more. My username is DigitalCheese on the sites :D
Actually, its a troll against retarded woke people's logic. If you disagree, ur an islamaphobe. If you agree, you're a misogynist. It is genius
peenylet me guess its about how women are cowards about blowing america up

Islam is right about women *troll music starts playing*
Yea that still do xD. VidLii is pretty good though (BitView is also nice, but VidLii has been working better as of now)
I made a new video on VidLii
Finally finished a video lmao |
What is the link to the video on YT or BitView?
EliTheKitsuneBwitter was down for more than a week :( But me and my brother made a video on yt

Bwitter back less goooooo
Hello all super cool gamers. I would like to announce that BetaTube even fucking exists. Wow so shocking!!! Basically, its a YouTube clone once again "borrowing" SubRocks code for most of it. At one point, the error screen was even gray still. Make an account soon xD. Have fun:
A beautiful video |
Sorry for the late reply, but no. It wasn't me. I ain't that fucking stupid lmao. I don't even see the point of hacking an account and posting GTA Porn.
DylanCoronaTV@DCTheGamr Was it you?

Lmao that is very gay. I saw that sadly. I need to visit r/eyebleach soon or I will die
DylanCoronaTVbruh some mf just hacked my discord ad started posting gta5 pornography. It was franklin cumming in micheals asshole some weird shit.

Haha so funny very epik not useless and boring. Take my updoots
DylanCoronaTVballs and shitfart nusts

Welcome to Bwitter. I assume you already know this is a clone of old Twitter. Have fun here :D
yscavWaddup Just got Bwitter

Hey guys. Sadly, I recently saw that Nintendo announced the E-shop closure. Please watch for details:
Ive sent from DSi and am writing on Wii now.
Yoshizin_GordinI'm bweeting from a fucking samsung y'all

If I had a WEP hotspot to play ACWW online, I would make a backup of my town before each multiplayer session just in case. Its a safe bet. Hax can likely fix most issues you would have though. Hope this is useful to you in Animal Crossing :D
brent64Update: IOS249 has told me that, some hackers gonna visit my town, and corrupt it by placing too many seeds. If you want to visit my town, just message me on AIM as long as you're a close friend with us.

Seems like it will be good. New servers may allow more space, longer videos, or at least a faster speed. Also for BitView, it may allow it to go back to not flooded with ADs for the average person without uBlocker Origin so thats pretty noice.
klocowbitview and vidlii are getting some cool stuffz!! can't wait owo

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D
hiewJust pushed the latest update of yt-2005-watch to Github. Added the homepage!

Oh ok xD. I figured I was late tho still. Ah whatever, enjoy the video
jrActually i watched a video about it only a few weeks ago.

I agree jr. It is stupid
jrMy heart goes out to hating on companies that buy used domains and then resell it for like million dollars. Especially HugeDomains, those black sweaty dicks can kiss my ass.

Hello guys :D I made a new video called "Stupid Nyquil Chicken Challenge/Trend". I am a bit late to this topic sadly xD. Enjoy the video |
Thank you for the congrats ZachNetwork. Now, it is 11:38pm so I am going to go back to 3DSPaint since I checked Bwitter. Bye bye for now and until we meet again :D

Yes lets goooooooo
nauticallyepicHomeschool gang

I am homeschooled now xD. For most of my life, I was at school.
exclusiveconte2You went to school? I didn't

So Once again, Bwitter randomly died xD.
Hey guys. I made a video on BitView on why TikTok is bad. I think it sucks and shouldn't continue to be a thing at all. Thanks for watching if you did :D
I found da best BitView video ever. 10/10 better than everyone else. It is literal perfection. God (if he is real), couldn't do this level of amazingness. Good Job timschannel 245

Idk sadly. I do see an halo 3 angry kid video so yeah.
Yoshizin_Gordindoes anybody know what made bitview user x1extreme1x randomly change his content and the way he talks? he used to have some pretty edgy videos and then he randomly decided to delete all of them and act like the average kid in 2008 youtube. m confuse

Hello all gamers. I am making a social media site. I have said this before so if I don't have it ready to be launched why mention? Well basically, I am deciding a new name. I got 4 so far. 2 from me, 2 from others. Reply to this Bweet and give your idea if you have one. Best option is Venith for now
Noice. Idk much about the test so I assume that's pretty good :D
exclusiveconte2Overall score: 235 Numerical representation and probability:250, range: 243-257 Computations and Algebraic Relationships: 230, range: 224-236 Geometry and Measurement: 227, range: 221-233 Data Analysis: 233, range: 227-239

Noice. I know Bwitter works on DSi but idk about so tell me the result of please :D
dswitchfofoI'm going to test Bwitter and in my DSi

Happy late new years Bwitter. Sry I was late. Hopefully y'all had a good New Years. Now time for the fun part here. Have y'all heard of 3DSPaint? It's an old site now but still has people. I'd say around 30-50 people are left but they are hard to find. You should search it up and make an account :DD
Do what you do cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate
nauticallyepicSince I just got my DSi and literally cannot find a copy of the games I'm looking for anywhere, I think I'm gonna try homebrewing it

I agree, TikTok is cringe. Twitter is waaaaaay too soft. Really, you get cancelled over stupid stuff.
nauticallyepicYeahh, modern social media is cringe

Oh please @jr I have over 60WPM bro. You are pathetic with that speed. I am faster than you will be throughout your whole life.
jrYour typing speed is 38WPM, accuracy 84%, It is better than 70.48% of all users. Beat it neckbeard

Welcome back @Xwyrick and @jr literally nobody cares about your speed. That's average. I am on Reddit all day and type faster.
jrI Type 46 Words Per Minute

I was at home on Dec 31st 2020. I was very sad. Ever since that moment in my life, my Wii committed unalive. I was crying. I haven't been happy in life since :[
novekwhere were u wen flash player die i was at house eating dorito when phone ring "Flash player is kil" "no"

Have you heard of Odysee? It is basically YouTube, but better in every way. Also you could use BitView (Bitview even has embeds that work directly on Bwitter)
exclusiveconte2I'll be back with a brand new video on YouTube about an awful YouTuber named alfie chat. I know I said I was leaving YouTube but I'm back. Please subscribe:

I have no clue xD
maxpaineWTF are those uploads in bitview....

Hello, EliTheKitsune
EliTheKitsune@DCTheGamr hi :)

Ignore this Bweet unless you are EliTheFox from 3DSPaint. Well, I can't stop you from replying so I guess do whatever you like
Man. SubRocks shut down. RIP SubRocks. I was banned on Dec 4. anyways because of uploading 2 whole Eminem Albums. We will miss it :(
Hello Digital Cheese Empire Citizens. I am working on a site called InternetLand. Basically, social media site. It is so far going good. Got a homepage too. Trying to figure out putting a background image. Hope you like it. Give feedback too. The link is: so go have fun :D
Isn't it so dumb when people try to claim they "coded it" when in reality, you can easily prove that it isn't made by them and it's from somewhere like stack overflow.
toudouboufou someone in my school claimed they "made" a kahoot bot application. i knew it was from stack overflow or something but he claimed he coded it himself lmao

I agree. It is so stupid. Who thought that they should have made it so badly? They force downloading from servers then downloading to PC. It is so stupid isn't it.
AnonCarrot True, they also wants me to upgrade to their shitty MEGA premium thing

Whoever did this basketball shot is a literal god. We worship him now |

Now this is a weird Pokemon Yellow video....

Useless things are Windows 11, Remember Me Button on Bwitter, and whoever decided to not let us use Bwitter on 3DSes and DSis anymore. Especially the last one. Just whyyyyyyyyyyy!? Why did we have to do this :'(
I’m about to go to school for the next 8 hours. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. So 'exciting'. 10/10. /s
Your account = The tiny bit of cringe on Bwitter
freepasswordlog in to my account if you are cool (change the password = you = stupid as fuck) password is alien12345

Me too. It would be cool. Especially the livestreaming and 5 star rating part
jrI wish there was a site that was more faithful to old YouTube than VidLii but also has a lot of modern features like; live streaming, like and dislike button (will be paired with star ratings), video player that adjusts to aspect ratio, polls, and so much more.

I'm archiving right now :D
N O B O D Y C A R E S is the song I am listening to :D
SubRocks is better than YouTube as of now anyways. Also hope nothing bad happens since you got doxxed :(
exclusiveconte2I have to delete my YouTube channel because I think I was doxxed. I don't want to do it though. I moght switvh to subrocks or bitview since I have accounts for those

I remember. Can’t wait to see it.
nauticallyepicIDK if anyone remembers me talking about making a site dedicated to the old web and documenting revival sites but I can confirm that development on that project has started

Isn't Adobe Software Pirated Better?
Nah, it loads slowly in general. Also despite it being 2012 YouTube, it doesn't work on systems like Wii U which is stupid.
maxpainesubrocks is cool but, i was never fan of the 2012 youtube look and, that the sites load too slow, maybe is my internet.....

That seems fun. Can't wait to be able to play it :D
jrim making my own roblox revival. 2006 style. I already have a client, and i asked this dude offering to make a revival site so i contacted him and he agreed. now gotta wait for a reply and get this crap started!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, I get what you did there nautically ;)
nauticallyepicI'm gonna go blind in one eye so I can see in glorious 4:3 aspect ratio

I will soon start using SubRocks more instead of YouTube. My SubRocks is Digital Cheese. On YouTube (same name) they are removing dislikes publicly and allow seeing on Studio. I will still upload on YouTube, not as much though. Subscribe to me on SubRocks if you want to. Now I got to go read Reddit.
People who make fun of Wii Users are pathetic. Now WhAt Is ThErE lOcAtIoN?
SegaSonicthe kids at school make fun of me for having a wii only they say its for little girls

Now that it’s thanksgiving break for a whole week, there will be basically no sleep schedule. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
nauticallyepicDude my sleep schedule has been WACK

You better lose yourself in Bwitter, the moment You own it, you better never let it go You only get 1000s of shots, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes a few 1000 times in a lifetime.
I am listening to Parental Discretion Iz Advised by N.W.A. which is a great song.
Uhhh.... What is the Bweet you just said. Are you trying to get banned!?

Idk honestly. I wish it did. Granted it’s a recreation of like late-2006 Twitter
I have someone from about to check this site out. Hope they like it :D
Guessing the remastered MW2 I don't have it or the original 2009 version sadly :(
mentozgot the new call of duty (modern warfare 2) guys!! wanna hop on?

Yeah. The best console ever in my opinion though is the Wii U
maxpainethe wii is one of the best consoles i have ever owned

Yeah there is Neocities and BitView as well. Though I think Bwitter, SubRocks, SpaceHey, and CloneMii+ are the main ones at least for now. Hope more recreations of old sites come around. Even if they never overtake the main ones.
nauticallyepicBitview as well, and mayhaps Neocities :P

Oh wow that’s pretty cool :D Hope you can fix the issues with it. Seems pretty cool
nauticallyepicAs a late birthday present I just got a Mac Powerbook 165, from 1993! It seems to be missing the OS floppy and supposedly there is a hard drive issue. Also, I got an iMac monitor and keyboard/mouse which is cool.

Da cool side. Aka Bwitter, SubRocks, SpaceHey, and CloneMii+
nauticallyepicWelcome to the cool side of the web B)

Hope you feel better
exclusiveconte2My mom picked me up from school this morning because of my head cold. I have to go back tomorrow though and I don't know if I'll be better. Let's hope I feel better tomorrow. Bye

Hope you enjoyed my bweets. Also welcome to Bwitter @iTalkALOT
Petersonian? To make annoying bweets that no one cares about but are at least slightly funny or random. DCTheGamr what the hell are you talking about You're a beta male, DCTheGamr
iTalkALOTmy first bweet.... wonder what its gonna be?

You'll never catch me, I am the fastest thing alive. Hmph, I thinking about why so many radical left do speedrunning. Huh? The reason is the left's lack of work ethic What? 'Go Fast' rather than do it right and in a petersonian sense
iTalkALOTmy first bweet.... wonder what its gonna be?

It woooooooooooooooooooooooorks :DDDDDDDDDDD
I’m going to test this on my DSi to see if it works there
Because school currently sucks, has always sucked, and always will suck and will be hated :)
exclusiveconte2I'm so bored in my geometry class right now. Why does everything at school seem boring or dull?

I hope you get better @exclusiveconte2
exclusiveconte2Well, I've got a runny nose today. Dad says I might have a head cold. Let's hope I get better. Also, I saw my old english teachers at my high school

My night is good so far. Procrastinating on school work :D
hiewHello bwitter! How was your morning (or night)?

Yes. That means Art is E S S E N T I A L. Idk why school doesn’t force it when it’s literally in the name of our planet.
AbrahamPizzanothe "Earth" without "art" is just "Eh"

I hate school too
nauticallyepicSchool school school ughhh

Hello, I too am currently as of typing, online :D

I don't blame you @hiew Especially with lead pencils, those are much more convenient and can easily be erased too.
hiewNGL i like pencils more than pens

@AbrahamPizzano Who do you know that likes it?
AbrahamPizzanohmm... i know someone who really likes cheese...

I have no legs, I am DIGITAL CHEESE THEGAMR!!!!
AbrahamPizzanoi am forced to break your leg

Now it’s Rap God but only the fast part for ten hours
I am currently listening to Mockingbird by Eminem :D
Actually there will be more pizza @AbrahamPizzano >:D
AbrahamPizzanono more pizza

Bwitter: Not the best but its one our only alternatives
Oh ok @jr
jryea it is

@jr oooooh, thats what happened. Ok
jr@vikimal19 the database was corrupted a day after bwitters birthday. i saw it live, i was going to bweet and i just saw a white screen so i keep on commenting at subrocks and then someone answered "yuki fucked the database" and "yuki made bwitter just for money"

I can run on N3DS and Wii U :D
PMK335bwitter still works on DSi (typed on my Nintendo DSi XL)

Glad you fixed your kindle :D
exclusiveconte2I fixed my kindle. I was posting on here and the screen froze for like a month. I can use it again because I had to restart and it is great.

Hope your legs don't hurt anymore from P.E
exclusiveconte2Hi. Just woke up. My legs still hurt from PE class yesterday. I'm going to heat up a chicken maruchan soup in the microwave. Thanks for reading my morning update. Bye Bye!

@vikimal19 Someone wiped everything through hacking and while Bwitter is back, all old accounts and probably Bweets are gone
vikimal19What happened to all the bweets? I just wanted to login and it said it was invalid. Was the a server wipe or something?

No, it wasn't
AnonCarrot wasn't it without me by eminem?

This is a Miiverse alternative as a Discord Server. There’s a photo album but you need to DM me to get it. There’s also multiple communities Also @naiticallyepic thanks for help :D
nauticallyepicRight click on the little timestamp on someone's bweet (says something like "X hours ago" or "XX minutes ago") and click copy link. Then put the link at the very end of your bweet to reply to it :P

@Deadfull347 not much. Also how do I reply (reply question is to anyone seeing this)
Devices that Bwitter work on: Wii U 3DS DSi Wii PC Mobile PS4 Xbox Series X and probably more
Finally, I joined :D



Name: Digital Cheese

Bio: I'm an epik gamr named DC. I use too many website. My Discord is Digital Cheese#9535

Location: United States, Hacker Land