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Your account = The tiny bit of cringe on Bwitter
freepasswordlog in to my account if you are cool (change the password = you = stupid as fuck) password is alien12345
Me too. It would be cool. Especially the livestreaming and 5 star rating part
jrI wish there was a site that was more faithful to old YouTube than VidLii but also has a lot of modern features like; live streaming, like and dislike button (will be paired with star ratings), video player that adjusts to aspect ratio, polls, and so much more.

I'm archiving right now :D
N O B O D Y C A R E S is the song I am listening to :D
SubRocks is better than YouTube as of now anyways. Also hope nothing bad happens since you got doxxed :(
exclusiveconte2I have to delete my YouTube channel because I think I was doxxed. I don't want to do it though. I moght switvh to subrocks or bitview since I have accounts for those

I remember. Can’t wait to see it.
nauticallyepicIDK if anyone remembers me talking about making a site dedicated to the old web and documenting revival sites but I can confirm that development on that project has started

Isn't Adobe Software Pirated Better?
Nah, it loads slowly in general. Also despite it being 2012 YouTube, it doesn't work on systems like Wii U which is stupid.
maxpainesubrocks is cool but, i was never fan of the 2012 youtube look and, that the sites load too slow, maybe is my internet.....

That seems fun. Can't wait to be able to play it :D
jrim making my own roblox revival. 2006 style. I already have a client, and i asked this dude offering to make a revival site so i contacted him and he agreed. now gotta wait for a reply and get this crap started!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, I get what you did there nautically ;)
nauticallyepicI'm gonna go blind in one eye so I can see in glorious 4:3 aspect ratio

I will soon start using SubRocks more instead of YouTube. My SubRocks is Digital Cheese. On YouTube (same name) they are removing dislikes publicly and allow seeing on Studio. I will still upload on YouTube, not as much though. Subscribe to me on SubRocks if you want to. Now I got to go read Reddit.
People who make fun of Wii Users are pathetic. Now WhAt Is ThErE lOcAtIoN?
SegaSonicthe kids at school make fun of me for having a wii only they say its for little girls

Now that it’s thanksgiving break for a whole week, there will be basically no sleep schedule. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
nauticallyepicDude my sleep schedule has been WACK

You better lose yourself in Bwitter, the moment You own it, you better never let it go You only get 1000s of shots, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes a few 1000 times in a lifetime.
I am listening to Parental Discretion Iz Advised by N.W.A. which is a great song.
Uhhh.... What is the Bweet you just said. Are you trying to get banned!?

Idk honestly. I wish it did. Granted it’s a recreation of like late-2006 Twitter
gonzarewhy doesn't bwitter have a rebweet button?

I have someone from about to check this site out. Hope they like it :D
Guessing the remastered MW2 I don't have it or the original 2009 version sadly :(
mentozgot the new call of duty (modern warfare 2) guys!! wanna hop on?

Yeah. The best console ever in my opinion though is the Wii U
maxpainethe wii is one of the best consoles i have ever owned

Yeah there is Neocities and BitView as well. Though I think Bwitter, SubRocks, SpaceHey, and CloneMii+ are the main ones at least for now. Hope more recreations of old sites come around. Even if they never overtake the main ones.
nauticallyepicBitview as well, and mayhaps Neocities :P

Oh wow that’s pretty cool :D Hope you can fix the issues with it. Seems pretty cool
nauticallyepicAs a late birthday present I just got a Mac Powerbook 165, from 1993! It seems to be missing the OS floppy and supposedly there is a hard drive issue. Also, I got an iMac monitor and keyboard/mouse which is cool.

Da cool side. Aka Bwitter, SubRocks, SpaceHey, and CloneMii+
nauticallyepicWelcome to the cool side of the web B)

Hope you feel better
exclusiveconte2My mom picked me up from school this morning because of my head cold. I have to go back tomorrow though and I don't know if I'll be better. Let's hope I feel better tomorrow. Bye

Hope you enjoyed my bweets. Also welcome to Bwitter @iTalkALOT
Petersonian? To make annoying bweets that no one cares about but are at least slightly funny or random. DCTheGamr what the hell are you talking about You're a beta male, DCTheGamr
iTalkALOTmy first bweet.... wonder what its gonna be?

You'll never catch me, I am the fastest thing alive. Hmph, I thinking about why so many radical left do speedrunning. Huh? The reason is the left's lack of work ethic What? 'Go Fast' rather than do it right and in a petersonian sense
iTalkALOTmy first bweet.... wonder what its gonna be?

It woooooooooooooooooooooooorks :DDDDDDDDDDD
I’m going to test this on my DSi to see if it works there
Because school currently sucks, has always sucked, and always will suck and will be hated :)
exclusiveconte2I'm so bored in my geometry class right now. Why does everything at school seem boring or dull?

I hope you get better @exclusiveconte2
exclusiveconte2Well, I've got a runny nose today. Dad says I might have a head cold. Let's hope I get better. Also, I saw my old english teachers at my high school

My night is good so far. Procrastinating on school work :D
hiewHello bwitter! How was your morning (or night)?

Yes. That means Art is E S S E N T I A L. Idk why school doesn’t force it when it’s literally in the name of our planet.
AbrahamPizzanothe "Earth" without "art" is just "Eh"

I hate school too
nauticallyepicSchool school school ughhh

Hello, I too am currently as of typing, online :D

I don't blame you @hiew Especially with lead pencils, those are much more convenient and can easily be erased too.
hiewNGL i like pencils more than pens

@AbrahamPizzano Who do you know that likes it?
AbrahamPizzanohmm... i know someone who really likes cheese...

I have no legs, I am DIGITAL CHEESE THEGAMR!!!!
AbrahamPizzanoi am forced to break your leg

Now it’s Rap God but only the fast part for ten hours
I am currently listening to Mockingbird by Eminem :D
Actually there will be more pizza @AbrahamPizzano >:D
AbrahamPizzanono more pizza

Bwitter: Not the best but its one our only alternatives
Oh ok @jr
jryea it is

@jr oooooh, thats what happened. Ok
jr@vikimal19 the database was corrupted a day after bwitters birthday. i saw it live, i was going to bweet and i just saw a white screen so i keep on commenting at subrocks and then someone answered "yuki fucked the database" and "yuki made bwitter just for money"

I can run on N3DS and Wii U :D
PMK335bwitter still works on DSi (typed on my Nintendo DSi XL)

Glad you fixed your kindle :D
exclusiveconte2I fixed my kindle. I was posting on here and the screen froze for like a month. I can use it again because I had to restart and it is great.

Hope your legs don't hurt anymore from P.E
exclusiveconte2Hi. Just woke up. My legs still hurt from PE class yesterday. I'm going to heat up a chicken maruchan soup in the microwave. Thanks for reading my morning update. Bye Bye!

@vikimal19 Someone wiped everything through hacking and while Bwitter is back, all old accounts and probably Bweets are gone
vikimal19What happened to all the bweets? I just wanted to login and it said it was invalid. Was the a server wipe or something?

No, it wasn't
AnonCarrotwasn't it without me by eminem?

This is a Miiverse alternative as a Discord Server. There’s a photo album but you need to DM me to get it. There’s also multiple communities Also @naiticallyepic thanks for help :D
nauticallyepicRight click on the little timestamp on someone's bweet (says something like "X hours ago" or "XX minutes ago") and click copy link. Then put the link at the very end of your bweet to reply to it :P

@Deadfull347 not much. Also how do I reply (reply question is to anyone seeing this)
Devices that Bwitter work on: Wii U 3DS DSi Wii PC Mobile PS4 Xbox Series X and probably more
Finally, I joined :D



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