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@stereotype damn bro
Who tf thought Spicy Mountain dew was a good idea?
Don't fucking bother
parkerbitview its free


Cool, my "friend" just beat the living fuck outta me.
NyQuil and chicken soup kinda bussing tho
I am god.
Damn punchy really taking me seriously on a 2007 revival lol
Damn this psp tastin reeeeeal good.
Uh huh.
Oof lol
Punchy207some black woman just described my hair as an "emo bowl cut" should i be flattered or insulted

Damn. That sounds pretty good
You already said that
Anyone down for anal?
@Kemes lmao
It's just the principal who's paranoid
Bitview sucks
@couch What a perfect world.
Who tf uses the term "xd" unironically anymore. Just go somewhere else.
Man fuck school
@stereotype They get suspicious and search your fucking bag.
@Punchy207 U were right, we have to put our phones in fucking buckets for exams.
What's ur profile? @stereotype
Fuck you Kuz Goodbye BitView. |

jrThis did not age well

I came to twitter to escape. Pls go away
Fair enough
Lmao we know who you are.
Bro wtf is happening
Fuck this shit im out
Aw hell naw bru
Copy the link of the status by clicking when it was posted then copy the link under whatever you have to say.
SNANZFOXhow do i directly reply on here helpppp

Aw hell yeah
RealOskarLogo2Trinity - 009 Sound System |

Don't want some shit drama so imma just delete a couple bweets.
Crap 2009 twitter revival
Schools almost out! Going to NY this summer.
Joey Mc bigdick.
Maybe not.
@Punchy207 He's threatening to swat me. Fuck
At least I don't ddos people because I don't like their site.
Hwilliams is a cunt lol
@3 56 quadrillion USD
Btw you can all send me hate mail at [email protected]
I was making a joke. God fucking damn.
Bruh I wish spring break didn't end
Amylee is like the villain that can't just die
Lmao amylee is on a rampage.
What the hell did I miss lol
Yeah fuck school
Hell yeah dude, go for it.
poktwo is pretty good
Why does it take like an hour for my pfp to change.
So far I've made about 200 bucks from just goin around the neighborhood asking people if they need shit done.
I've got nothing else to buy.
I've always wanted to design cars.
Lmao I'm surprised punchy didn't go on a rant about something.
I guess so.
Lmao it's clearly working
Nah I just called her a pedo to get a reaction out of people.
Better than fantasizing about kids.
Yeah I can't remember your awful music and art
Punchy207having the memory span of a fish must have many benefits

Huh the bwitter sign up process wasn't as bad as I remember.



Name: Dylan Marcus Corona

Bio: I do dumb crap.

Location: Pearl River, LA