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no longer in use new account is >
hi how to change my nickname?
Hello from my nokia 6300 4G
did it work? coz i finally changed my pfp
@segasonic can you dm me on discord real quick purpelflower#2318 as i want to show you something you might like
who wants to join a server im hosting! dm me on discord purpelflower#2318
hi from a nokia 6300 again
well its sad to see raptor network go coz yesterday they i think shutdown their servers coz im not able to login and when i was able to login i got a server unavailable message so goodbye raptor network

well the new kaios phone i ordered just came in and it didnt have wifi so i returned it and im sad coz now i have to wait 99 months more for a new phone :(
finally pretendo network's open beta has launched on cemu sort of
Seriously why do people register with such weird and looooooooong names?
this message is typed on windows xp!
why wont bitview let me upload anything yes!
im back!
@Fuckbook site is down
fuckbookyes, and will redirect to

ok trying to selfhost outrun mysql-testing branch
trying to selfhost the wiilink24 room-server spoiler: still waiting for response from someone to help me
@exclusiveconte2 a facebook clone which focuses on the older facebook style
Ok i just found out about a myspace revival and now im curious if the site will run on windows xp
wait i hope it doesnt mean bwitter is gonna be discontinued?!
i cant wait for fuckbook to be luanched
currently using bwitter on my dsi via the DSi browser



Name: Lily power

Bio: My name is Cookie

Location: The Netherlands