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Downloading flashpoint so I can replay Adventures in Ponyville to finally get my goddamn cutie mark lawl!!!
Ahh its been a while since i've been on here. How have we been
Thinking about pokemon ngl
Haha, fun fact, Hypercam doesn't even have a watermark anymore xD
jr Me: Now who in the right mind would- *sees date* Me: Of course. The same people who tried to remove HyperCam's watermark for free.

Slowly dying due to the lack of sleep

I've been a bit inactive, woops
I’ve been rewatching some direct to DVD Disney films and the one that stands out to me is Ariel’s Beginning. Cried from nostalgia. Benjamin is a green underwater Barney the Dinosaur with anxiety and I live for it.
jr@BLOSC same. i'm always looking for sites like this genre because its so interesting to be able to interact with some old sites layout and do your daily life on there, and not just some boring screenshot of something back in the day.

I'm really fascinated with this genre of site. Mainly because old technology was always my way of coping in a way because whenever I got upset I'd boot up my Windows XP virtual machine and doodle in MS Paint until i felt better lol
DCTheGamrYeah there is Neocities and BitView as well. Though I think Bwitter, SubRocks, SpaceHey, and CloneMii+ are the main ones at least for now. Hope more recreations of old sites come around. Even if they never overtake the main ones.

That's pretty cool! :00
nauticallyepicAs a late birthday present I just got a Mac Powerbook 165, from 1993! It seems to be missing the OS floppy and supposedly there is a hard drive issue. Also, I got an iMac monitor and keyboard/mouse which is cool.

XR does the caramelldansen because yeah

I'm happy to be here BD
nauticallyepicWelcome to the cool side of the web B)

Oh yeah. I have a BitView too:
I saw this site was active and got pretty curious. Needed an escape from all the bullcrud that is the modern internet so i'm glad sites like this exist.



Name: Nhexis

Bio: I like Buzz Lightyear of Star Command and I just want an escape from the modern internet.

Location: everywhere