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@Rule34 dream? you mean that toxic youtuber who cheated on minecraft?

bwitter is dead! is a rickroll hahaahah very funny chef bingus
@xlstasy probably the next fulptube
thefugbook is broken
No more fortnite!
@hiew lady dimitrescu is better
this site became /b/ lmao
could anyone give me ideas to recreate a website
@wakaba my balls are extremely red
@Javimaster meh has the same posts as new reddit, i want something without big chungus, wholesome 100 or keanu reeves
and heres the new homepage
@mac i mean the 2007 4chan
@Javimaster i want a old version of reddit and 4chan
twitter was down, bwitter aint down
instead of buying one I made my own Kirby plush, although it looks weird
Friday night fuckshit
bloo regard q kazoo deodorant stick
top 10 reason why mah bitview better than my vidlii 1. funny meme on my bitview 2. no meme on mah vidlii bc just filled with mapping
@AwsomeCatPunk greg meg heffley cocaine
a retard from 8kun attacked me in my private imageboard fulptube gang
@Marcusverse i like the red and green ones
@SegaSonic same
Chris griffin from family guy
@doop i followed you on twitter i guess



Name: Poopoopeepee

Bio: i love 4chan

Location: Zealand, Denmark