Loom-icon AbrahamPizzano

i think Windows 11 is ugly

so am i
Ava Max is fire
cats are the only ones who treat humans the way they deserve it: with hatred
i love my cat
10 months living with me. are you sure?
the sun is up forever
Mexican Communist Party
Meghan Trainor is fire
Trisha Paytas is the queen of pop
i remind you that reverse discrimination DOES NOT exist
vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup
who can it be now
Wallows is fire
welcome to the Pride Month
stick together like glitter, glitter, glitter
does it make you feel good?
i'm too fucking nice
my cat is sick of my love
that will be cool
kiss whoever the fuck you want
white mocha is my favorite coffee
Aurora Aksnes is fire
there's blood on your lies
@alexanderjt yes
my ass itches
hello, Bwitter



Name: Abraham Pizzano

Bio: i make art with a camera, i'm 15yo. and i'm a jerk

Location: United States of Mexico