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gay pride month is over, it's time for gay wrath month!

Look at what these people are doing right now…

101 novek
do you think id get suspended from twitter if i told someone to kys
101 yurmom4

101 maxithefox
welp im gona get bullied by just posting lol
101 yurmom4
sticky hitman |
101 Punchy207
new yorks alright if you like saxophones
101 Punchy207 Drive Like Jehu - Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity
101 swervo
101 Punchy207
you cant
101 swervo
uh how do i change my user
101 swervo
101 Punchy207
been up since 3 am
101 bruhmachine
Stop acting like you get any pussy.
stereotypeYou are missing out buddy!

101 lua
stereotypeYou are missing out buddy!

101 Tails
101 stereotype
DuffinWhat do you think about YouTube? (potentially detailed reasoning?)

101 Duffin
What do you think about YouTube? (potentially detailed reasoning?)
101 stereotype
There is no need of this. We are all human and we should be promoting human rights, not a grouped right of woman's right. People who cheer for woman's rights literally demean human rights which all females are in the first place. BTW feminism is a democrat ideology.
101 stereotype
The feminists are oppressing woman with their sexism again. They claimed "Woman need to be like men because women struggle in in men's abilities." They are hypocrites when claiming this because feminists think women are inferior and there needs to be equality.
101 stereotype
You are missing out buddy!
Duffinhonestly surprised anyone on here is in a relationship at all lmfao

101 stereotype
Try or
vikimal19Are there any other good old youtube replicas besides bitview and vidlii?

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