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101 SometingRandom98
hi marcus im annocing the new asdf comic called ponies is really dead: a asdfman comic book
101 Marcus 
hey mom i made something very cool
101 TarePandy
So Do You Have Links to 2012 Twitter Websites
101 TarePandy
I am Back
101 Marcus 
Someone that goes by the name "Guiskia" keeps making spam accounts. (5 and probably more to come) I don't think it's you if you don't know who's Guiskia.
KangRoowho tf is that

101 Marcus 
you don't need 5 accounts, most of which are throwaway accounts made to never post again
SometingRandom98hi.SometingRandom98 here. I made a YouTube series, guymovie where I post asdf videos for 1 year. or something else

101 Marcus 
good afternoon
101 jr
Nicovideo credentials turned incorrect. Google didn't work. Twitter did somehow
101 nauticallyepic
Hey I woke up to snow!
101 jr
No Goodblox but found my Neopets and Niconico
101 jr
I'm gonna go find my Goodblox account because i'm really curious about it's username. kby
101 SometingRandom98
hi.SometingRandom98 here. I made a YouTube series, guymovie where I post asdf videos for 1 year. or something else
101 SometingRandom98
first video: guymovie (2008,GuiSka)

101 jr
Did you know that my BitView profile picture is based off my old VidLii channel's profile picture? Aswell, the BitView PFP is actually an edit of the SubRocks default avatar and not the BitView one? Compare this to my BitView avatar:
101 Kyasadi927 
My sister's asshole friends are coming over today. Probably just gonna stay in my room all day,
101 exclusiveconte2
Hi. Mercedes Powers here. I made the YouTube series, 365 Days Online where I post daily videos for 1 year. What else should I post besides this series? Gaming, vlogs, commentary, DIY, or something else?
101 DCTheGamr
I found da best BitView video ever. 10/10 better than everyone else. It is literal perfection. God (if he is real), couldn't do this level of amazingness. Good Job timschannel 245

101 KangRoo
who tf is that
jryou made guiskia?

101 SegaSonic
its so late right now its 3:39
101 novek
garfield i am running out of disk space very fast

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