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101 TheRealGuiSka
name:guymovie director: GuiSka voices of: GuiSka (voice) Marcus (voice)
101 TheRealGuiSka
my series is about: A 2-minute sketch comedy made by a kid named Guilherme
101 TheRealGuiSka
yes marcus i want buy asdfmovie
101 Twig2021
It is likely your grandparents were victims of nanoparticle foods and drinks because it was commonplace in Europe, Africa, and Asia, back in the 1950s!
Marcus but I don't live in america

101 Twig2021
Particle beam weapons destroy cars and boats!
101 SegaSonic
what do you guys think project needlemouse will be about
101 Marcus 
but I don't live in america
Twig2021Dangerous nanoparticles found in your food!

101 Twig2021
Dangerous nanoparticles found in your food!
101 SegaSonic
i want to get a ps3
101 Marcus 
Do you have the right permissions from the asdfmovie creators to use the characters in the series of their animations? Please ask them first.
SometingRandom98hi marcus im annocing the new asdf comic called ponies is really dead: a asdfman comic book

101 Tinker
Ok, If so, Could you explain your series a little further? Thanks.
SometingRandom98no i not cancel my series

101 Tinker Wow!
101 SometingRandom98
no i not cancel my series
101 Tinker
Microsoft Tinker is a nice relaxing game, Try creating levels and uploading them to YouTube, I'd play them!
exclusiveconte2Hi. Mercedes Powers here. I made the YouTube series, 365 Days Online where I post daily videos for 1 year. What else should I post besides this series? Gaming, vlogs, commentary, DIY, or something else?

101 Tinker
What a shame!
Kyasadi927 My sister's asshole friends are coming over today. Probably just gonna stay in my room all day,

101 Tinker
I don't think 24 stolen videos will last for an entire year, It's not your video, It's just another reupload of the OG video, Hope you understand and cancel your "series".
SometingRandom98first video: guymovie (2008,GuiSka)

101 Tinker
I'd like to see a few examples, Also, Your website looks very nice.
Marcus Someone that goes by the name "Guiskia" keeps making spam accounts. (5 and probably more to come) I don't think it's you if you don't know who's Guiskia.

101 Tinker
A very bad Microsoft Tinker level with bad edition. |

101 exclusiveconte2
Hmm... Your post is similar to mine. I'll let it slide though
SometingRandom98hi.SometingRandom98 here. I made a YouTube series, guymovie where I post asdf videos for 1 year. or something else

101 PMK335
Dark theme for (Update rewiew) |

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