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I'm out of funny ones but it's gay something month ok

Look at what these people are doing right now…

101 Punchy207 Hot Snakes - Kreative Kontrol
101 Punchy207
why do you hate yourself
101 yurmom4
i fell for his "my mom is dead" thingy, but it was late when i found out thats what he uses for attention,am shouldnt have unbanned him when he saw bakaboy.....
101 yurmom4
iloveanime told someone (that definitely isnt his alt ;) ) to go after to send me a bunch of messages telling me unblock because "OOOO THE INTERNET IS SOOOOO BUTTHURT HAHAHAHAH IM NOT EH PEDO ) fucking damn it this guy is an asshole, blocking him is like going to an oven that is set to maximum heat.
101 yurmom4
remember,always do a little bit of research before you speak on your part! and DO NOT BLOCK ILOVEANIME721 PERIOD.
101 4TEVENABweetsAgain
yurmom4This is the way you make a FAILING DUMB S**T stickman.

101 yurmom4
welp,this was a long journey folks.
101 yurmom4
Who does not know Guy? Now you can play online games for free Griffins, winning the race, passing shooters and arcade, displaying patience and doing other interesting things. How do you like the idea Stewie establish dominance within the family, and then the next? He runs with a gun for Griffin,
101 yurmom4
trying to shoot. Family members of a lightning move in space, and it is not so easy to get to the target. Complete the mission to rescue the sofa, which should carry not come under attack clones. Peter also punish, beat cock undermining firecrackers and having done other things with it.
101 S 
Punchy207my ass burns

101 yurmom4
the only good update youtube has ever done was when they changed the player from flash to html5
101 warrior
internet is dead
101 umstvgn
101 Punchy207
let the good times roll
101 yurmom4
This is the way you make a FAILING DUMB S**T stickman.
101 Punchy207
my ass burns
101 Vetzla
get to blips
101 jr
Day 1 of posting until you retards move there
101 yurmom4
twitch went from cool streamers, streamers with BOOBA😳,streamers that doesnt exist to slowly becoming the next myspace.was popular but now forgotten
101 S 
aw hell nah, are they really ratioing bwitter by advertising blips here

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