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happy gay month

Look at what these people are doing right now…

101 PMK335
welcome to bwitter

101 supreemeedeem
101 BradIsKawaii
@nauticallyepic Gosh darn it Kris, where the heck are we?
101 nauticallyepic
Tomorrow's my birthday and I'm going to a convention for it, and I have literally only one day to get my cosplay done. I'm cosplaying as Kris from Deltarune
101 rand
Okay update: It failed. So instead, I am using YunoHost on it now.
101 snapple43
RT @jr: FINALLY, ITS BACK! And seems to be in much better hands now. Expect whoever made the login page. They fucking suck at it.
101 SegaSonic
i accidentally woke up really early like really early today
101 snapple43
oh good im bwitter
101 AliYildizhan
HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
101 m3k
i got my old lenovo ideapad back, might hackintosh it
101 AnonCarrot 
bweeting from windows me
101 vedpp
101 PMK335
101 AnonCarrot 
anyone know how to fuck up debian installation
101 rand
Been trying to install Windows XP on my shitty Intel Celeron laptop, but Easy2Boot only shows the USB as the C: drive. Crap, might try seeing if installing Vista will help (I tried making a fat32 partition in the GParted live CD but that still didn't work.)
101 PMK335
randayo bwitter is back

101 rand
ayo bwitter is back
101 PMK335
good thing i have this |

101 MarkoczekTV
101 jr
@snapple43 -\ o_O /-

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