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101 xlstasy
That youtube 2013 web host site thing was pointless you couldn't do anything and it used way back archive
101 xlstasy
congrats man
101 AbrahamPizzano
101 Bloxium Great job Morgan!
101 Morgan 
I'm staff now! Woohoo!
101 Yuki 
Everyone welcome our new Moderator, @Morgan!
101 tt893139
wtf no |
101 TarePandy
also we need a website hoster like make twosh website like twitch 2011/2012 site
101 Fteam
Everyone this web is now shutdown
101 TarePandy
like i hope youtube shutting down in 2021 was a joke at least we got is play tube
101 TarePandy
I hope youtube doesnt shut down in 2023 because it should been shut down in 2098
101 xlstasy
a website hoster
101 xlstasy
the player and logo look good we just need the website now
101 hiew 
@enterwebs probably east malaysia only
101 cj_beans 
@pixel nah g, i got da mark
101 pixel 
101 cj_beans 
this exists now
101 MRLQ1999
Hola! No se si alguien de aquí me conozca, pero quisiera saber cómo recuperar mi primera cuenta, soy MRLoquendo1999, me registré en diciembre del 2020, y ahora cuando quiero iniciar sesión me dice que la contraseña es incorrecta, me tuve que crear esta nueva, espero poder recuperar la otra :/
101 enterwebs tesco is in the list even though it's also on the defunct list? how odd.
101 Morgan 
@mac No, not yet. Hopefully soon though.

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