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101 Dansto86
Hello, @TarePandy
101 Kyasadi927 
No, there is a time and place for everything. Here is not the place to be discussing politics and conspiracy theories. Go make your own platform or something Giarruso. Hope this clears things up.
ClownishAngerbwitter users HATE other people's opinions

101 TarePandy
i am back
101 ClownishAnger
bwitter users HATE other people's opinions
101 S 
101 Kyasadi927 
101 Madokurode
leaks for Haildrich VS Neco arc - part 6 (phase 1) |

101 DylanCoronaTV
@coral i hope your fucking family dies of cancer fucking retard
101 DylanCoronaTV
@mac ya ur doin a real fuckin good job so far lol
101 DylanCoronaTV
Just checking in on the daily shitshow, glad I moved lol.
101 jr
So, how the hell are there so many revival of a site that we most of didn’t even know what the old version looked like until Bwitter existed???
101 jr
I’m asexual DUMBASS, doesn’t mean asexuals can’t suck dick, but i haven’t
Punchy207of course youd know a lot about suckin dick wouldnt ya jr

101 hiew
Just made a little game in Unity, might venture out into C# programming more.
101 AbramBenoa
i'm starting to hate this feeling
101 mac 
if you discuss extremist political views im banning you. im tired of this
101 TheCoolRock76
i hate joe biden
101 Kemes
mf using msn in 2022 :skull:
101 Punchy207
sitting in the alphabeta parking lot watching the sun go down
101 Kemes
@Alonso shut the fuck up roblox porn enjoyer
101 Punchy207
of course youd know a lot about suckin dick wouldnt ya jr
jrUbuntu and Windows 11 sucks dick. Windows 10 tops all

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