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so whoever developed that, can you take out the part where it says you can upload a 2 gig video? Because a 180 mb video causes a "fatal error"
Wait, I'm confused. It says you can upload videos up to 2gb, but they have to be 100mb.
Ohh it's bitview but much better I see
isn't this just bitview? How many 2009 youtubes do we need lol
Copped 3 hardcore usernames
minecraft 7 dropping soon, can't wait
Someone gave minecraft 6 a poor rating.....
Why are these guys banned? I didn't see them say anything particularly bad..
minecraft 6 coming out soon too
That'd be really cool
looks like they disabled it and never really got around to enabling it
it's a pure white screen.
minecraft 5 dropping shortly.
No but it means "if God wills it" so I like to use it
Inshallah I don't get banned πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ
minecraft 4 officially dropped:
Bitview also doesn't let me post a video like 70% of the time, kind of irritating since it takes so long and I have to retry several times.
minecraft 1 | new video coming soon
Happy Independence day πŸŽ‰
You have a 15 minute and 100MB limit now.
How did someone put a 30 minute video on bitview lol
Truest shit i've heard all day
tomodachi are those keychain e-pets
someone else start one
It's fun if you can manage to get it working
Can't join.
my second minecraft video was accidentally 4 minutes and 19 seconds. Might have to continue the trend and make the next one 4 minutes and 18 seconds is actually multiplayer if you share the link to your world. very fun times found this cool game it is called Mine Craft. this is me playing it go check it out guys
Is it even possible to make a 15 minute video under 100 megabytes?
It is going to take over an hour to upload my video. Totally worth it, to be honest. 1 minute per megabyte.
Uploading my first bitview video/series.
">" do me a favor and log off the internet.
Yeah, I wake up at 11 AM. Cry about it.
I forget everything about the dark knight because I'm always distracted by the awful batman voice. Joker was a superior actor, the batman role was absolutely garbage. Thus, Joker > Batman. I have no idea about his political affiliation. His actor died from his role on the film.
Reported for hate speech.
Clicking on a post should bring you to the page the post is on instead of its own thing, especially since you can't delete a post unless you're on the page you made it on. Too much hastle to flip through pages to find the post you want to remove.
Never paying you any mind ever again.
I only play Minecraft, Cookie Clicker, Nokia Snake and the Sims.
I liked Roblox more when you started as a square person. I don't like what it has become, not one bit. They made it exclusively pay to play when it comes to cosmetics. I miss having my friend sign in every day to get me tickets. Those were the days.
No respect for new Roblox whatsoever. I played like 2 games for years on old Roblox, and those were the days. Nothin' like it.
Currently playing cookie clicker.
All such memes are fads. Remember the World War III meme, or Ugandan Knuckles? I'd include Big Chungus or Doge but they're kind of timeless, for some reason.
How do people have conversations or arguments on this site? You're just screaming into the void hoping that someone hears.
I have been banned 6 times on instagram.



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