Loom-icon 3

bwitter trying to get gay safe space users?
lol the world's ending
wtf is this happy gay month shit
nouns- soccer ball joyce manor-constant nothing nouns- i feel as though I’ve failed merchant ships-for cameron
DCTVCool, my "friend" just beat the living fuck outta me.

wait, u ain’t gay?
early algernon
not here …
Punchy207i'll say what i want i got 1st amendment rights dont i

elon bought twitter
a ...

I challenge you to a pokemon duel
everyone stop being fags for like 3 seconds

oreck vacuums are alpha
2the person under me has a trash username

the stray cat I let inside just threw up
pray to god she doesn’t wanna eat that $13 gyro
dress normal dog
gyro place? what are both of you 100% greek or sumn
Punchy207take her to the gyro place but do i dress like all formal or do i just wear what i always wear or what i dont fuckin know but she just messaged me sayin she loves the place

I’m bout to fuck up all this general tso chicken ,
deer is good, my old boss use to bring me 20lbs bags after his hunting trips.
Punchy207i've always wanted to try deer or rabbit

mmmm instant coffee and hazelnut creamer
do y’all remember rear projection televisions??
i love smaller crts, like 9”-12”…
first thing I did today was throw up
happy 4/20 happy birthday hitler
Cadwallader was such an important band during emos revival (2005-2012) especially in the underground philly scene
fuck ye bro
@punchy207 u like this?
im guessing boyssetfire era
they sound like early emo/hardcore type shit lol
spikes to you sounds better imo
how much to buy bwitter
making some taquitos
well my meth head boss didn’t pick me up again lol
my history teacher was a detective in the 80’s, once a year he would bring in some of his old evidence. One was photos of a decapitated head that washed up along the shore line. The other was a voice recording of an elderly lady retelling how she was brutally raped by a home intruder..
we had smoke breaks in my high school, until some bitch got caught smoking weed on break and her parents tried to sue the school. Fuck Molly’s parents
The effects in Beast Master are so good
might start selling weed What u think?
hooked my brother up with a zip for cheap lol
I just lit a dragons blood incense
@punchy207 best way 2 die
Jennifer’s Body convinced an entire generation they were lesbian for like six months lmfaooo
ever see the movie teeth?
bwitter sucks because it has edgy teens….. &&& lesbianss.
watching children of the corn
I told them not to Dillion ..
don’t try to molest dylan, he was raped as a kid
my case in point
Easter is about the fat mean kid in the family.
12 minutes in an it’s unbearable 1/10
watching easter bunny massacre
roaches taste great
just found all my beyblades fuck yes
if anyone likes bad movies watch jurassic galaxy, worst $5 I ever spent shark movies are great
halloween ends, lightyear, jurassic world dominion, & 65 are all movies I’m anticipating
@Punchy207 french canadians exclusively swim in speedos, so I agree they’re a lil sus..
elon buys bwitter
when I was younger I pissed all over my blue eyes white dragon in my sleep.
smokin’ bones toasting bread in the oven eattin tuna sandwiches
the day went like this, but they were all named dave.
Today this guy pulled out a bag of drugs and said he likes to party. Then after snorting a line, he looks me st8 in my eyes and says “I’m not even gonna lie to you man, this is straight fentanyl” he then proceeds to smoke a meth pipe. Blowing smoke all in the truck, I cracked the window lmao



Name: 3

Bio: fuck all