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gay pride month is over, it's time for gay wrath month!

Look at what these people are doing right now…

101 yurmom2
hi fuck
fuckhello bwitter stay blood i am fuck

101 fuck
hello bwitter stay blood i am fuck
101 yurmom2
its kinda easy. keyword:kinda
101 yurmom2
just made a quiz
101 bruhmachine
damn bwitter dead rn
101 lgkid
MMMM! Old Scratch!

101 jr
101 bruhmachine
Making eyefind but fully functional
101 lgkid
i have an ayashii world revival site for you guys its from 5/25 and suprisingly it still exists just comment what you want on it I don't really care for it that much
101 S 
my tube
101 jr
If you dare make an account on my website i am going to rip your lungs.
stereotypeYoreTude "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties."

101 Punchy207
dont you ever say busted again you little bitch
stereotypeTotally busted!

101 stereotype
YoreTude "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties."
101 stereotype
Make a Bing site. Most people outside the USA use Bing and your site might become more popular!
KangRooThinking of making a Google site that's just a list of revivals

101 stereotype
Usually anger and frustration.
yunikystarlolwhat does it feel like to stab

101 stereotype
I might join later. Not sure yet.
exclusiveconte2Hi everyone! Check out my awesome retrobook page and my awesome DameDaNeSpace profile here: A new blog comes out tomorrow so don't miss it. Bye Bye!

101 stereotype
Totally busted!

101 stereotype
Went into Walmart and they have taken out all the PS5 accessories and games. Same with Best Buy. I wonder if Sony will make a PS6 to buy now?
101 Griffen
thanks bwitter for hosting a bunch of people telling me about revival websites listed nowhere else
101 yurmom2
my past memories make me want to live in a white cube

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