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I need your opinion: Which YouTube layout is better: 2013-2014 2012-2011 2010-2009 2008-2006 2005
Nope. The Revolution releases in November. Can't wait for the new games on it
if I ever get a mac or something, I will try to find some windows-only software and compile it for mac. kinda hard though, due to most of the macs now using arm
I might relaunch NoobTube with fixed security and multi-tag support
what's fteam?
I am trying to make an NAS Server for my flipnote server, HGSNote. Usually, NAS would send a post request to /ac, with it responding with form key and value. When I try to respond with a urlencoded form, it returns 20101 I might be an idiot, but is there a proper way to return a form in php?
Im making a flipnote hatena server called HGSnote: Proxy: Port:8080 This only works on DSi or Hacked 3DS
Congrats!! Someone just exploited the upload while I was working on another project, and uploaded php scripts that could hack my server. No more noobtube for u. report a bug
I need to find a way to get videos to reach the Database
hello noobtube profiles are finished
just got sony vegas making a video
noobtube now reopened issues fixed
@ChainS lol I fixed that and I'm working on a couple of other things.
hell yeah will stay up cuz i renewed it
noobtube is going to open soon. the server had some xss vulnerabilities and im trying to patch them
Nostalgia of when I joined YouTube sometime in 2013
@hiew we are fixing the XSS stuff right now
the hacker tryed to get rid of all the videos lol who the hell did this
someone flooded the noobtube servers with js code and html code in the video results with memes and stuff. if you did this, you are banned
oh yeah about noobtube, I'm integrating the php script (ex: login_part_1.php) with the html code
@noob tube
I am so tired
maybe its just my computer. pentium dual-core (not pentium d, they are different) cpus are not that good.
lol windows vista just bsod when i try to load a video. No wonder why they say it was so bad
i hate it when the second i go to bwitter, the chat is dead
@rex try installing sata drivers. look up your motherboard's chipset and find the driver
@SkalsntDead Interesting. Also, welcome to bwiiter
@enterwebs lol leads to a porn website
uploader changed, so normal webpage won't work. go to /2005
@hiew im trying to get ffmepg to work, so .mov and thumbnails could be a thing for 1.4
noobtube is back up. boogle will come in handy in the future for newer layouts
@enterwebs might get one
shutting off server so i can do other stuff is back up. my external ip changed for some reason
working on friends for v1.4. Also user profiles and developer page
if doesn't work next month, don't worry. I will try to renew the domain
I might make actual content today on my YouTube, Bitview, and Fulptube. Mainly srb2 content.
v1.5 (the last version of noobtube 2005 layout) is really close. Right now, we are at v1.3.
I'm taking apart my LG L9 from 2012 to replace its cracked touch screen.
Rick Astley for president 2025. He will never: Give you up Let you down Run around and desert you Make you cry Say Goodbye Tell a lie and hurt you
recreating youtube for wii via flash inject
yay! I fixed the uploader (i think). now you can upload your videos with no redirect
someone uplaod me at the zoo, but didn't get the the database
working on comments. Next poll: bug reporter or Other
oh sorry i was worrking on a video logg at on point maybe thats why
should i make bug reporter or comments on noobtube?
gtg bye
@hiew fixed it
im thinking if $tag, $vdesc, or $vname is undefined, redirect to home
@hiew ok thanks. I going to get on it.
@hiew how are you doing this
for everyone who wasn't here earlier. URl is:
@hiew never knew thanks.
@hiew congrats you found a bug
@hiew don't go directly to results.php. go to browse.php
@hiew I made a all video thing out of results.php. now you can see all the videos
I am going to fix the tag thing soon. Also working on user profile
@Foody yes.
type in your tag
@hiew its just uploading. give it time cause internet has issues.
what does it say?
@hiew november 2005
@foody thanks for testing noobtube. I guess its counts as open beta?
@foody i see you uploaded. you just need to remember your tag. in this case, club penguin.
@foody found you on mysql. Passwords are encrypted really well. Anyways, almost finished with NoobTube.
@desobei 2012 - 2013 youtube nostalgia
Finishing up NoobTube. Its soon to be in open beta
Bwitter keeps saying "Invalid Web"
someone broke the front cover off my dell dimension 8400
Everyone in the class was playing Space cadet pinball. Even my teacher was playing pinball on the dell pc
finally got Windows XP installed on the dell dimension 8400. I just needed to use xp home n instead of the dell cd
still having truble getting windows xp to install on my dell dimension 8400
Since I'm upstairs, the internet is as slow as dial up. its take about 2 minutes to download a kilobyte. Although webpages load fine.
@sir what model of Dell Dimension?
@enterwebs Windows 10. Since the hard drive came out of a 64 bit PC, the install doesn't work. I'm in the process of installing Windows XP.
I got a free Dell Dimension 8400 from my local school as might be making BitView videos on that PC.
hello a real comment
can anyone who has a goodblox account refer me. The signup is closed and I want to try it out. email: [email protected]



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