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Twig2021Which do you think is better, Buick or Cadillac?
Finally finished installing Ubuntu 20.04! Works like a charm even on 4GB. Btw if you are wondering Bwitter works on Firefox 91 Ubuntu :P
finally upgrading my world to 1.18 (expecting corruption)
Installing Ubuntu...
ripping my playstation game discs...
writing a script / story idk
Man this NFT hype is going nowhere but up. I decided to join the NFT hype too by right clicking on the image and saving it to my computer. Sucks to be the guy that got their image saved :)
Going to my grandma’s
bruh exists 💀
cant even see since its not loading lol
atkingVery weird video... what do u think it means??

Gonna put some games and vids onto my Nokia, lmk what you guys recommend!
Finally found out the reason why I can't use my public ip anymore:
yeah that was an error i legit got when i was fixing thefuckbook, tons of shit code in the codebase ahaha
jrIs that a joke or is that real? If so.... what the hell

@jr yes its
jrIt is "", right?

Notice: Undefined variable: get_sex in /Users/pixdoet/Code/html/fuckbook/profile.php on line 383
old facebook revival type of thing, probably the only one in existence (apart from VK)
exclusiveconte2@Cookie what is Thefuckbook because I really want to know what it is?

Hello bwitter! How was your morning (or night)?
NGL i like pencils more than pens
Just got an external USB floppy drive with a dirty head. Great! Now all my disks are scratched up. (I cleaned the heads afterwards btw)
hey apparently i have an exam next week
shit curl broken on all my compilation systems
A windows/dos port of cppbwitter is coming soon! (torturing myself on a windows netbook rn)
@atking that's because it was the database that was corrupted, and the images were not stored together with the database.
atkingActually, profile pictures are left over. See (I haven't registered that account yet)

restored an ipad mini 1
enterwebs @Alonso: this wasn't meant for you. sorry. archived :him:
when's someone archiving this on lmfao
Can yall please verify the users that were verified before? Thanks!
i made a pr on github :him:



Name: Ian Hiew

Bio: dgrsdfgsdfgs