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nokiaphoneI was hanging out with some folks last night and showed them Bwitter. It only took about 45 minutes and now I have my very own Bwitter APP right on my main screen! Java programmers are the best!
haven't been here in forever
bubble sites are just wordpress templates with scratch, ratio + kys
haven't been online forever :him: f
thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, Monica!
both of them are shit, use a windows version that's still supported (ie: windows 8.1 above) or linux, if that's your cup of tea
SantyXP7271Windows Vista is the worst thing that i ever use in all the world, i will downgrade to Windows XP.

Yoshizin_Gordinwhy is bwitter so good when jr is fucking dead

Why the fuck does imgur take forever to load like when posting an image from imgur just post the direct image url lol

i need to find some furries to help me write furryos
burnt my hand on the soldering iron today, but totally worth it for learning how to solder properly!
Just made a little game in Unity, might venture out into C# programming more.
bweeting from internet explorer 5.1 macos 10.1 edition :him:
Tryna install os x 10.1 on QEMU...doesn't seem to mount the drive
The magic mouse is more useful as a paperweight since it's so fucking heavy and thin it can't even be used as a normal mouse!
They're coming back!
Thanks for that! Bwitter might finally return to a sane state again
mac Twig2021 and WhitePeople have been suspended for: Purposefully spreading misinformation that could harm others

shut the FUCK up oh my GOD
I don't wanna give you false hope by saying it'll be better, so good luck I guess
exclusiveconte2Hi guys! I got to school late because the windows froze so my mom couldn't see a thing and then another mom dropped me off at the door and I walked into class at 9:04. This day has been bad so far. What do you all think?

i simultaneously like and hate @jr posting direct IPs out like this
what did i just say
Now imagine this: an iPhone 5s running iOS 6. It'd look terrible because Touch ID is not for skeuomorphic design!
scott the woz lives there
why no you just....ban him
AITEx64 shut up lol

nah i was just having a bad time sorry for being rude
SkylertheJiafei24_7Yep, i know its not funny but, u are guessing that I'm using google translate, its samsung translate, Plus, sorry for being werid Hiew.

java -Xmx4096M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar --nogui
my "comeback" failed then (it wasn't even a comeback idk what to say)
Punchy207jr isnt a man

"kill all men" feeling suicidal today mate?
jrdont assume + you fell + i identify with they/them pronouns + i'm a minor + everything you say is a total L + you're 25 and i feel uncomfortable + show respect this is a safe scape + i wanna punch your baby pfp + kill all men

not funny + you literally used google translate
SkylertheJiafei24_7立即购买我的产品,否则我会进入你的房子 (for people translated it, just buy my products, (JOKE))

bwitter is basically unmoderated now
Kyasadi927 Can we get all of Giarruso’s fucking accounts banned?

The free Zoom meeting has ended. Thank you for choosing Zoom!
The macintosh operating system version 10 revision 14
Kyasadi927 The Macintosh Operating System Version 10 Revision 2

the ios 7 to ios 12 design language is my favourite imo
compiling pypy from source because brew is a fucking idiot for not downloading precompiled binaries already
same but replace imac with my netbook
Kyasadi927 It really doesn’t. Like, I collect old computers and phones and try to use them in place of my normal shit not because it’s better, but because it’s just plain ol fun. Like, I was glued to my iMac when I got that thing.

native bwitter looks good on most mobile devices because of the HUGE FUCKING SPACES AROUND IT
hcgioDoes this have a mobile web version?

IMO as long as you don't act retarded you're not a *tard of any kind + old iPods are cool
Marcus am I a "nostaligatard" if I still use old iPod's for music and video? Sometimes old phones for collecting/as a backup phone? 3ds & wii u eshop shutting down in 2023 (who buys games off them tbh just use cfw lol) shut
Kyasadi927 Can people just stop fuckin arguing on this god damn platform? like holy shit. We were treating eachother like humans and now everyone is bitching and whining. Nostalgiatard this. Moderntard this. I just wanted to fucking hang out and talk with people.

Man is saying that sewer water tastes good
TCG683warm coca cola is good

why is bwitter so slow
correction: always speaks
hiewi hate how fucking stupid the oic speaks sometimes

i hate how fucking stupid the oic speaks sometimes
To new site owners: do not share ip links out like this, or you'll get doxxed and possibly ddosed
jrhttp:// betatoob ip

ankhafuck me please

Fact: today is 2022. Stop believing in lies you made up
brent64About my Animal Crossing blog, I accidentally set the year to be 2011 when today is 2010. Sorry about that!

i see you have not experienced reddit
MancivBwitter toxicity levels are higher than Twitters

bitch i thought u were born in 2k7
Kemesim 14 and i dont fantasize about ancient software and shit especially browsers that look like shit and are only meant for windows xp

hot chocolate hot chocolate hot chocolate hot chocolate hot chocolate
Yall mfs living in the wrong places that have the wrong prices lmao
Kemesthe mfs at valve are rereleasing portal to the switch and selling it for $20 compare it to the original price on steam

I feel like it's a discord general chat with a 1 minute cooldown
reading the bwitter feed is surprisingly calming for some reason
ratio + you're the unfunny one
MarkZuckerburgRealunfunny account please delete! free nft mark zuckerburg free real download fake free pro hack generator screenshot! free minecraft game online no download play free download no online download game online nft free download game online ok

there's a can of white watercolour sitting on my desk for no real reason
Just pushed the latest update of yt-2005-watch to Github. Added the homepage!
mcdonald's nintendo ds game
atking quote if u shit in the shower and stamp it down with your feet or if you hate racism

you own a tamagotchi
maxizavampireim the only person in the world who grieves over a dead tamagotchi

try dedicating more cpu cores and ram to it lol
MancivIm on my XP VM and its so slow : (

Where's the anti-fax people now? 🚫📠
atking WASTE ALL YOUR MONEY on some STUPID BRICK HOLE when you could actually be doing something better. Also, if you are worried about "needing adresses for jobs" here is a tip. List some normie's "home" (make sure there's no doorbell cam) and just check the mail occasionally. WE WILL NOT CONFORM!!! (2/2)

For those interested, you have to use this UA: Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 5_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/534.46 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/9B176 Safari/7534.48.3
hiew just extracted them just extracted them
Marcus i have found the old iOS 6 iPad help guide -

Oh lol, I'm using desktop browsers. I'll try with the ipad 2 UAs tho
Marcus Hmm, it probably depends on the browser and what device you're using. Worked on my iPad 2 on iOS 6.0, so that must be the problem.

It redirects me to the modern iPad guide
Marcus someone could extract the raw icons from here and that would be pretty cool

I just recolourized a film negative to original colours. Surprisingly easy to do with modern software and a cheapo scanner.
Chinese new year is fucking lit
bitch cuck penis fuck mother dead father gone shithole arsehole asshole ass fuck faggot anus lmao lmfao ratio
what's with the single character accounts being created
Neh, not really. Have you searched
jr@hiew Do you have a screenshot of

"dumb owner" neh bazinga was mentally exhausted from maintaining the site. He's matured more with SubRocks lol
Imagine someone being the elon musk of bwitter
Hello from MacOS 10.14! 0.1 Versions newer than you :him:
Kyasadi927 Hello from Mac OS 10.4! I got the iBook working!

where's the xue hua piao piao trap remix fandom hanging out now?
ffs ban twig2021 already
forgot to reply in last bweet, oops :p
KangRooWould it be possible?

Yeah, just need beautifulsoup to scrape a list of keywords (in this case, swear words) from the user's page. Posting on bwitter with python is also made possible and I did that a few times too.
imagine making a bot that counts how many swear words a person has said on bwitter...fuck yeah new project idea
cant seem to capture full screen cs:s or gta with obs on mac.......
oh wait i used the @fuckbook account wtf lmao :him:
lmao you're making a 2005 layout too?
jrI don't think the 2005 layout is broken. All of the archived images for it are from 2006 so some might have been updated over all that time. Also, the site seems to break a bit on some archiving services.

"Nothing about it on the internet" sure:
jrThis is a whole page for descriptions of a show lost to time. It's odd how much of these are on the internet.

I kinda want to rewrite my entire school's website from scratch...just dumped the whole school's info RIGHT IN THE HTML lol
There were apparently attempts but not currently
StoovellIs there any mobile app for bwitter?

Serious question: do you people think that bwitter can be as addictive as other social media?
bweet bweet bweeter!
happy new year!
Long time no see, Bwitter! Merry christmas btw
might be quitting the oic. bye! is back up: simple text editor written in Python
CSGO textures broken on Mac/Linux...
Finally finished installing Ubuntu 20.04! Works like a charm even on 4GB. Btw if you are wondering Bwitter works on Firefox 91 Ubuntu :P
finally upgrading my world to 1.18 (expecting corruption)
Installing Ubuntu...
ripping my playstation game discs...
writing a script / story idk
Man this NFT hype is going nowhere but up. I decided to join the NFT hype too by right clicking on the image and saving it to my computer. Sucks to be the guy that got their image saved :)
Going to my grandma’s
bruh exists 💀
cant even see since its not loading lol
atking Very weird video... what do u think it means??

Gonna put some games and vids onto my Nokia, lmk what you guys recommend!
Finally found out the reason why I can't use my public ip anymore:
yeah that was an error i legit got when i was fixing thefuckbook, tons of shit code in the codebase ahaha
jrIs that a joke or is that real? If so.... what the hell

@jr yes its
jrIt is "", right?

Notice: Undefined variable: get_sex in /Users/pixdoet/Code/html/fuckbook/profile.php on line 383
old facebook revival type of thing, probably the only one in existence (apart from VK)
exclusiveconte2@Cookie what is Thefuckbook because I really want to know what it is?

Hello bwitter! How was your morning (or night)?
NGL i like pencils more than pens
Just got an external USB floppy drive with a dirty head. Great! Now all my disks are scratched up. (I cleaned the heads afterwards btw)
hey apparently i have an exam next week
shit curl broken on all my compilation systems
A windows/dos port of cppbwitter is coming soon! (torturing myself on a windows netbook rn)
@atking that's because it was the database that was corrupted, and the images were not stored together with the database.
atking Actually, profile pictures are left over. See (I haven't registered that account yet)

restored an ipad mini 1
RIPBOZO archived :him:
when's someone archiving this on lmfao
Can yall please verify the users that were verified before? Thanks!
i made a pr on github :him:



Name: Ian Hiew

Bio: I exist. Or do I? Anyways cs_insertion2 is a very fun map go play it in CSGO.

Location: Malaysia