Loom-icon goom

@ASS up your ass

im out of here
its not possible if bwitter aren't even hiring any mods because it was last updated on december 2020
i wish there would be more developers on bwitter helping it
9 is extremely lazy as fuck
bwitter mods are the best they give you verified for saying the n word
they are watching your asses on camera
bwitter is dead except the mods
i love bwitter users
when they ban, they backstab people
bwitter mods are spies
if Bwitter was abandoned: Part 2
where is sniped
pee poo
sniped cut his penis off real
waltercoin is winning
123456789 123456789 FUCK SHIT PISS
bwitter will never add followers
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for anyone that wants to join fulptube:
im back
it wasn't taken from a camera
working on henpecked-raps
good morning bwitter
ancienttube down, goodnight
@joell98 the site is now up as I returned home
ancienttube is now offline since i can't get my self hosting to stay up longer. ill bring it up tomorrow when k wake up
Just added Auto Thumbnails in AncientTube.
yeah i made that, it's currently self-hosting on my computer
the 2012 site?
oldtube has turned into ancienttube due to a confusion with the other old youtube clone and the website was switched with a temporarily domain:
@joell98 yes
@NoMax I have checked out @sniped128's fixed 2005 player and it looks awesome and nice
And suffering without going into school for lot of months.
Staring at discord's old revivals server such as Frogbook on general
Nae Nae'd
@acxyz hi bobman
@joell98 thanks, ima go patch it and replace the youtube player on the site
if you wanna check it out, here
Working on OldTube.
also hello
what am i up to? i'm just thinking about making a newgrounds revival or something
hi john



Name: goom

Bio: i am used to known as goom and hypercam on bitview and stuff