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Hey all, sorry for the server being down. SSH was apparently shitting itself on the server and I had to reinstall it but being the lazy ass I am it took forever for me to do it. Site should be up now on
@Defenders08 you can reach us on our email at [email protected]
Defenders08@fakebook Hey! Give your contacts!

@jr not yet, file uploads are a little complicated to figure out, but expect that to be out before saturday
jrThat's great! Logged in and no more snoops.By the way, did you fix the "USER ID DOES NOT MATCH GET ID" thing when you try to edit the profile?

Made the sidebar not show the login box when you're logged in:
huh, seems like someone came earlier than us :angry: Yea same result, dont think ian has bought the domain yet.

Hi site up again
Thefakebook is officially launched! . We still need a new domain and a ton of rebranding but otherwise welcome! beta or something join discord for more :him:
A beta of thefakebook is coming really soon....
Hi new fakebook account



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