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What are you doing? Hi. My parents will be installing our new TV. The first thing I plan on doing is opening up bwitter with the web browser because I want to see if it works. Also, I'm posting this from my kindle 3. I have to go. Bye Bye!
What are you doing? I’m at the cardiologist and I’m really nervous so I’m checking my heart rate. Anyways, I’m here because my doctor is worried since I had COVID in January and I haven’t been feeling good since I started taking PE again. Wish me luck because I’m still nervous. Bye Bye!
Wait what?
toxictearzHey everyone, just like to inform u, but if you see this, im effin ur mom.

My friend keeps adding me to discord servers for multiple roleplay series on his YouTube channel. I don’t want to be in the series but I don’t think he understands. How do I deal with this? Also, he keeps @ me telling me to pick a role and it's annoying
Hi guys. What do you guys think of my bweets? Also, why are you all talking about old computers and operating systems?
What are you doing? Hi, it’s been a while. My dad says we’re setting up the TV we bought 2 months ago this week. I’m really excited about that because I didn’t know when it would happen. Anyways, that’s all I had to say. Bye Bye!
What are you doing? Hi. I'm taking a test today for geometry. I'm nervous since I don't know if m unlucky streak of test grades in math will continue or end. Wish me luck. Bye Bye!
What are you doing? I’m at school and I’m listening to I Just Wanna Shine by Fitz and The Tantrums. I have something to do for art so I’m working on it now. Bye!
I'm goimg to sleep. God, it's been a while since I touched my kindle. Yes I have been bweeting from my phone at home and laptop at school but not the kindle. Anyways, my dad told me to go to sleep. Bye Bye!
So I just met my new teacher. He looks like Dave MIller from FNAF and kind of sounds like MatPat from Game Theory. Also, I fee bad for you having to take a test since I'm taking a kahoot
Toudouboufouwho'd thought it was a wonderful idea to give out tests this morning ?!?!?

That sucks. I nearly did that in 1st grade and last month I accidentally burnt my finger with a flat iron
hiew Burnt my hand while using the hot glue gun :(

No I’m not. Why did you ask me?
Toudouboufou@exclusiveconte2 tf? u in aisd or sum shit?

Ugh! You’re lucky. Anyways, at all schools the teachers are mean or their class is boring. In PE, we lift weights. English is my least favorite class since we read old and boring books. Hopefully this explains school. Bye Bye!
1biteI never had to go to school. What is a school like?

I actually feel bad for you since I don’t have to go to school today or tomorrow. Pay attention to your lesson even if it’s boring and have a good day
Toudouboufouyaaay.... school again......

What are you doing? I’m just sitting here. I don’t have school tomorrow or Tuesday so I might make YouTube videos. Also, please send me questions to answer in my next video. Bye Bye!
Don’t worry. You’re not inferior for having to use a pay phone. It’s cool but it wouldn’t be practical for me since I’m a YouTuber and have to record a lot of footage
I just got the all new iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s nice to bweet in a bigger screen now
Same! I have a quiz today over The Odyssey Part 1 and I don’t think I’ll do good since I really didn’t like the story
Kyasadi927Another day of school another day of me wanting to go home

What are you doing? Hi. I'm watching a family movie on Netflix since my TV was unplugged in July and I can't plug it back in. I've got to go but I'll post today when I wake up. Bye Bye!
I'm still on my kindle 3. Bwitter is a bit slow but it does work. I have to do some coding for homework but I'm good at coding so I don't need to do it unless I want to practice. I have to log off since I wont be home to use my kindle. Bye Bwitter!
I'm bweeting from my kindle 3. I have homework to do but I'll post soon from my laptop. Bye Bye!
What are you doing? I’m in BIM class and it’s a little boring but English 1 class starts at 10:30 and I don’t want to go
Hi guys! I got bwitter to work on my iPod touch 4. This is great since it wouldn't work on my new kindle 3. Anyways, I've got to go to sleep since I have school tomorrow. Bye Bye!
What are you doing? Well I have to annotate Part 1 of the Odyssey for homework before tomorrow's class. I'm doing the storyboard because that's easy and I really don't want to do this. I have to keep working but I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Bye guys!
Hi! Me and my friends responded to this question. What are you doing? I'm in class with my friends and the teacher isn't here today What are you doing?Im doing so so I guess...(that was one of my friends in class) What are you doing?trying to sleep(that was another friend of mine in this class)
No teacher in AP Human Geography Class. Yes!
Thanks to @AnthonyGiarrusso for showing me how to reply. Also, hiew really needs to log on to bitview and subrocks.
hiew havent logged onto bitview and subrocko for quite some time lmao

What are you doing? Well, my parents are gonna get a new fridge to replace the old fridge in our house. I can’t reply so please tell me how. Other than that, I’m not doing much
BTW, earlier today when I got grounded for spilling 7UP on mom’s pillow, it wasn’t me. It was my mom
Hi! After being grounded for spilling 7UP, I snuck in to mom’s room and got my phone but got caught. I went to Marshalls, came back, and took a shower to get ready for the party I’m going to now. I’ll keep you posted through the night at the party. Bye Bye!
I got grounded by my mom for spilling 7UP on her pillow
What’s better, plain bread or toast? In my opinion, it’s toast since it tastes so good, especially the buttered toast at IHOP but without the jelly since I don’t like jelly. The problem is that toast leaves crumbs everywhere. That was my opinion but tell me your’s. Bye Bye!



Name: Mercedes Powers

Bio: I like clones of old websites so I’m here. I’ll try to post a lot, even when I’m at school.

Location: The Internet