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@AlpacaGamerNoo: scaretheater made a video on it here
AlpacaGamerNooAlright does anyone know those like wand toys from China that where supposed to be for little kids but instead it made a disturbing laughing sound and show a girl cutting her arm to drink her blood? I had one but my mom destroyed it becouse she thought it was something possesed.
@hiew: they're cool. what about yours?
hiew what are your opinions on cosplaying

What are you doing? your mom
*record scratch* Gue- guess who's back.
kingIT'S OUT <===

very sad day.
sick my duck
@nauticallyepic haha!
nauticallyepic*cue the sparta remix*

@PMK335: madness?!?!! THIS...IS....SPARTAAAAAAGH!!! *kicks you so hard you stard flying into space LMFAO XDD*
PMK335Well, that's madness .-.

@hiew: don't underestimate my power
hiew @enterwebs based now try a 36k dial up modem(if the service still exists anyway)

@king: LET'S GO (dirty brother killer)

iphone 4s bwitter: it works
first off, fuck the songs and the shit you say
Detroit, what!
i got the digital version of eminem's "Straight from the lab" and its sequel
mobile bwitter frontend when
mobile bwitter when HUH!? WHAT!?
Guess who? Did you miss me? Jessica Simpson, sing the chorus.
my life be like... oooo waaa ooooh
Top 5 best songs of 2009 | tesco is in the list even though it's also on the defunct list? how odd. amazing song
@hiew damn
@hiew no way what?!
@Toudouboufou hi toudouboufouschmouglow
@Rule34:I like to watching dream smp porn
@hiew (2/2) had actual vulnerabilities (if so then i want proof), but other than that i actually had fun playing minecraft using shiginima launcher. i gotta say jartexnetwork has changed a lot ever since i last joined. it was really fun.
hiew Joking about people living in mud houses and using 8088 computers get a brain lol do you really think Discord can run on a 8088? Joking at others being poor/no source of money just because they live in a third world country? Get the fuck off because you obviously dont know anything about people here

@hiew (1/2) wait malaysia is a 3rd world country?? what about indonesia and the others tho? also i found out a way to get minecraft for free back when i was young, cracked launchers seem like an easy way for me to get the full experience. plus i didn't really care about cracked servers unless they
@wakaba oh yeah. uhh huhuhuh huhuh uhuh
wakaba@enterwebs haha you said bussy.

Debussy, Clair de lune (piano music) |
@PlainZero because furries are anthropomorphic. plus it's the artist's choice whether or not if they want to put genitalia on a character. the REAL question is, is it funny?
ska music. spa music.
1 grain of pepper
florida + texas = flexus.
uhhh... attention, we are looking for the chick with big boobs. heh-eh, yeah. we are ready to do you now.
you have an interest with Asian women. hehhehehhheh
hiew @enterwebs the weathergirl in most of the videos here

hiew btw why am i simping over a weathergirl

frog baseball
@johnshedletsky i know. you're still not getting verified lol
@johnshedletsky you're not even the real johnshedletsky lol
@progectpz56 it's one pm
@ChainS how to come up with a rhyme for spaghetti
@pixel i'm bored. i wish there was css customization here
@pixel hi pixel. long time no see.
@hiew already got one. it's called cubeupload. been around the internet since 2006.
@Osis thefacebook
You'd like me to be you, wouldn't me? But it's too late. You snoze, you lose.
@Sir ikr??
@SUS sus will give you food
playing around on vegas
@dudewiththe101 sup
i just moved to pwitter. both are good but in terms of features and activeness, pwitter is > bwitter
cake by the ocean
@hiew bwitter staff
hey guys lets go get diamonds
@Preglas you need to verify it's really you. that's all
bwitter is good
@xXMonoTheMonoXx i have vegas 8
@AnonCarrot twitter back up, everything going good
nokia e71
bweeting on the E71. video proof anyone?
continuing my ytp, it's going well (i think)
@hiew yeah
i'm going to look for windows xp portable
more spell on you, daft punmk.
together forever. rick astley
hi guys
my mom, she's at the hospital
lmao you guys there's this one channel that's airing some kind of SATAM episode.
get out of my face bwitter
the youtube poop has gotten into my brain
wtf boom
@realnintendo my fav wii game is super mario 64 for wii
@realnintendo my fav wii game is the wii u
what's wrong with me
wow the internet knows how to control my feelings
oh my god
why should i even tell you this? not in a good mood today.
@hiew | np bro!
hiew @enterwebs thanks for the video :)

the best whose line channel
@Rexed | good for you!
@hiew | haha that's awesome
i just found this awesome website
@Rexed | it's 6:14 pm from where i live. btw how did you find this website?
bwitter for python! showcase |

@Rexed | depends on the timezone. mine's GMT+8
Rexedoh yuki, are you always on this website?

@hiew | what happened bro?
@Rexed | haha no, @Yuki (aka 9) is the owner of bwitter
Rexed@enterwebs did you create this?

@Rexed | i had to verify if i'm the actual enterwebs by posting the proof to another website (e.g. bitview)
Rexedhow are you verified?

@Rexed | ikr? also you can do this @enterwebs
@Rexed | ofc it is! not the people tho... some are nice, some are weird.. i'm the guy
@Rexed | that's what it used to look like in 2007
@Rexed | hey there bud! welcome to basically it's twitter 2007 and tweets are called bweets
dinner's for breakfast SPAGHETTI LOTSA "gotta hel-"
@johnshedletsky | what's it like being a mod of roblox
anybody likes cold water? or orange juice?
the water
what's up
lofthouse is now invisible
@Punchy | try laying down
@Punchy | what
sup, posting this using the bwitter python code made by @hiew
@Punchy | what made you sad?
@hiew | cool give piece of code so that i can edit
why do it exit when i send bweet :(
wtf!! it works
the goondocks
Bwitter poster - It works! 100% |

@hiew @hiewsalt | LES GOOO
@chris | right after you accept the request.
@chris | i can recover your bitview account tho lol
@chris | i can't recover your bwitter account btw lol
@chris | i can help you with that (i'm a bitview mod). you got your discord tag?
@hiew | it's like a youtube poop for bitview. there's tutorials on that on yt look it up
i like bred
damn was there a lot of file sharing sites back then?
@hiew | hm? wdym?
it's yeti urban for mah boy advance |

@hiew | idk how to program in python and i don't know how to get bwitter post data :((
mcdonalds equipped
in the gallows
@hiew | ofc it doesn't :P it has a time limit
how do i stay active without getting logged off automatically
why do people type "everday"?
pharrell williams walks into a store and buys stuff
who hates mayo?
i can't figure out how to get the data of the bwitter
@TalalQ8 | bwibble
ejecc wiimote |

@hiew | couldn't figure out where to start lol
@hiew | this is epic! i want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
@hiew | awesome! i wanna make a bwitter-based embed that lists all the user's bweets they've made instead of an iframe, y'know?
i am a bitview mod doing bitview things
@hiew | what language is it in?
@ToastyMCToast | does it support 4GB of ram
wrong hous fool
grove street
dance of the hours is a good song
@st1x19 | credit to the author also yw :)
how to get free halo 3 armor |

@somerandom23 | hi there!
i like food
@Marcusverse i like your content bro!
@ToastyMCToast | wow i didn't know you were good at soldering :D
ToastyMCToast@Marcusverse, it actually turned out pretty well, opening up the eMac wasn't very hard, but the capacitors where very hard to remove but after about 3 hours of removing and putting the new ones one, the computer actually works, :)

Google Earth Babysitter |

nvm i got access to my twitter again.
ok wtf my pc isn't booting up all i hear is the fans moving and nothing else. the monitor is showing NOTHING!!
i just lost access to my twitter. great! (genuine) now bwitter will take its place!
all toasters toast
anyone remember i.m. meen?
what if there was a cigarette-styled wafer roll?
I am inside now.
whose line is a good show
it's raining
it's nice being outside
@toastedfuckup bwitter
toastedfuckup@enterwebs you bweet a lot

watching whose line is it anyway clips, still sitting outside. the clouds seem dark, looks like it's about to rain.
@yoelhgo1989 interesting.
i heard voices. could someone be outside too?
i am outside of my house. sitting on the house swing. yes we have a swing
@mac there were problems
mac Wondering how Witter died but this didn't.

@hiew basically it's sphere
hiew @enterwebs I don't quite understand lol

try pronouncing sfear, sfier (the way you pronounce fierce), sphear
happy tree house
@Punchy isn't that what cats do when they try to survive during weather conditions?
uh, ok. so im going to take drawing requests now. and, uh.... please don't make the requests complicated... im not in a drawing mood right now but i am bored so... eh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@hiew not play games for 2 days.
hiew Would you rather not shower for 2 days or not play video games for 2 days

@ToastyMCToast "the toast burnt to hell" LMAO XD WTFFF
ToastyMCToasti just made some toast but my toaster for some reason didnt make the pop sound when it was done, so the toast burnt to hell, and now i gotta buy new toast, since this was the last piece of toast i had,FUCK

I wonder what's for dinner...?
load up on food, bring your dinner
@Toudouboufou wdym?
Toudouboufoui wish there was an old version of twitter that HAD WORKING FUCKING REPLY RENDERERS

htf cuddles from 1993
together forever and never to part
didn't download it lol
sign up was taking too long, so i uninstalled it. gonna download android studio thanks to @Marcusverse
i'm going to install twitter 5.68
@Marcusverse how does the twitter 2007 app work?
@Sir done dat b4, what so speacial bout it?
Sirtyping this using on screen keyboard

gee, it sure is boring around here...
@Marcusverse it is normal lol, they have to do their duty
Marcusverse Who the hell says ''time to take a piss'' when they take a piss? That's not normal at all.

i'm going to gamelon.
@Kykof hi kykof
@Sir haha sarcasm
Sirfinally, bwitter is fixed after 4000 billion months of getting killed alive

@xtrnall identify yourself
xtrnallhello bwitter

meiaids hasn't accepted my friend req!! :((( |

@barackobama basically vegas 8
barackobama@enterwebs does it matter what version of vegas you want

YTP (or BVP) - Steve Gates and Balls-mer Get Into Trouble |

@Punchy booze machine
currently doing a system restore after i tried to install sony vegas keygen. can someone recommend me a keygen website?
@Toudouboufou wait you're chainsew?
Toudouboufoui got bitview to load on, i am now a cool!!

bwitter is back, and better than ever
vegas just freezed on me
@JustAAnimator (in bill wurtz voice) no.
JustAAnimatorUse a thing, called a Hammer.

i feel like i wanna destroy my mouse
i hate it when my mouse scroll stops working
@WinGuyTech epic!!
WinGuyTechToday i got my hp terminal! yay

dad: wus 9 + 10 kid: ....11
what is love?!
hi guys
@Dasboschitt ah, ok. how do i play it? on a pc?
Dasboschitt@enterwebs all you need is quakeworld, it's a multiplayer version. Quake is like medieval doom but 3D, multiplayer brought DM, TDM, Capture the flag etc. So it's a father of deathmatch while doom is grandfather of it

@Dasboschitt how? also never played quake
DasboschittSup y'all, wanna play some quake

@Ashley2004 he's not BMF.
Ashley2004@Marcusverse are you BMF XD


@eathconn what do you think of the sgh-e360 (mobile phone) @Sir mobile phone
my arms keep missing you, who's been kissing you
@Punchy really?
is punchy ok
@progectpz56 true stuff
progectpz56wow lots of new ppl in latest bweeters

@ErMest you finally responded! what took you so long???????
ErMestI managed to open bwitter on Windows 98! This image was also uploaded with Win 98

@FailSandwichOwO heck yeah! also how'd you get netscape to work on windows?
FailSandwichOwO@enterwebs SAMEEEEEEE (sent this from netscape 7.2 btw!)

funny poop
@ExDeeXD i want a google+ revival
ExDeeXDwishing there was a YT 2014 revival.

weird al
moms spaghetti
@Marcusverse oh, there's more...
Marcusverse @enterwebs - Best video that I've ever watched in my life.

Ford puts Chevy in the Red and you in the Dead.
@Punchy207 ford trucks!! the best- TRUCKS!! the best- ᵀᴿᵁᶜᴷˢ!!!
@Marcusverse "push button whores and push button ford" "push button sex drive" "your explorer is on fire" cs188 is the best honestly (ref:
Marcusverse Ford Explorer, with exclusive push buttons

@Sir that requires a special email. an email just for form websites like this.
Sir@mac why put at the end when you just can replace it with

shit.... guess my ads might be part of goodblox history
best song
yooooo colorful buttons on bitview???
@Marcusverse guess that explains it. thanks.
@BillGates binbows wista
@Marcusverse if it's freeware, why did you say you "bought the game"?
Marcusverse @enterwebs Nah, Notch wasn't profiting on it so i guess he's giving it out as freeware

anyways i'm bout to decapitate my leg so that i can send it to mars. U mad Elon??? LOL
i thought it was a demo??? it wasn't supposed to be paid??
Marcusverse I played Cave Game in this video, and let me tell you it was a BLAST. |

@Flame2981 uhhhh....
Flame2981a bianca é gay

@Zaiaz tschüss!!
I HAVE A SAMSUNG FLIP PHONE!!!! gonna bring it back 2 lyf
bruh what is this
@alexanderjt fetishists
alexanderjt deviantart

@Victor they look like inflated potato chips. never tried them.
Victor@enterwebs those shell shaped cookies from france.

@Victor what's that?
Victorhave you all tried eating madeleine cookies? They're delicious! :D

"remember me" feature doesn't work!! fix pls
@Victor choco chip cookies :-D
@Kply lol (Mario from Hotel Mario) No.
Kplytwitter is an bwitter ripoff

steve harvey
@Fancybooz welcome! can you touch your nose with your tongue?
FancyboozPlayin with my nose

done eating a few mins ago
i am eating
pen and (fortune) teller
@Punchy207 wut
what if there was a gba browser where you can browse da interwebz?! :OOO
ever to pa-
ever and ne-
gether fore-
@Marcusverse wait i thought St Patrick's Day was far away? i thought we ain't there yet?
Marcusverse the Tesco Superstore near me ran out of St Patrick's Day hat, well good thing i have twenty of them, lol.

@Punchy207 wii bowling
and now its time to play..... (audience) FAST MONEY!!!!!!
what is the game
@a b
a forgot i had this account lol

@bwitterofficial rule 21
bwitterofficial @doop has been suspended. Reason: Rule 8 & 4.

@Toudouboufou it's called webs!!!!! >:(
Toudouboufouik enter.

@Toudouboufou @mac banned doop :D
Toudouboufou@doop is gone crab rave

@doop awesome :D
@doop yo do you wanna talk about this?
@doop go to the gym
@Team_fortress2 good for you :D
Team_fortress2im not following anyone

@doop are you a duck
illuminati hose mad :trollz:
@doop mate i don't even fucking know you
fulptube's still alive
@bwitter bwitter
hi guys!!!
four times
i love piano-chan
@Sir lmao
Siridiots at the government just blocked wayback machine, now i fucking hate them

what if the moomins have a nokia
did the font just change????
bored bored bored boredy bored bored board
hello world. 1:18 A.M.
@succulent64 awesome! i got an optiplex 990. what OS is that on?
succulent64I got a free Dell Dimension 8400 from my local school as might be making BitView videos on that PC.

nevermind it was just my pen drive making that error
enterwebs oh shit i destroyed my pc with windows gadgets wtf

oh shit i destroyed my pc with windows gadgets wtf
@SebaCasual you probably are new to this aren't you? yes this is old twitter
SebaCasualok, is this supposed to be a twitter thing or something?

@Supervisor that sucks. i also have an iphone 4s. what's nova 3 and why did you have to factory reset it?
SupervisorI had to facotry reset iphone 4s. Now i lost all my progress on nova 3 ):):):):):):

@SegaSonic same here
SegaSonicvery bored

@alexanderjt @MitchellStudios *curb your enthusiasm theme song plays*
MitchellStudiosGoAnimate is back!

if anyone's willing to talk to me on wlm escargot, my email is [email protected]
@barackobama hi btw im in goodblox
barackobamait's been a while

@FailSandwichOwO found it on bwitter that was mentioned by some user, forgot the name but i think it was some kinda celebrity idk
FailSandwichOwOi scrolled through pages and pages of google results but i didn't find any websites like that... do you have ANY idea what the url is? |

@FailSandwichOwO forgot the website but that's what it's called
enterwebs @FailSandwichOwO that's what i just said! oldfacebook is a thing.

@FailSandwichOwO that's what i just said! oldfacebook is a thing.
enterwebs oldfacebook?

@CongressTart37 hi
CongressTart37hi everyone

yo have you guys heard tesco's changing their name to lotus stores? tesco is OVER!
@parallgamer 2 many bweetz in heer
parallgamerholy shit what the fuck is this site am i being bitcoin mined

@Sir i know.
Sir@enterwebs frogtube is going to shut down now,

FailSandwichOwOyo does anyone here know if there's a clone of classic facebook, in the same vein as bwitter and bitview did for twitter and youtube?

Youtube Poop - Link Saves Dinner |

@Team_fortress2 unoriginal
Team_fortress2people on bitview keep stealing and uploading old roblox videos =(

gonna watch some family feud
@galmork23 true fact
galmork32bwitter is epic B)

@LeoK2001 sure
LeoK2001@enterwebs can i post my bwitter on Bitview?

#bitview is a thing on twitter. cool.
i made a new video, "never gonna give you together forever" |

bwitter is better than twitter. bwitter > twitter
@jerd post your bwitter on other social media accounts, then post that post you made here.
@Toudouboufou i saw fireworks at night today on cny.
Toudouboufouyay. it rain outside.

@AROSHKA sup! bweeting this from my iPhone 4s
AROSHKAi registred in bwitter. WOW XDDDD

@Sir wtf!
SirNow thats illegal lmao

am i allowed to downgrade my pc to windows xp? if so, is it good? i'm willing to use windows xp on a virtual machine if that's okay
@Punchy207 cool. i use edge.
does anybody have windows live messenger? add me, my email is [email protected]
@Sir that sucks i wish i can bweet through a bbs
Sir@enterwebs basically a bbs that u could dial it on many old pc from 80 or 90. but i am just using the web one and plus this bbs allows u to send tweet from ur pc (not even bweet duh)

@WindowsXPFAN2004 the what?
WindowsXPFAN2004who here likes the band blur or ocean colour scene

@Sir what kinda bbs is that?
Sircheck out this bbs it looks so cool that i had my account one

@Toudouboufou remember this: twitter in 2007 had a lot of japanese people come to the site
Toudouboufouthe hell's the point in speaking another language when almost everyone on Bwitter speaks english like whaaat

@FailSandwichOwO i mean i do like behind the scenes stuff but i've never seen someone like behind the scenes so much
FailSandwichOwOeating popcorn rn enjoying the lack of BTS fans on this site

just encountered a slight error in the video, reuploaded them.

tutorial is out! go watch it on bitview and youtube! fulptube link soon!
almost done!
tutorial is in progress.
i know right?
TrashStudioz@enterwebs OOF that sucks

remember that small envelope i just mentioned? well now i forgot how to do it.
WindowsXPFAN2004hello everyone

cars 2 just aired on star movies hd (a portion of it). it's a great movie. also i made this small envelope using one post-it note. "" "" might make a tutorial about it soon.
but it also stands for disney XDDDDDD
Sir@enterwebs disney xd doesnt mean disney laughs, it just stands for disney extreme digital

eating an icecream
a few years ago i used to watch disney XD and i never knew what the XD meant in there until i found out, it's for laughs
i'm bored. what to do?
i'm on FrogTube + FulpTube. they alright a bit. FrogTube's still buggy.
not really it's just 2006 - 2012
ExDeeXDdownloading Novetus, it apparently has all versions of Roblox from 2007-2020.

listening to hardware store by weird al on loop till i stop it
this is puz he did this
what about puz?
Sir@enterwebs now fbi will BROKE INTO MY HOUSE!!!!!!111

spoilers: he writes stuff on the old net's guestbook
@ErMest yo wake UP
@ErMest i think he's on here
get rekt lol
namehumoroh wait dere are no followin system crap

this sounds good with dr dre
how to free energy 101
ToudouboufouRotato, vento. It has reach maximum velocipy.

IKR?? that is so cool

yo look at this lmao |
what's wrong bruh?

por qué?
elemote3000estoy haciendo videitos UWU

Toudouboufouwell. im not a sm64 expert. you'll have to think yourself.

that's kinda hard to do cuz it needs to involve someone picking up some kinda powerup called the +5 and i can't think of anything funny
enterwebs i don't know how to start! and another problem is that it must be 5 seconds! (i can still go over but not too much)

i don't know how to start! and another problem is that it must be 5 seconds! (i can still go over but not too much)
Toudouboufoubetta start thinkin' bout some ideas.

i'm currently making an sm64 blooper entry. i already made another one so i'm making a second one. the collab allows 2 entries max. the problem is i got no ideas for this second entry.
Toudouboufouprocrastinate n some other stuffs

so what do you do? @Toudouboufou
enterwebs same!

Toudouboufou i am great!!

how you doin? @Toudouboufou
Toudouboufouhi @enterwebs

hi @Toudouboufou
i'm gonna make my computer look like windows vista
hi guys how are y'all doing
@kde082 Do you want to explode?
wus good @SwaggieYT
it's confirmed; goodblox crashes my wifi
good stuff you guys
you expected it to die like witter did you
alexanderjt So, this site still exists.

did you bring a light?
gee, it's kinda dark in here...
@LegendaryDOS main account?
LegendaryDOSHi everyone

@iknowitsyou review it by using it for like, a day (or two).
iknowitsyoujust saw the link is it isn't bad for what its trying to be, but the website is surprisingly slow

@m82 that's cool. what pc?
m82i play doom 1&2 multiplayer sometimes

@Windows98 @WindowsXPFAN2004 i wasn't talking to you two.
Windows98@WindowsXPFAN2004 I like my old tech too, when im done with online class I chat with friends on Escargot MSN and play some online quake 3 arena

@iknowitsyou it depends on how you use it. never used fulptube.
@jerry play board games or any other games with your friend. since we're in a pandemic i'd suggest you use hangouts (or zoom if you prefer) and use the chat to communicate while playing the games. how about chess?
@iknowitsyou nugets of gold
iknowitsyou@enterwebs I wanna CHICkeN nuGGies

@toloman63 food battle is awesome @iknowitsyou prepare to nom nom nom
i want twisted cycle fries by mcdonal
@iknowitsyou hi
@Chipflake no im really into together forever help
@Chipflake i sent a response lol
@bwitter4android i would think that releasing it on google play would cause problems so yeah it's best if it was an apk
bwitter4android @enterwebs Yes, but expect some bugs and scaling issues.

@Chipflake Al witter
@builderman bob the builder
@barackobama nintendo ds voice recorder
barackobamai am tweeting this from my nintendo ds

@bwitter4android will there be a public beta release apk?
@whenthe hi chair
@kde082 what are inflows
kde082I hope there's more inflows into bitview.

lmao this meme
finished them.
enterwebs got oreos

got oreos
when you get an iphone

@Gary21115 lmao
Gary21115pwned. xD

@ExDeeXD funny thing is, there's an impostor of this guy with the same name spreading fake lies
@Supervisor confirm that this is really you by posting it on your other social media account. also weren't you on goodblox?
@yoshi22 parappa
@lukee where to?
lukeeim going on a road trip tomorrow

@Punchy207 punchy is cute?
@Punchy207 bring a pillow or a plushie to hug with
@lukee windows 7
lukeewindows 7

@LeoK2001 i can send an invite if my account is a month old
@RealGoku call of doodoo
@SwaggieYT sup.
@lua then where does the data in the var go?
lua @enterwebs you set the username and password as a var

this song gets me dancin
hi guys
piano-chan from sanrio
@teacyeonbwitter what is themooface
@teacyeonbwitter facebook doesn't work.
@Punchy207 cuz the crunch is like biscuits. unless that's dried flour
@Punchy207 i also consider cookies as biscuits
cool stuff happened. anyways online class starts tomorrow
piano-chan is kinda friendly.
@testtest welcome to hell in 2007 or something
testtestWhat is this fresh hell

I'll Be Fine is a good rick astley song
@teacyeonbwitter yea but who are you?
@teacyeonbwitter who are you
@toloman63 Nintendo GBA
was playing around in fl studio and accidentally made something that sounds good
@YaBoi2007 ever heard of system restore?
making a goodblox place
@Chipflake gun
@StefanAlex01 sup!
@cn_ you're welcome
does anybody like this remix? i do:
also hi @Nycrite
has anyone used ebay
@cn_ go see a doctor
bwitter is already on window s @bwitter4windows
ain't nothing but a fart
@lua sup
i am getting lot of Tix how
@lua how would that work?
lua making JS login forms

currently learning how to script on roblox 2009
@cn_ in order to get verified, you need to prove it
didn't got sleep last night, let's hope i don't crash/fall asleep.
@cn_ you gotta verify yourself to get verified. BOOM
@NotNintendo damn
@NotNintendo why isn't it on switch
@Punchy207 your opinion is yours.
@NotNintendo is there a port of the 2048 game on the nintendo store
@Punchy207 punchy is rad, he doesn't rule but he's chill.
@barackobama yeah, it is big. but not as big as jupiter. imagine living there. not only is it cold over there, but if that was the earth then the exploration would be bigger than the earth we live in
@barackobama we live in a rock with water and moss on it
@ComTube an*

@mac no, it was for nintendo
@Punchy207 together forever
@mac i got more questions to ask though
@mac broooo why you gotta ban nintendo?!
@TurkeyBurkey they meant their service, not bwitter
@Nintendo can I make third-party accessories, like making it connect to the internet?
@EthernetBoy2004 how about you two take this outside
@Nintendo I heard a Workboy 2 (or Workboy for the GBA) is gonna come soon. The features in it are awesome. Imagine having internet access in a GameBoy!
@cn_ don't worry about them, sometimes some people wanna watch the world burn
@Nintendo what about the workboy?
@Nintendo when will there be a gba 2? also do you know anything about the workboy
@infiltrator hi there!
@cn_ a fight
@TurkeyBurkey give me reasons
very nice console
the new 2001 gba
@CrazyFrog lol good one
i don't like 2013 youtube anyways
@MitchellStudios that's misinformation, it's not actually a virus. look in this forum
@TrashStudioz give me your virtual machine file
gonna play goodblox, anyone wanna join me?
just woke up, gonna play goodblox after eating
@barackobama btw im on goodblox yay
@barackobama im staying up it's 2 am here
@WeirdAL btw i pitch corrected it you wanna take a listen?
you are all not real life
@MitchellStudios sup you wanna play novetus
@SegaSonic you wanna play novetus
@barackobama yo you have it installed?
@barackobama is the network still up in bout to join
anybody up to play some novetus?
i am the type who is liable to snipe you with 2 seconds left to go WHOA
epicism is epic
@MitchellStudios sup. you got novetus?
@MemeLover99 nah get a haircut
@mac yo, you up for a game of novetus?
@mac at least it still has some good ppl
mac @cn_ I'm sorry to hear that, I've heard that a lot of social media has messed people up. It's pretty sad to hear.

@9 mony???? lodsomone
@SegaSonic do you wanna play with me
@barackobama do you have hamachi
does anyone wanna play novetus (hamachi) with me
@cn_ cool
does anyone wanna join my roblox server (hamachi)
i am going to play roblox
@toloman63 kirby
@Punchy207 punchy is rad
@devjuice hello devjuice!
@Punchy207 do they still have a queue?
@Punchy207 same as bitview..?
@Punchy207 vidlii is meh
(BVP) Round 2 - Ergane Burger has an Er-gasm with Weiner Man from CD-I Land |

@cn_ it is cool
just finished the poop, gonna start uploading it
how about 2.3?
@ITZZcrosshere try using older versions
@MitchellStudios why?
@ITZZcrosshere have you tried switching the compatibility mode in the application's properties? (right click on windows movie maker 2.6, click on properties and go to the compatibility tab)
finishing the bitview poop video
@ANANYMOOSE8273 i use windows 7 professional
@ITZZcrosshere what windows are you running on? also is your monitor screen turning black or is it the video preview?
i'm gonna continue on that bitview poop again
i lit hand sanitizer on fire. bad idea.
it's still cool tho
@SegaSonic i don't have a wii
@ANANYMOOSE8273 same
@MitchellStudios also the creator
@toloman63 the creator of bwitter
@EthernetBoy2004 oh you're from britain? i'm using windows 7
currently making a ytp (bvp if you wanna call it that)
edge is alright
we must develop a flash player alternative
currently installing gamehouse games, planning to install old swf files
@vistafan12 I sent a video response on your bitview channel called "bitview"
I was the first to send a video response you guys!!!
we need a bitview rewind for 2008
it's 2009 here
what are y'all gonna do on 2009? i wanna go somewhere in december next year
my date is wrong
mery chrimbus :)
How the hell do you play Roblox?????
this is a 2007 twitter revival lol
how did you find this website
twitter 2007
@lisaaesthetic i'll rejoin later i got tuition
had to restart my pc cuz my mouse keeps disconnecting
i'm in
wait my pc is booting
hi guys!!! lol
hi mitchell!! @MitchellStudios
merry christmas you guys!!! and happy new year!!
bweeting from safari on windows
guys how do i make a banger christmas video
@ErMest can i talk to you through email
@joell95 you just posted a free domain link
@ErMest did you hit something
@scamdisk welcome to 2007
@joell95 yeah. also i recovered the unfinished file
also flash crashed on me so all that's left is a test swf
working on pinky in the big city reanimated. wondering if there is tons of animators working on the same project. might have to ask joel.
not much here
@joell95 awesome
also @vistafan12 here's your onclick event code for text comments: togglePanel(this.parentNode); this.blur(); return false;
bitview concept - video responses
bitview concept - channel banners
man, the man is killing us, man
@LeChrisChrome give me code
@Neil sans
i made a webring
sorry joel
I updated my guestbook. It now redirects to Sorry to those who wrote their messages in the previous guestbook.
@joell95 yo did you send 3 entries on my guestbook? you do realize i have to manually approve them right?
supa star
@jerd it's optional
@jerd thanks, you can sign my guestbook if you want
@jerd bwitter?
@TrashStudioz thank s
I have updated my site's layout. It's cool. Also it has a guestbook so please sign it.
mac os
@jerd OW NIGGA
@epikboi2008 draw something basic
and don't you know i would move heaven and earth
together forever we two
together forever and never to part
@9 watch wakaliwood
i made this in ms paint, what do you think?
@unhealthygrapej twitter in the 2000's
@sephmyspace69 used to be one but now i'm not
so that explains why the layout is weird
podwnk95oigan q puedo hacer aqui??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

@ANANYMOOSE8273 how the hell did you graduate with f's??
making a video in windows live movie maker 2009 which i maybe will post it on my channel
@Beta100 doin yo mama so fat
@Beta100 doin your moms spaghetti
@mac simple variable storing and then using it to replace that src thing in the iframe tag
mac @enterwebs That's cool, where did you find that out?

iframe browser is gonna have address bar soon
@96 testing out my iframe browser
bruh iframe browser
html browser haha
bweeting from my work in progress browser on myspace XD
@koolmario64 *falls down stairs*
i like wakaliwood movies
@ark63 can I have this one too?
should i upload the full movie of bad black to bitview? (the full movie is on youtube)
Clip: "What the fu-" (Who Killed Captain Alex) |

how do i make an operation system
@koli brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruh
@koli bruh
just saw the movie bad black (a wakaliwood film). please give it a watch. this movie is so awesome. if you've seen who killed captain alex then you must love this one. i made this
we u transder tridger you!!!!
bwitter >>>>> twitter
@9 helo number 9s a number 9 large a number 9 with extra dip
hi @pictoboi
playing minecraft multiplayer. (classicube)
trying to think what i should do. do you guys want to see me play minecraft?
should i make an sm64 mario blooper for the winter contest?
real loife tactical nuke incoming |

@mac bruh
imagine if agisxteen comes in
tummy why? (aint nothing but a fart, hey)
Super mario advance gameplay part 2 |

feliz navidad
currently editing my part 2 of my gameplay
CD exploding 23.000 RPM |

verification club
@StefanAlex01 geometry dash
@mac layout broken
nvm it's fixed
guys i think bwitter is broken
@PastHub when were you born
@b im in it lol
@b invite got expiry
are you serious
guys where do i download finobe client
i'm in. (finobe) time to make a gameplay video
@b thanks
@b ok. but where do i get invite key?
@b finobe is still invite only but i don't have an invite key!
the hell is an invite key? (finobe)
@b alright. i hope goodblox opens their registration again
@b what's finobe
@b the hell do you mean?? what is hjgb??
i wanna make a goodblox gameplay about me playing winter games and now i can't
@b what
why can't i play goodblox??
hey do you people have any ideas for my winter contest on bitview i don't know where to start
@PastHub awesome. no wonder why bwitter is the same as twitter
@PastHub bruh it's 2007 and you wanna go to the future? jeez
@PastHub wtf you're only opening it on 2021? lol
@zpongerob1234 that's not twitter
holy shit my mario video got featured!! aaaaaaa!!!! second time im being featured!!!!
currently not epic
im going to be bored what should i do
@LeChrisChrome how do i learn C#
@LeChrisChrome you know code?!?! :OOOOO
got pale moon. also why isn't my password changing
getting pale moon
@goom goodnight
if woemen is lactos intorlerence then y do they has milk??
b's bweets in a nutshell: im gonna cause bwitter drama
@drkowater you should learn CSS too
me when no mod :(
what do you guys think of my profile
@b you are a man
@b single
whiteboard fox
@b i don't
how you guys doing? im fine
@terrawolf hi!
@goom what's the code
@b how do i get mod
@Metalboy bruh moment
guys why can i delete bulletin comments on other user's bulletin posts???
why can i delete bulletin comments on other user's bulletin posts???
@Showman never tried jailbreaking or tubefixer
at least the only good thing he did is ban agizxteen
@Showman bmf is a jerk
@Showman thanks
hey guys check it out
@Showman @vistafan12 į̗̖s̘̫͍̘̠ ͓̜̜t҉͓̻̙h̜̠̗̦̜͡ḙ̡͈̦̠͕͓ ̺̟o̦̱͘n̵͈̦͓l̴y̭͓ ͈̣̱̭̠̹͖c͖̹̝̳̺͕̥r͉̞̰̬̺ḛ̯̺̬a҉̪t̷͓̺o̗̖̰͇͇̳ͅr̨̪͓͚̯̥̲ ͈͜o͟n̙̟͙͝ b̠̩̗̟͘ḭ̰t͉̙̕v҉̞̮i͓ḛ̦̫̹̦̼͕w̺͖
@Showman @vistafan12 is the only creator on bitview
how do i switch back to bitview flash video player
@Showman better than the old one that looks like vidlii, although there is a problem with it on firefox.
bruh moment
@F10Setup wait loadsofmoney was in a shutload of fick video?
@F10Setup that was a quote, not really an insult
@Showman how to get verified: post a bulletin on bitview saying this is your bwitter
@Showman this is a journey into money. loads of money.
@mac loads of money
oy you! shut up and look at my wad!
that's what i did although we can't have everyone verified
@Showman @vikimal19 verify yourself
@vikimal19 it did nothing
@Showman bweet from a dreamcast
@Showman do you have an older device that can connect to the internet
bweeted this from my Game Boy Advance
@Showman go bweet on your SGI machine, or your Macintosh if you have one
oh yeah i've been bweeting on my HP Compaq dx2810 Microtower 250W
@Showman meh, already saw the ipad 1. gonna bweet on my alcatel
i just realizrd vidlii existed in the early 2010's
@showman what about ipad 4
@vikimal19 no
@Showman bet you don't have a 4s
@Showman mine's 9.3.6 on the 4S
@F10Setup i'm not allowed on screech
@Showman What's your iOS version on your iPhone 4?
i'm gonna login on ms-dos
@F10 nokia lumia 420
@vikimal19 not really, there's just a desktop version
@Showman 9.3.5
@vikimal19 hell yeah
@Showman bweeted with ipad mini
@Showman i'm gonna login using my ipad mini
@Showman i got verify badge :))))
@Showman oh hi bradley
@Showman who
@HP i have sent intel processor after looking at your profile, i also found your po box at website listed on your profile so now it's good to go
@F10Setup h
@9 bababooey
oh wait i do have hp pc, apparently installed with itnel quantum phyzic 2000 that got blow up over heat i'll send that too
@HP what is your ham tray ip so that i can send you the intel processor digitally, hp phone will be send by mail cuz covid and i can't get out
do you accept hp phone
@HP didn't i say it was gone to waste? i do have hp phone tho
@HP hp processor chip will be send digitally online through my hacked ham tray (for use of internet ham only). all i need is the local ip
@HP ok what adress/p.o. box
@HP sorry it go to waste but i can send you hp phone (broken) with hp rare unreleased processor gh1337 bababooey
@HP hp wtf!!! where is dell!?!?
@intel 42069 bruh the wifi here dude really think he's bababooey i got the weed card brrrrrrrrrr- the funniest shit guacamole it's a bananana next to a bananana 21 then it go fart echo waffle falls over
@intel where my intel pentum now pls!!!
@intel real intel?? what happened to my intel pentium?????
@evoDesign booey
@F10Setup lods of emone
hey shitass, wanna see me speedbridge?
@vikimal19 good morn
yo momma so bigfat thaht she didnt was was a mcdonalds big mac
hi lol
@Metalboy what's its tag?
@john explaination
@Metalboy were you talking about
@mac what cereal do you eat
@Metalboy oh you mean recommended rule34 accounts on twitter that appears below the user's profile (and pinned tweet)? yeah im fine with that it's just a recommendation
@Metalboy why
eating kfc
@mac hi! how are you doing?
@alexanderjt now bweet in windows 2000
cya @vikimal19
@alexanderjt people
hi @sniped128 and @mac
@vikimal ikr
hi guys
wish me a good night :)
ok gn i want to sleeps now i see you tomorrow *do the twomad fall*
me when ammo xd
@9 thanks number
that was a quick update @cg19
@chiefbazinga bazongles
is that pfp cropped?? @cg19
@cg19 resize it
nice! @mac. What about mac2?
@b hi
thanks number @9 large
@9 please fix bug
holy shit i discover double posting bug
holy shit i discover double posting bug
how u? @mac2
how u? @mac2
me good, gonna sleep @mac2
hi mac lol @mac2
hi mac lol @mac2
hi mac lol @mac2
ight guys gn i see u tomorrow *2mad fall down*
@chiefbazinga fart z
yay we are officially epic verified gamer moment
i am real life
@b yes
i am official enterwebs i am on discord serber and i can prove am real
@joell98 do you like parappa ps1
i like parapper
hi im the man



Name: internet

Bio: sup, my name is interwebs and i am official bwitter