Loom-icon barackobama

rip goodblox

it's been a while
i am tweeting this from my nintendo ds
fuck epic games their launcher is shit at downloading gta 5!!!!!!!!!!!!
hel lo ,.
@lua wouldn't that be very easy to crack
@enterwebs true
do you just ever look up at the night sky and wonder how big of a world we all live in
lol k
what did you have for breakfast everyone
@markzuckerburg yea this website is awesome
@joebiden nothing much how bout you
@joebiden hi
@MitchellStudios old roblox clients
@enterwebs yes; you can join my network. id is "bwitter" and the password is "poggers"
@enterwebs sure
should i jack off



Name: Barack Obama

Bio: not the real obama

Location: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20500