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Oh, boy! I'm so hungry, I could eat an Octorok!
Bweeting this from a 4th gen iPod touch.
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logo editing kids are stupid
@pikachu pika pika
So, this site still exists.
Takes up too much space.
nuclear farts
@NamePlease636 good
Bwitter on Windows XP because yes:
@Cyanmaster cool
@lockdownlua bro i'm verified too
there’s no such place as wyoming |
@CazOSX Just to let you know, if you want to get verified, you have to make a video on BitView or VidLii with your Bwitter to prove you're official.
Body movin', body movin' A1 sound, and the sound's so soothing Body movin', body movin' We be getting down and you know we're Krush Groovin'
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how are you guys doing?
the them
I bweeted this via a Windows XP VM.
When chainsword joins
yay i'm finally verifiedificationed
@joell98 but you're already verified
@joell98 did you do that?
@joell98 and how do i do that
How does one get verified?



Name: AJ Thomas

Bio: Hi, my name is AJ. I am a person.

Location: Tissueland