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i cant believe chef did that stuff

have not posted for awhile lol
Sonik Sped |
@segasonic go onto 2009
life sucks
@b so only 9 people on this earth matter
Retroblox test footage |
lol i have a really bad headache right now
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@enterwebs just google how to make an operating system
lol i was listening to music on the bus then next thing i know i am thinking about my own operating system
i am also bweeting from school
*inspirational bweet*
bwitter as evolved into just bitview promotion
windows movie maker test vid |
ima make more classic vids |
bwitter is epic site
how get verified?
@joell95 i remember doing a roleplay like that i was playing roblox and people were talking about all time periods of roblox, and i said stop were all talking about different time periods. and they said no its 2008, i ended up roleplaying and telling them everything thats gonna happen in the future
@PastHub i really want a cars vhs
im sneaking bwitter in class lol
im not suppose to be on bwitter right now
hello peoples
on bus right now about to loose connection
welp im going home see u guys when i get back
my reasoning is because on bitview its easier to find intresting videos (and the people im subbed to make more videos then the people im subbed to on vidlii)
cant wait to go home
school is almost over
BWITTER is fun to say
i think the reason i have in person school today is because we had a extra week off at the beginning of the school year
im in america but i have school
since bwitter works on my school computer i will be using this site more
bwitter works on my school computer
this site epic
@Metalboy bruh wtf
@NoMax i like ur vids
What are you doing?
@vikimal19 goodnight, i hope u sleep well
@Coolers101 same
this site is cool



Name: ethan crider

Bio: hello my name is tim and i like games and watching videos