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I Think its safe to leave bwitter now.
they said the site is unstable so thats why.
supremek567hey i cant customize my channel page in bitview

Someone is posting nasty stuff in bitview.
Walla. You all just had to learn.
4TEVENABweetsAgainSee? What did I tell you? @TheSevenGamer was right! Being patient does solve a lot of stuff! In return, here's my old BitView's Back video. Oh, and I changed my PFP. Out with those Chikos, in with the Gradient trope.

I kinda wish yall just give BitView Some time. AT LEAST Just use YouTube or VidLii. I know YouTube acts really bad but just deal with it. (sheesh yall need to just accept waiting and stuff).
Dansto86404 not found... rip bitview 2017-2022

For someone who has to act really toxic.
QuadellDQuanhow about move on in life? life isnt all about that dumb retard shit cuh!

I Guess we just go to vidlii for now.
supreemeedeemBitview is under maintenance... What now?

TherealkanyewestCan I suck ur toes🥴🥴🥴

Yeah i kinda dont like that thing in bitview. Also happens in bwitter here RN.
The100thDinnerFanbitview's site is absolute shit i can't even log into my account anymore but why would i want to even do that when i can barely upload videos due to the uploading bug where the video becomes corrupted and i can't even change my channel info and other stuff

Oh Thats nice, I guess this is our way of rebweeting.
It really feels like classic twitter. LOL.
Please be patient for BitView To be back up yall, its a matter of time
"i don't care" OFC No one cares. Thats why.
Ive Officially deleted Tracle. No one really cared bout it so i will from now on, stick with VidLii AND BitView.
"@TheSevenGamer FUCK YOU AND YO MOTHER BITCH ASS" Ok, If you say so :)
Im sure bitview is gonna go up soon again. They said they were gonna transfer it to a new server
To someone who said: "if you think im immature this guys makin whats essentially gacha shit usin windows logos" Im not associated with gacha. AT ALL. That stuff honestly cringes me alot more.
Its time i make my presence known



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