Loom-icon Rexed

also goodluck on the gui of bwitter-poster @hiew

guys i have windows 7, i love windows 7, i like the appearence of windows 7, i will probably never upgrade to 10 or 8.1 or linux, i just dont like windows 10 and 8.1
Deez nudz
rip i hope you fix your 3ds
why spam? am i gonna get banned?
i like need for speed games
also need for speed underground 2 is a very good game
need for speed carbon is a good game
am i adopted?
i really love windows 7 and love windows xp
i really want to install windows xp but my internet wont work because i need my internt in windows xp
i have windows 7 right now
guys i want to install windows xp on my computer
Hi i havemt bweeted in a while so here is my bweet im gonna play need for speed carbon :D
I love gta4
Good night guys
also welcome bro
why should we sub?
It’s 4 am and I can’t fall asleep
Guys should I go to sleep? It’s 3 am
can i swear?
its a pretty fun game tbh
im playing club penguin rewritten if you want to play that game then click this link
bruhhhhhhhhh also happy easter
Good morning guys
im bored i have nothing to play or do
thanks yuki for making bwitter
bwitter is so awesome, i like the old twitter design
if you want to
alright i just created my bitview account
i didnt create a bitview account yet but i will create one right now
yeah i joined recently
hi @alexanderjt
can i have it @hiew
@hiew what is bwitter poster?
guys i am gonna play me some gta v its gonna be very good and i have 4mil in gta online
i like this website a lot
someone showed me
my time is 1pm right now
oh yuki, are you always on this website?
@enterwebs did you create this?
how are you verified?
this is like a chatting website lol
this is awesome :D
i like the blue design of the website
it says 2007 in the bottom
can you even reply to tweets?
what is bwitter for?
hello i just created my bwitter account



Name: RexoLr