Loom-icon Punchy207… Ty Segall - Standing at the Station (Music Video)
let the good times roll
remember when people didnt bitch about bwitter VLP: Mike Paul rants about a Tutu with gay peter griffin
you shouldnt tell your own father to shut the fuck up Bass Drum of Death - Leaves Hot Snakes - Kreative Kontrol
why do you hate yourself
let the good times roll
my ass burns
squirrels were having sex outside of my window Pitchfork - Loot
runnin around
i think you might secretly like this place tbh
youre not really fucking around though, youre kind of just... here
hes back after saying hes never coming back... the 3rd time Drive Like Jehu - Step on Chameleon Ty Segall - You're The Doctor Helmet - Give It (Music Video)
maybe if you stayed in it you wouldnt type like a sped
what like clown porn
DokePokeyporn can be funny

whos forcin you to stay ya cunt
your ma gettin off the pill wasnt a good idea either but here we are
now i get to say the n word cause them sicillians are part black
i just learned im also part siciallian as apposed to just northern Thee Oh Sees - Night Crawler
let the good times roll
50 subscribers on vidlii
a mexican than uses blips, probably
jrI will never make a Bwitpic, because this site is retarded. I will keep Blipspic up, because Blips is great. Peace.

i hate dutch people
way to make a mockery of the worlds worst terrorist attack, you dick
rrrrico... suave
ok King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard - Float Along - Fill Your Lungs
my bass drum of death t-shirt came in the mail
yoretudes still a thing?
my toilet whistles when i flushed it, so i consulted none other than my father to tallahasee taillight my toilet back to normal
he can go to hell
i havent even eaten a toaster waffle since i was in maybe... 6th grade
didnt even need to toast the waffles, i shower with hot water, that hits the waffles and unfreezes em
of course this comes from the same guy who puts sharp cheddar on his PB sandwiches and used to eat frozen waffles while taking a shower apres l'ecole
apple cinnamon instant oatmeal and canned tuna go great together
see when i copy text off of blips i get my name twice and then the crap
Punchy207 Punchy207… Ty Segall - Imaginary Person
damn right
Arby's screwed up my order and now i cant eat it cause the cheese they put on their sandwiches give me terrible diarrhea
anthro rabbits run amuck Nicknames - Sleep Where You Fall
oh my god THE WRONG LINK Bass Drum of Death - I Wanna Be Forgotten
the most fabulous schmabulous sunsabitch to ever roam
yeah im a bitch alright
i'll take that as over 50 but less than 500
so how many men did you wank to today @stereotype
made a truck in automation that sold 10k units Toadies - One More
im watching bucky and pepito like a man
im goin to the white sox game today
yeah we're on, yeah we're on, yeah we're on, yeah we're onnnnnnnnnn
i lost a bet so i had to shave off my moustache, now i look like a fat jewish woman
C Ty Segall - My Sunshine
oh yeah i got my driving permit today
im sitting here eating altoids that expired in 2020
so a loser
KangRoo@Punchy207 more about : there's this guy that's a lot like you

or OS whatever its called i dont care
then use a browser that isnt outdated by 20 years
jeff the brotherhood
the difference is you suck and i dont
UniCosmicCometCornSame, idk what drama surrounds him though :V Hot Snakes - Our Work Fills the Pews
oy vey... cookie though, what the hell was i thinkin, its dough, duh
i just ate half a pack of cookie though and now i think im gonna puke
im an unorthodox jew: aka im jewish but i still eat pork, and i only celebrate christmas because the rest of my family does... so im pretty much a damn christian that doesnt think jesus was a divine dude
2022 Ty Segall - It #1
hell no my website
i ordered a cotton shirt and of course it just had to come from zambia Stone Temple Pilots - Sex & Violence
let me guess... you support russian "denazification" too, dont you
i wanna get a pontiac vibe
i passed my driving permit exam, in about a week and a half to two weeks i'll get my actual driving permit
my new drive like jehu shirt came in the mail JEFF The Brotherhood - Leave Me Out
yeah i remember when you gave it to me, that was on my old phone though so now i dont have it
SupervisorHey @Punchy207 remember when you had my phone number?

let the good times roll
i cant even go to the discord because i was banned from it 14 months ago Stone Temple Pilots - Lady Picture Show (Music Video)
dont you ever say busted again you little bitch Ty Segall - Untitled
busted Faith No More - Smaller and Smaller Limp Bizkit - Nobody Loves Me
sounds good i just havent used it yet
i looked up this turntable deal, its essentially a digital jam sesh
what in god's name is turntablefm
well you probably drive a pink miata so i could see why youd think it sucks Helmet - Exactly What You Wanted (Music Video)
sorry to hear Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song
he doesnt even go to school, hes like 40 Toadies - I Hope You Die
dont talk to me ya scumbag
Drivers Ed, English 2, AP Computer Science A, Lunch, Honors World History, French 2, Honors Chemistry, and Geometry, i dont have gym till 2nd semester when drivers ed ends
well shit if its schedule dropping time i might as well say mine too
i did it, i beat max payne all in one sitting, took me 7 hours but still
ive spent the last 5 hours of my life playing Max Payne
let the good times roll my yoretude acc
this also plays on my spacehey page of course Stone Temple Pilots - Seven Caged Tigers
gotta pronounce it like fick
-cant properly type fuck
ive been thinking of getting a 2010 kia forte but with the way used car prices are rising i say forget it
that was a very long time ago though and i dont know what kind of wine it was idk is there salty wines out there
last time i drank wine it was very salty
your mother was definitely queer while pregnant with you
fame and fortune are odd and unpredictable things Ty Segall - Would You Be My Love
well its my flamboyant way of saying "going to burlington and buying cheap ass clothes"
it was also the first time in a year that i bought a shirt that wasnt black... its gray
i got a new t-shirt today, but this is just the beginning of my back to school clothes shopping... extravaganza?
isnt gay wrath month technically over, it started in july so shouldnt it end in august
i had heartburn earlier, but i didnt think much of it at the time...
my spacehey is slightly updated now, i suppose
damn straight
i havent updated my spacehey in so long swordhead-sneke is still my pfp on it
im gonna add that badge thing from blips to my spacehey, oughta update that too while im at it
lol what
doesnt take a genius to know that, youre clearly evidence of such
well duh
well i'll sure as hell tell you one thing, lots more customization on it
i might make one of them blips accs just cause i feel like i should branch out a bit more
not like "stereotype" nuts but like "i put mayonnaise on hot dogs" kind of nuts
if i were you i wouldnt believe a thing that guy says, hes kind of a nut
jrhe doesn't groom me. hell, we didn't even like each other til a while ago.

but i actually did look up what this counter intelligence thing is, apparently its like gathering info about opponents to dissuade or protect against things like espionage and sabotage and all that james bond crap
jrI don't really care about whatever the fuck "counter intelligence" is, but i know intelligence is something you lack.

told ya:
fuck12by outside you mean the nsfw furry porn server you groomed him in joining to?

if it was just Anti-vegetables it would apply to you cause... well you know
-nk that SOMEONE out there is paying good money for these kinds of pictures despite the free alternative being extremely viable and accessible
like joe everyman just wants to have a picture of... idk a cyborg girl looking at a carrot, he can either simply download the image and crop out watermarks and such, or does he spend a good 5-25 bucks to get the same result? of course a good 99.9% the former option is chosen, but i cant help but thi
well im talking more in the sense of individual people you know what i mean
do people legitimately buy stock photos
and per usual, que fuck12's broken recordism
kind of ironic considering jr probably went outside more today than you ever have in your entire life
got an oil change
i like the combination of a beige/brown town with mild grayish-greens, like my vidlii page is an example of that
i dont know i just prefer more washed out colors you know theyre more natural
i meant neon colors, but seriously its becoming a lot more common nowadays and i dont see why people would like such a brightly colored obnoxious peice of art or website
i dont understand how some people find neo colors so attractive, it makes webpages and drawings look like shit
im sorry that im annoying, you know this is really one of the only social medias i use and to be honest im a very lonely guy so i post a fuckton here cause i like this site and i really dont have anything to do with my life till i go back to school in like 2 weeks and get a job soon
while you all are here i might as well say somethin
maybe thats what happened too idk all i know is his old posts are totally gone
its my moms birthday today
lol i think stereotype actually got wiped, all his bweets are gone except his most recent
(insert entire room of people clapping gif here)
jrYou're the one writing several statuses about gay people "being stinky" or obsessing over BitChute. Not to mention i can tell you resurrected your account. You're the biggest fucking troll on Bwitter, you're a fucking real life troll. Get a life, please. Drive Like Jehu - Golden Brown
this same song is also on a subrocks video on vidlii too lol
bruhmachineI dedicate this song to cheif bazinga

get out Type O Negative - My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (Music Video)
screw this im going to bed
then i popped some of my acne and its been gushing out that weird ooze crap for like the past 5 minutes
which you know is based off the '05 Tiburon by Hyundai
so now i can finally afford to mod my Bollokan Prarie
finally since that new gta online update i can do my warehouse selling crap in a private sesh
he said hole
busted Helmet - Crisis King
let the good times roll
im not wanted either but im still here
if thats epic then my projectile vomiting is epic cookie monster is wild about hell and Kermit is a cow and a pogo stick cranky kong's magic trip Faith No More - Helpless Toadies - No Deliverance VLP: Cookie Monster gets vegetables drunk and fucks them
no deliverance
new my ass
ate chinese food today
what the hell are you even typing about Type O Negative - Be My Druidess
but this woman was working the other register you know and she had the most beautiful eyes, she shouldnt even be workin at little caesers she oughta go into modeling
i didnt even go in there for the shitty pizza i just had to pay back my friends you know and he works as a cashier there
i saw the most beautiful woman today in little caesers
i own all of Twins Ty Segall - The Hill (Music Video)
and god's name is smack for some
we sat next to each other in French last school year you know we talked a lot and she seemed to kind of like me so why not
i know this black chick from school and im thinking of askin her out soon you know cause i got her instagram
clearwater revival
you got the wrong site dude, you belong at
xerozhwiD0n3 W1th Tw1tt3r, th1s 1s wh3r3 1t's @ ROFLMAO xD

i did, all that came up was that its gonna rain at 9
made a 2.2L DOHC I4, and im shooting to get it to reach atleast 30 mpg
and what the hell is a christian cake shop
i dont know where youve been but gay men smell no different than straight men
then get it over with so i can do the eulogy Automation car showcase: 2003 Tetra Sport
its quite obvious he clicked on it, anyone who says they arent going to eventually do, its basic human intuition.
put my Toto records on
well i guess i should say watched it AGAIN
Punchy207watching Happy Gilmore

watched happy gilmore
it changed and somehow became worse Hot Snakes - Unlisted
i had a dream about a citroen saxo
damn right i am
my pfp has devolved thanks to the power of Garry's Mod and
aint nothing wrong with it but it was definitely in plain sight
with all due respect it was pretty obvious
toudouboufou announcement: i'm bi i guess

not today, paisano
fishGoodBwitter now removes Punchy's tweets Alice in Chains - Rain When I Die
nobody wants to hear about your masturbation habits, gee i thought i was a perv but i was never like this i'll tell you that
poor guy's probably got more twists in his hand than a Superpretzel factory
no kidding, he somehow attained a "sports injury" doing it
kineticyou suck at said sport

idk hes got problems
then what was the point of discussing this if ANYTHING can be a sport
you probably have carpal tunnel syndrome
i dont fish, but jacking off is like using a Shake Weight, it doesnt do much
its not, it takes almost no physical exertion and doesn't benefit physical health, which is also why gaming is not a sport Stone Temple Pilots - Ride The Cliché
and with all due respect you do seem to care considering youre telling us all about it
jrhe is now trying to force me to watch various shows and has created multiple accounts just to spam my message wall. Poor dude, imagine dedicating hours of your life to spam someone who doesn’t even give a shit

well i gotta kill time somehow, someone flooded the uploader, it seems liek it would be one of them sanctuary cities
would you consider Whoville as a sanctuary city
well gee im right here
exclusiveconte2I think I’m the only sane person in this website since I saw what people keep saying about the rest of this website on other social media websites

trippin on a hole in a paper heart
gonna end up behind the wheel of a damn Spectra
well im trying to be realistic in what i could actually buy
i want to buy a Kia
he sucks donkey dick
GrayMasterYTi am a frend of cyanmaster and he is the greatest tand invite me to the bwittr dicsord

i bought 16 liters of rc cola for about 9 bucks
im not gonna upload to vidlii today i just dont wanna
if it wasnt for rocks we probably wouldnt exist
well we do need rocks, we live on a giant one
why do you even need music in the first place why not live in a cave and bang some damn rocks together
its even got FM Radio on it
it aint even that old its a 2015 model that i got for christmas 2020
screw that i like my walkman
that and i like it too
i only use an mp3 player cause im too damn broke for a spotify subscription
and british people's teeth look like stained piano keys but that dont mean they aint no good
get out
i have over 4gb worth of music on my walkman
made biscuits, american biscuits not that british cookie crap Soundgarden - Blow up the Outside World (Music Video)
rained all day in Chicago yesterday Thee Oh Sees - Strawberries 1 & 2 speak up against monkey abuse
lol Wavves - Take on the World
a relative of the shitake mushroom
i can recall six times in which griffen has sent messages in all caps
fck12jfc bruhmachine he did it two times stop overexagerating it

so, its drive like jehu, what did you expect Drive Like Jehu - If It Kills You
i dont even know who the hell you is and i doubt nobody else does
someone shit in a urinal back when i was in middle school, actually it happened again in 9th grade too
bruhmachineSome creep took a shit outside of the local GameStop

carlitos Soundgarden - Room a Thousand Years Wide
no you really dont
fck12sorry, dont speak angry at litterally fucking everything. may sound ironic but hey atleast i know when to stop.

its free slurpee day at any speedway or 7/11 in illinois Toadies - Push The Hand Somari in Somalia
hes expressing surprise over the fact that it was FOURTEEN hours but still only stayed at 1gb
jrThat’s the ordinary size of a 1h movie tf you mean how Bass Drum of Death - Get Found (Music Video)
idiots putting the text and link in the wrong order
i had to upload it a second time because the first one i used the wrong damn track Wavves - Post Acid Stone Temple Pilots - Army Ants
lol guy has no adblocker
i love chicken and rice Smashing Pumpkins - Rocket
let the good times roll
she always offers me velveeta cheese when i pass by and im like no way... shes had the pack for like 3 years
and for the record, my neighbor is an obese 52 year old widowed woman
sometimes i think you and i are the only sane people here, and even that's a stretch
bruhmachineBwitter drama, not twitter drama, get it right.

nothing good comes from a can i tell you that
it came from a can and it tasted like crap but i wasnt expecting much
i tried rabbit stew yesterday
i suppose it is
bruhmachineI think it's pretty obvious

idk why youre looking ate men's cocks but ok then
why do you know his dick size
yelled at
of course he goes on a sight called "mecum"
im gonna make hamburgers tonight cause its the fourth
you need some weed more like it Faith No More - The Last to Know
and then i watched this one viode and there wasa this chick withhuge tits and shjewasllike in thewate r it wa sa pool and holy shrit thivker than a bowl of oatmeal
then i ehard some dude talkin about somethin called Fae or somethin i dont know
i got really bad cottonmouth so i ended up drinking a liter of dr pepper and now i think im gonna puke but i dont wanna get out of bed so screw it im pukin on my sheets
i really doubt theyre jealous
oh my god my garbage bag is moving
you really dont want to, trust me
so here i am, awake as shit, trying to decipher drive like jehu lyrics as i lay sprawled out like roadkill
if i start talkin about porn after like 1145 pm i never get sleep
writing a fanfic
then count all of my bweets, i dare you
iTalkALOTI bweet.... everyday.... everynight..... I bweet.... I'm just that much of a Bwitter user!

you really didnt think about that, huh
no ive just seen them through the embeds when you post the links here
Griffenhaha you watched my videos |

yeah and only losers repost animes and pokemon vids to bitview
Griffenonly LOSERS do drugs |

marijuana is quite relaxing
speak english like a normal person ye fuckin sped
xXalleeex5XxhI guyS!1111!1!111! my DaD leT m3 s1N up for bwiter!!! OmG guyZ!!!

and besides not all democrats are bad like im one but i still supported the trump dude
i hate my uncle dan
my uncle dan had the obama one
new yorks alright if you like saxophones Drive Like Jehu - Future Home of Stucco Monstrosity
you cant
been up since 3 am
but i digress you know
how was i bein edgy he insulted me i insult him back
bruhmachineOw the edge. Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens
yeah fuck you too
Duffinhonestly surprised anyone on here is in a relationship at all lmfao

this is my first night as a single man and it feels wierd
illinois elections were today, and the results come in tonight
hell i got a friend who went down there last week
AnonCarrot Even if no one asked, im going to colombia next week :D

ive been caught in one, thats for sure
mind riot Thee Oh Sees - Tunnel Time
many people do, it doesnt make you special
i believe that's your job, not mine
yes actually you do look like you care
i broke up with my griflriend
my new kitten walked across my keyboard, muted it with one step, and then proceeded to unmute it with the next step Stone Temple Pilots - Meatplow
nobody cause nobody uses that crap Ty Segall Band - Oh Mary
take this phone and call somebody who cares Bass Drum of Death - Way Out Helmet - Rollo
and then fargo II restates what i said but in english somehow worse than mine
i finally found a way to dodge the bug and upload long ass vids Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
why the hell are you guys so gay for bitview
this is just sad
if you think im immature this guys makin whats essentially gacha shit usin windows logos
yeah and its time you get your ass back in the closet
if you think thats bad my old pc literally bricked while trying to open rule 34 hula man animation i made when i got bored
yeah i blocked em
of course now somebody's uploading monkey gore to vidlii
im listenin to a lot of Toadies demo tapes and early recordings
and there goes his comment
dont call me punchy, youre a paisano now, call me Anthony
and now me and my gf and pretty much everyone are havin allergies act up it sucks
the midwestern heat wave is peaking man, i had to cancel a date because its just so damn hot and humid
and thats coming from a dago who spent over a year on that site bustin ass to get 94 subs
just stop usng bitview altogether people, its never going to get fixed
i've started to delve in the field of animation
anything by adam sandler or chris rock
gerkelgetting into movies, any recs ?

makin the kielbasa tonight like the old days
makes me ashamed to be an italian
i cant believe people still even use bitview, its a site for peasants
i found my old deviantart account and logged in Smashing Pumpkins - Geek U.S.A.
heard it in the wind, then i saw it in the sky, and i thoguht it was the end... thought it was the 4th of july
got 12 packs of maruchan for 2.50 Stone Temple Pilots - Sin there goes my hero.... maybe i should check my notifications for once
i like democracy cause voting is fun you know lets take a vote
i made a slightly updated version of my pfp too
im not going to be uploading any music today because its too late i like to upload them in the morning you know
i just got home after playing b-ball for 7 hours
obviously he is taking this time to google what a stateless person is
so youre a stateless person?
what the hell is a vatnik and what is your wuss ass nation
KristoferchandekoiiI have called airstrikes on to @Punchy207's house, he is a dirty dang VATNIK and will pay for his actions towards our glorious nation

i have my doubts that anyone knows you nor cares about you or the "rumours"
KristoferchandekoiiI am alive and well, rumours of my death are INACCURATE AND UNTRUE. I am the true and honest to god Kristofer Robertovych Chandenko

get out
all you gotta do is marinate some cheap cuts of cooked beef and dry them for a while you know how expensive could that really be
im thinking of making my own beef jerky you know its pretty easy and can be lucrative as hell
15.99 for a bag i could eat in 30 seconds
and then i noticed beef jerky prices soared
4.99 a pound can you believe that its usually twice as much
i got a good deal on mozzerella cheese at the store
use vdilii instead of that dino site
got a damn leaf on your flag, might as well replace it with the damn gay pride one cause trudeaus clearly in the closet
i'll do what i want you cagna
CanadianContent@Punchy207 Don't make fun of Canada like that!

drinkin a slurpee and eatin a burrito
if quebec was independent literally nobody would give a piss about canada
fuck canada
stirring wet concrete and swearing youll never be... caught
to my surprise it was a kimchee behind the damn wheel
some asshole in a 78 grand marquis almost ran me and my brother over tryin to pull into the lot
walked down to Pop's Italian Beef to get the good shrimp
theres so many fuckin depictions of him that i ended up just drawin an average muslim dude and took little details from many sources so he just looks like... well a typical suicide bomber
i drew the prophet muhammed as a suicide bomber so here you go Thee Oh Sees - Carrion Crawler
no respect
can you believe that cagna weeb sunsabitch
whatre you callin me a fat fuck you son of a bitch
Kingjc901Its probably the candy

theyre one of the few groups that dont need to earn my respect because you know they have experience and wisdom and sometimes they got candy in those glass bowls
i dont know why but i value the elderly so much
such a bad heat wave Faith No More - King for a Day
but i got to get a pair of new gloves myself the ones i got ive had since i was 10 and theyre getting too small for me
despite bein an overweight fuck i got great footwork you know im like Riverdance on speed
my brother got a new pair of gloves at dick's sporting goods today so now we can both box eachother again Smashing Pumpkins - Quiet
goin to the mall today, texted my girlfriend to see if she wanted to come with but never replied
im back now but the temperature has jumped up THIRTEEN DEGREES since we evacuated and the sky is yellow
i had to temporarily evacuate my neighborhood due to tornado
i've been readin about them japanese lately, theyre always killin themselves
fried it in the sauce then made the spaghetti
we fried up the expensive sausage today
screw you you pink stached pussy
markiyHey everyone, sorry if i didn't upload in a while. Subscribe now because i will be uploading soon.

they let the speds out early today i assume
moutherfuckers? Ty Segall Band - Death
told you
and some of that kraft mac cause me ma dont eat beef
i made meatloaf
who the hell even watches that bastard
look at my vidlii
fuckin liars
FulpTubeKum@Punchy207 We don't have a virus in our website, and we do not offer cum.

FulptubeKum is a virus man
WorldOfThingssomething has happend to my fulptube channel. the channel turned into fulptubekum for some reason. maybe this was a hack or something.

trust me its more than a feeling Soundgarden - Drawing Flies
yeah who the fuck likes the wii u anyway
actually you can make a bweet without adding that certain letter
watchin 12 oz mouse Hot Snakes - Suicide Invoice (the track not the whole album)
well i think you screwed up cause now they all have 1
Griffeni use all of my magic powers to make you watch all my bitview videos and rate them 5 stars

theyre so funny
i like Dave Chapelles standup comedy Stick Splat Animation
it happened again
Punchy207this is what happens when you try to be funny but crash and burn

Suicide Invoice turns 20 tommorow
my girlfriend always just tells me about the clothes shes wearng when she texts me, i dont even ask or anything she just throws it out there lol
this is what happens when you try to be funny but crash and burn
thats my boy
what can i say i like to use it Bass Drum of Death - Wait
drank a slurpee for breakfast
and i've been wearing my yank crime t-shirt for 3 days straight
Yank Crime turned 28 today, i nearly forgot
and i havent booted up AC in so long, so i see my villager wearing a bunny hood and a shirt that says "NO FAT CHICKS" on it
im finally gonna play animal crossing with my friend Dyl, we havent even TALKED since 2020
the album cover is something i've always wanted to see, a stoner cat Wavves - King of the Beach
i found my old Wavves mp3s, pre-2014 Wavves of course
Rollo by Helmet not that ass viking
you havent heard Rollo until youve heard it through a six speaker system with bass boost
well blockly sounds like a fucking beg whore and you shouldnt associate with him
exclusiveconte2Hi guys! Blockly wants to reach 1,000 subscribers so I'm here to spread the news. You can unsubscribe whenever you want:

how would you milk a horse anyway
ya see theres milking the horse dry and then theres beating its corpse with a plastic baseball bat
it took me nearly 3 days but i finally sprayed all the tags in gta san andreas
i mean maybe in some sort of fantasy world where lying doesnt exist this would work but this is earth
that would be like me holding a box with a scorpion in it, labeled "candy", going up to you and offering a ton of candy, despite it being obvious a scorpion inside, and saying "oh dont worry there isnt a scorpion", and you opening said box because I, the holder of the box, told you
ah yes because thats how you know a virus website doesnt have a virus, cause the owner of it tells you
FulpTubeKum@Punchy207 We don't have a virus in our website, and we do not offer cum. Toadies - Nothing to Cry About
and the last thing it needs is another virus too cause thats probably what the site is
fulptubes got enough cum the last thing it needs is cum with a k
cooked up some sandwich steaks,punchy style
well youll be my friend now i'll take you under my wing
no shit Drive Like Jehu - Hand Over Fist
it kind of is i mean you can say ANYTHING
gerkelis this one of those free speech websites because fuck I hope not

for once in your life, you make a good point
Familyguymadnessbut i mean jokes aside pride month is kinda weird cause it's suggest for we need a month for a issue that used to be a issue but now it's turning into Propaganda for kids who shouldn't even be questioning their sexuality until they turn somewhere around 18.

bring back the dagmar bumpers
here we go again Thee Oh Sees - The Dream
wait no i wanna be the guy who cooks the food because i love to cook
i wanna be the guy who hoists the sails
if this is a boat then whos the captain
4TEVENABweetsAgainWelcome abord the USS

do you ever wonder about the bond between ty segall and john dwyer, i heard they get tacos all the time
dont give him attention, its all he wants
i finally got my call collected and it was just what i expected: the indian call center
xfinity customer service is more unresponsive than an NPC in cyberpunk 2077 Soundgarden - Fresh Tendrils
i found my mario 64 ds cartridge
im not even going to bother translating that
seasoned up some black beans and threw a few croutons in there
ibishu pessima Hot Snakes - Who Died
i do a lot of research on the history of the chinese automobile industry
i dont believe i will
i finally found the tv remote
i dont believe i will
theyll probably be teachin you the second half of the alphabet
dont you have a saturday school to attend
what a man cant say a number without gettin in an argument
i vaccumed the stairs
his wife is dead and all we do now is toil to get the cable box to work, when it does get to work it fucks up 2 days later
i feel so bad for my papa
came out 25 years ago today Faith No More - Last Cup Of Sorrow
i found my lava lamp
but then i realized i had a secret cash stash so we're gettin pizza
i ate a bunch of american cheese between bread because theres nothing else in the house
finally fixed a bug on my mp3 player where bass drum of death's tracks would have doubles for some reason
amen playstation is better
fuck12xbox aint got games! thatz why da ps triple iz ballin!!! chad warden forever yo,

i found all my old hot wheels and diecasts in a shoebox so i laid them all out in front of my TV
make me
Familyguymadnessshut your motherfucking ass up punchy207.

got enough problems in my semi-charmed life and now i got this birtish bozo talkin to me
will you just leave me alone Helmet - You Borrowed
and people thought that ME being here made bwitter a cesspool, well ladies and gentlemen, i give you these two
im a suburbanite from illinois, its in my genetic code that i literally have no ass
i dont want to be gangsta i just want to be a functioning member of society
the wise one that didnt pass 1st grade
not with the economy the way it is
im not asking for you to give it your all but you could atleast try
some days the trolling isnt as quality as it used to be
its so nice out today Bass Drum of Death - Bad Reputation Pride Month in a nutshell
this also made me learn that there are hardcore fanboys for just about anything
and i mean it is so hes like typing paragraphs and shit and its a public forum so anybody can comment so everyones just raggin on him now
i got into an argument with some guy today because i called some shitty show called Bonkers garbage
i have a raising suspicion that this fargo fellow is a homosexual
so make sure you have a lot of buckshot handy cause they'll be comin on strong
tommorow is day of the gays Toadies - So Long Lovey Eyes
and ironically its a shirt i got a year and a half ago that i never wore
today's the first time i wore a white shirt in a year and a half, because black shirts arent good for sunburn
that is so gay
playing my drive like jehu records while wearing my drive like jehu tshirt
what did i just say
just dont talk to me alright last thing i need is to be associated with the likes of you
the water was freezing but the sand was hot so i was able to tan out
just got home from the beach
its not mainstream trash like youd see on your little fumily gay show
no because you wouldnt understand it
Familyguymadnessjust because I insulted you for calling me special ed? that's ridiculous.

you dont deserve to see my art
I call it "Mein Kampf Megadeth"
i drew hitler playing the electric guitar
but season 3 sucked
i like 12 oz mouse
are you coming on to me?
i mean i've read "arguments for dummies" too but i dont think you should take that book too seriously
now youre gonna pull that card
you keep telling yourself that
Familyguymadnessi'm not special ed.

im shocked you can even tell time
they didnt teach you about different time zones yet or what
they let out the special classes early today i see
you and i, we aint so different after all
ikr its horrible Stone Temple Pilots - Silvergun Superman
animal crossing now on virtual boy
why are you inquiring
you must suffer from a disorder known as "digital tourettes"
ok well you dont have to be that pissy
well im glad that you took the time to give a shit
then after that i went to hooters
im wearing my dago tee under my dress shirt
its 2022 numbnuts
it'll be the first time i've gone to church in 7 years
i have to go to my nana's memorial mass in a few hours
big bang baby its a crash crash crash
oh yeah and then 5 bucks for a gallon of gas too
140 bucks for groceries that'll probably be entirely gone in about 3-4 days, thanks a lot biden
i have to go buy groceries
if anybody wants the first 3 Cake albums just hit me up and i can send them to you through discord or email
yeah no shit im just sayin
WorldOfThingsit's may 27 not februay punchy.

February 7 is national Punchy 207 day cause its 2/07 Soundgarden - Holy Water
yeah screw that darwin cazzo de cagna Thee Oh Sees - Minotaur
bitch for short, of course
im on summer vacay
you dint even deserve cagna no youre just a bitch in plain english
im gonna call you bitch
bunnyjunecutie1hello, i am magic/ryan/june (u can call me ether one). kittys and bunnies OwO

we do a lot of window shopping together, and i really dont understand why, but its strangely romantic in an odd sort of way
me and my girlfriend are gonna go window shopping on sunday
cant progress into the future if youre stuck in the past after all
they should make a new type of mental disorder on the lower end of the autism spectrum for people who say its like the late 2000's
who said i havent
new my ass this craps been out half a decade Nicknames - Comedown Kid
im totally gonna wear my drive like jehu t-shirt and them jean shorts i got at burlington for 10 bucks
tommorows the last day of school
i heard that the main dude Mario Cuomo like raped a chick or something but apparently theyre still active and he aint in prison
whatever happened to The Orwells anyway Jane's Addiction - Pigs in Zen
trust me woman nobody thinks some pussy ass anime bitch is alive and bweeting
i find buckteeth attractive, and i dont know why, but im going to consult a counselor about it Hot Snakes - Hair and DNA
maybe hes the one commiting all the crimes
i have a friend who lives in kentucky and he stole a soap dispenser
suck my dick you cagna
markiyHello everyone, this is my first Twitter account. How are you awesome people doing!!

i love reading urban dictionary definitions in my free time
like im an idiot and even i know that so what does that say about you
republicans are anti-tax you dumbass
i had a run in with my dad, he dont believe in sex
how should i know i dont talk to him outside of here
im alive you schmuck
i would never though because i love pork
i use a lot of yiddish terms in my speech irl, and it makes people think im jewish
its cool cause the peanut butter melts into the cheese so it becomes like a medium orange schmear
ate a peanut butter and sharp cheddar sandwich for breakfast Bass Drum of Death - Such a Bore Drive Like Jehu - Spikes To You
i deleted the video cause it glitched out during uploading
ate a bag of sharp cheddar
people still listen to that crap huh
what the hell is the red key
i had to trudge around in the pouring rain for 4 miles just for some damn cargo shorts
the hell are you talkin about
and i just figured out how to daisy chain all 6 of my speakers together, so now its like surround sound on steroids
that darwinwatterson dork is still being salty on vidlii Toadies - I am a Man of Stone
give em an inch they'll take a mile
blasting golden brown to drown out my deadbeat uncle downstairs and his rambling
i found my bassy speakers, so i hooked up my walkman to em and i can jam out again
thats pretty gay
i sprained my ankle in gym class playing football with the guys Stone Temple Pilots - Pop's Love Suicide
ate a whole box of oatmeal raisin cookies and now i feel extreme shame
no shit
mario taught me how to bench press... and mohammed almost broke his damn ribs
went into the gym weight room during lunch with my friends and i learned that juan can deadlift like more than what he weighs... and hes only like 5'5
you know its bad when my girlfriend gets a higher score on the pushup test than i do
and if you thought i could never shut my mouth and kept jabbering incoherently, i give you... worldofthings
everybody Limp Bizkit - Faith
when i get my drivers liscense my papa;s gonna give me his moldy old lincoln town car, and im excited
i beat my last high score on the pacer test now i gotta beat 44 next time
return of the furfags
got the pacer text in pe today, might be an unpopular opinion but hey im unpopular so whatever: i like the pacer test, i think its fun Alice in Chains - God Smack
and then shes stressing out about the final cua in her housewiring class but shes like super good at it
my girlfriend wants me to go to some concert for a group she likes over the summer, i fuckin hate em but i feel obliged to go
still shouldnt post porn here though obviously
Punchy207i think its pretty obvious it was porn i mean any link with the word paheal in it is porn

you may of heard of the root beer float, but i just invented the rc cola float
i think its pretty obvious it was porn i mean any link with the word paheal in it is porn
beats me
drank some coffee with coconut in it and it was the bomb
got the pacer test wenesday
ritalin withdrawal symptoms and a weedcat pfp Faith No More - Mouth to Mouth
im not proud of it either peanut cop charlie brown
drank some good 7/11 water
ate some good kielbasa
i mean im sure many'a mother has just accepted that you do a lot of things wrong but no im waitin till you get it right
you still got it wrong, heres a hint, more italian
nokiaphoneLike, whatever Nick, we know everyone's name! Thee Oh Sees - Maze Fancier
i also saw a daewoo lanos today in perfect condition
yeah and now you know my girlfriends name, shit
had a great time with gianna today, first we went to lake katt and strolled around for a bit, then we hit up the mall and hung out there for a bit, and then she came over to my place and we watched the simpsons and listened to some Toto records
May in Illinois is probably the best month, everything blooms again and schools gets out in like 11 days, and the weather is PERFECT for a stroll by the lake
we're not going to culvers i guess now we're going to lake katt Bass Drum of Death - High School Roaches
im taking my girlfriend out to culvers this afternoon if the weather stays good
damn right lose it with that korean bbq
i dont know who youre getting your info from but you really need to fire them
im 15, nokia, and i hate my cousins
now im calm cause i got a solo cup of rc cola now
it triggers an emotional response in me i just cant describe, you know what i mean, i dont know maybe i feel as though helpless to the pervert we call god but thats just me being poetic
im sorry the lyric was "DONT NEED YOUR HELP, HELPLEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS" go to 2:08 and you'll see what i mean
i like that part in helpless by faith no more where patton is like "DONT NEED YOUR HEAD, HELPLESSSSSS" and it has like that grainy sound to it i dont know why i just love it
thanks for stealing my blog post, dick
nokiaphoneI fuckin hate the Keebeler elves the'yre a ton of assholes who live in a tree and make overpriced cookies, HOW DO THEY GET THE MILK FOR THE FUDGE N CHOCOLATE, ARE THEY MILKING THE FAT ONE!? look at this dick, he only makes them cookies so big as compensation for his tiny ass keebler weiner

good observation
thats of course implying that nokiaphone has mechanophilia, which she probably has
he's either a middle aged woman or he's on the watchlist
its horrible, never make videos again
kickoff43New video |

remember me for those words
you can piss in a mug and call it beer but you cant shit in a wine glass and call it chardonnay
i think their all brothers or something
all 3 of them drive 6th gen civics and wear tank tops with the long shorts shorts with that material kinda like swim trunks but rougher, you know what im talking about
i went out and had a chat with a group of people i call the hombres Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train to Vegas
you know the one with the lyric "pull a tit and suck away"
gonna upload bullet train to vegas to vidlii
yep now we now for a fact his mother smoked while pregnant
if i were to be able to choose my first car i'd prefer a suzuki vitara or 2nd gen ranger
in the jesus christ pose
a girl complimented one of my drawings in geography class
did your mother smoke when she was pregnant by any chance Toadies - Dig A Hole
my dad called me a dickhead because i forgot that C batteries exist
i actually own a genesis
you know what im gonna upload that song to vidlii later
"like pervert's words, I'm strung together, to make some pervert god feel better"
and thats hard to find, i mean i doubt theres many'a man that lives life following a Toadies lyric
maybe thats my problem, i need to be surrounded by like-minded individuals
i feel restricted by my environment
i mean hell thats why i bweet so much because nobody talks to me much outside of this
im starting to see why people do drugs or like how i got addicted to porn: because theres just nothing better to do
my girlfriend is sick and at her dads place so she's out of the question, all of my friends are busy, im sweating like a pig in zen, and i have nothing to do at all
im really in a rut you know what i mean
p p p p pigs in zen, pigs in zen
it was 95 degrees out today so i sprayed myself with the hose outside
remember the show Almost Naked Animals yeah i just saw that crap on tv and a wave of nostalia kicked me in the testicles
oh well easy come easy go i'll steal a tennis ball from a dog or gym class or something and that'll be my new ball till i can scrap up the money for a superball
i just lost a superball ive had for 13 years... was bouncin it in the cafeteria, bounced off the table and rolled away into a mass of moving teenagers, i aint even gonna bother looking for it i know its long gone now
bait taken
long time no see by the way
i cleaned myself up, matured a bit, and now i got a girlfriend and barely get the urge no more so i'd pretty much say no
thomasayy sup punchy u still a sexual deviant?

you ever put that crap on those chicken wings
hell yeah korean spicy garlic
then act like it
and fuck12 goes 12 year old on their asses
you know its a sad day when a man makes 2 bwitter accs to talk to himself
you know dont get mad at me i agree with the question but i aint the one whos askin it here
do you still sound like piglet from winnie the pooh got kicked in the testicles when you talk
well its not my question its actually a question someone else had
time to answer my question too Stone Temple Pilots - Naked Sunday
i also learned that her ex was a chick... so damn i must be a pretty good catch for makin her ditch datin women
my girlfriend told me a story about how she whacked her ex's 17 year old brother over the head and he went and tattled to his mother... at age 17 Hot Snakes - Paperwork
and used by none
acknowledge Alice in Chains - Junkhead
and quote of the day is "why dont dumbass acknolage"
trying to do pushups
actually dont tell me i dont care
who the hell are you
foot fetish videos on vidlii as usual
of course i have to get 1-upped
its shit too
and MTV has a channel thats just old music videos called MTV Classic, Channel 520 on U-Verse cable
jrFor anyone feeling nostalgic, there’s a web channel that plays Toonami shows 24/7 called Toonami Aftermath. Check it out!

no but i doubt anyone really gives a damn
you should respect your mother
upload dedicated to @3 cause he introduced me to Nicknames Nicknames - Walking Juice
walked 9 miles, got a burrito that almost made me puke, and ate 7 slim jims
i use shampoo and conditioner from dollar tree Helmet - Vaccination
fritos is also donating money to the army so hey thats alright
i prefer fritos Toadies - What We Have We Steal
corn chips are the best chips money can buy
dont tell me what to do ya cazzo di cagna fascista Soundgarden - Mailman
so youre a commie AND a trannie
fuck you commie
RealOskarLogo2Red Army Choir: The Red Army Is the Strongest. |

i mean i dont know why anyone would like the UK its a pretty loser country
my girlfriend likes victorian era british crap so im trying to do research about it so we have a topic of conversation or something Thee Oh Sees - Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster
they pulled the plug on nana, i cant believe it but she's gone Stone Temple Pilots - Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart Hot Snakes - Death Camp Fantasy
i could never be your maaaaaan L7 - Pretend We're Dead
nana's on life support now, its extremely unlikely that she'll ever be responsive again, so we might end up pulling the plug
no its literally common sense that it means "your mom"
he literally cant make out what tu mama means
im not the one asking the question someone told me to ask it and i aint no rat so im not name dropping
hey lua does your voice still sounds like a girl
how is bitview doin these days i havent checked it in a long time
my walkman earbuds broke Drive Like Jehu - Turn It Off Faith No More - Kindergarten
ironic that a song about living a life being stuck reminiscing of the past is going to be uploaded to a retro youtube clone
im gonna upload Kindergarten by Faith No More
like i genuinely want to live now knowing i can spend time with a woman who loves me for who i am you know
hands down the best day of my life
the date went GREAT, i took her out to eat, got ice cream, went to petsmart to look at the animals, bought some stuff at five below and hung out like them couples in late 90's high school movies
fried up some bacon and im taking my gf outfor lunch in a few hours Helmet - Broadcast Emotion
you know i mean she couldve said much worse but "emo bowl cut" has a certain ring to it
frankly i was flattered
how typical, not capitalizing my name
how typical, saying oof
some black woman just described my hair as an "emo bowl cut" should i be flattered or insulted Ty Segall Band - Diddy Wah Diddy
im goin on a date tommorow
thats an oxymoron
RobloxUser5352cool roblox video Violent Femmes - Promise
ohy my god she told me she loved me and i told her i loved her too and now my stomach feels weird Nicknames - Empties In The Pool
like there was this one in geography class about the rwandan war and people were like gettin their limbs shot off n stabbed with machetes and all that crazy crap
watching movies in school gets better in high school cause then they can play gory movies and stuff paid in cigarettes
i mean its not like anyone MISSED that
so yeah i'll be uploading music again
i got really bored and made a new vidlii
not happenin my man
couchpunchy PLEASE stay off this site

my mom is always so worried about me because i never smile or anything and i dont know why shes gotta stick her nose in my business
i meant to only put the quotes under totally real but you get the point dontcha
i like those sex scam texts that like tells you to send nudes because you could send literlaly any image and in the end you get free nudes from the "totally real 21 year old girl"
i got one of those scam messages over steam dms
i mean drop out you already have the IQ of one you may as well
no shit im right im always right
i'll say what i want i got 1st amendment rights dont i
i dont know why i have that stuck in my head but i do
have iiiiiiiiiiiiii been preyed upon
i looked for beatings to avoid
you know i was breastfed on the scaffold, baybeh
have i been preyed upon, by Darwin, Disney, and Freud?
i dont know if ur a binehead or what but stereotype is giarusso
hes the new owner of bitview and vidlii, people are mad about bitview because kuz has not even done anything to fix any of the bugs, i mean for cryin out loud it still says febuary on the home page... and for vidlii people got mad because he supported a channel that posted pro-russian propganda @S
it feels nice being told good morning and good night i'll give you that
sue me for wantin to be a social person in this modern era of digital communication
no i just got nothin better to do at 10 at night
but hey opposites attract, and i do like that she has compassion for things and lord knows i aint gonna stop her
she's really progressive you know but im stuck in my ways and my way says i aint goin to that shit, but i mean im gonna buy her lunch on saturday so that'll be fun
my girlfriend wanted me to like attend some after school metting about like promoting lgbt rights or some crap, and i feel bad because i lied and said i was gonna visit my nana the day of the meeting so i dont have to go to that shit
i dont even know who the hell you are
hey atleast i wasnt doin the lyrics for Luau or i'd be here all night
god i need to get a life
dow-owwwwnn, dow-owwwwwn
put a sofa on your concrete slab, gonna lay your bodayyyyy
stumpy mow the lawns c'mon you got a bare peice of ground
bits and guts and peices a'hangin from their treeees
theyre linin up to do their jobs but i swear to god i seen
a frames, statuettes, sunset magazine
o pencil sharp
i saw an Edsel Citation today
like i have a ton of em and i watch em here and there
not a lot of people know this but im a huge fan of classic Popeye the Sailor man cartoons
upgraded to windows 11 and now my computer is kinda faster
gonna make my soachey page music Renovation by Helmet
and he soured my opinion on them canadians
all i know is everytime he tried to come at me on bitview his accs would get banned
guys hated me for more than 15 months and i dont even know why
jralso Chainsword blocked me because Punchy said he changed opinion on me

nevermidn it was sold but theres a nice silver Lanos 3 door for sale in Memphis for 2900
theres a nice black Leganza for sale in Iowa
just look up "Daewoo for sale in ____"
with a few minor exceptions of course
no we just dont take in retards new marie callendars pot pie recipe?
screw it ill add you as one on spacehey
i used to think you were a real dork but with time i learned hey youre alright, almost amico worthy
hell yeah jr you tell him
she told me about this oddities shop near the pizza place, im gonna check it out tommorow, sh says it has cool stuff
bought a Toto record and actually had a proper conversation with my girlfriend for once, had enough money for some Brims pork rinds so i bought some of them, on sale cause they were 2 weeks expired
you never answered my damn question so i assume you do
do you still wanna bone the datsun mickey or whatever the fuck that chicks calld
roblox sucks
the go to the midwest
like i dont give a shit about those ice caps, wanna know why, cause i live in the midwest closest thing we have to ice caps are overflowed icee machines and the winters suck old man ass
its 82 degrees outside in april, this is why i love global warming
and i thought I was the biggest loser here, now i aint
no but its not like anyone would friend a shithead like you regardless
dont take kindly to haoles in these parts
get out
oh hell yeah Innards
hell yeah
shes never seen my computer art though only my actual sketches
but shes the perfect girl for me you know, she's very grassroots, like down to earth, she's calm but she doesnt mind getin a little wild sometimes but most of all, shes an artist too
yeah knowing me i probably wont
but hey i have just enough cash for dinner for 2 and a 2 liter of rc cola so im alright
i dont need to save money i need to make it
yeah we're goin casual and no its just that the gyro place is the only place my broke ass can afford
take her to the gyro place but do i dress like all formal or do i just wear what i always wear or what i dont fuckin know but she just messaged me sayin she loves the place
oh my god im freaking out, my ex-girlfriend wants to get back together with me and go out on a date and i said yeah but i dont know what to do damn it
fuck up the taiwanese while youre at it the Stone Temple Pilots concert expirience
i doubt it
make sure the field that says "web" is empty, if u saved ur password ur username is usually pasted into the web part
KangRooTrying to change Bwitter account info but only get an error saying "Invalid web". How to fix this?

i hear a lot of going but not a lot of shut up math test
i've always wanted to try deer or rabbit
no because youre gay
SantyXP7271Why did not I tell you that I love you? Why did not I tell you how much I admire you? Why do not you show you that you counted with me for whatever it is and that I would be with you in good and bad times? I know, because I'm an idiot.

im probably gonna make the music walking juice or something
made some changes to my spacehey page
so i cant really give a professional diagnosis cause now im going to hit the sack
i dont know if it's the inbreeding or the lack of a father figure that made him retarded but i aint no dr phil
who does that
youre one to talk
i think i just played a game of matchmaker and succeeded
i eat sour patch kids the same way i eat them colored goldfish... yellow first, then orange, then red, and finally green
gonna make my page music Serial Killer Status an extent
you know how all that 60's trash fashion keeps making a comeback, how bout the 70's huh, fashion of the 70's wasnt as retarded you know it was respectable
people still use that crap huh
i also liked goin behind it and you'd touch the back and the hair on my arms would stand up and there would be that humming noise
i loved that noise
S I hate the high pitch noises they make

i miss the old CRT TV's sometimes, but then again high def rules so screw em
like the final shred of masculinity just flushed out like when i get violent diarrhea after easter
tiktok what are you gay fashion sense, i dont get it
i decided to take a day off of school so i can download music
the Daewoo name isn't used anymore, but now they build the Chevy Spark and Chevy Volt in south korea... ironic because the Chevy Spark actually started life as the 1998 Daewoo Matiz
hell they sold the second gen Buick LaCrosse back there as it's own brand: Alpheon
Daewoo Motors joined GM in 2002 after filing for bankruptcy, so yes a lot of Daewoos from the mid 2000's to early 2010's were rebadged GM products
hell i just downloaded one of their albums im puttin it on my walkman
i mean yeah theyre a little more modern than groups like DLJ and like fugazi n stuff but they didnt like go all pussy like some of them other emo groups
theyre good because they kinda kept it old style you know what i mean
them Cadwallader dudes, the raccoon city pd, and nicknames are good stuff thanks for showin me them amico
now we're talkin
send me some more of that, amico
hell yeah
3@punchy207 u like this?

like that mcr crap that every 13 year old girl listens to
they were emo before emo went to fucking depressed teenager trash
atleast someone said it sounds "better" i mean it could be shit for all i care as long as it's "better" than something Daewoos in the USA
yeah like youd know anything about drive like jehu
screw it its gonna be spikes to you
it's either gonna be Spikes To You or Step On Chameleon
gonna hcnage my spacehey's page music still gonna be a drive like jehu song
yeah in your case i dont think we're having any any time soon
all i hear is a lot of joking but not a lot of fucking
all i hear is a lot of wishing but not a lot of doing
i dont know but if you dont take the bait you'll actually be a minority
im back
im happy im goin back so i can talk to that chick and actually do something besides hang out with you dorks
i dont care how you make your money just get the damn application eh
then bam automation it is
or go the old fashioned way and draw em on paper, i drew a ford LTD II on my PSAT test paper
get Automation on steam, if you have 20 bucks that is
i do this and design cars, nobody has commisioned me for art in a few days, i got no money to go somewhere and have a good time, i've listened to all my albums several times over, so really theres not much else for me to do
and i like to be social you know i mean i know nobody wants me here but hey you talk to me dont ye
well im on a 5 day break from school and the weather has been so shitty i havent been able to go out
i mean you live in a swampland so that means you have to take the trailer trash route instead of guido
every 13 year old has done that so i guess thats your rite of passage into scumbagism
like the amy guy or chick or whatever the fuck
what are you fantasizing about being a fish now

you know you get an 8 second span instead of like 2
having the memory span of a fish must have many benefits
it's like when the Zastava Koral In was released in Yugoslavia, it was outdated when new cause it was already old as crap
yeah it's outdated cause nobody's talked about amylee in like 3 decades
yeah it's on latest bweeters right at the top so i mean technically you aint wrong
but of course in traditional Punchy207 fashion i'll fuck it up royal and then swear in italian
i've been on this boat a long while, i've learned people's habits and i can read em
see and then when people make alts they try to deny it
and then sometimes i repeat words for no no particular reason
you can tell by the use of capitalization and punctuation, but the lack of use in contractions, that's how he always types you know, and you know after this hes gonna try to not do it but guess what he's gonna keep doin it, it's like how i never use periods i use use commas
oh boy dylan made an alt ok i actually put effort into this... How to make a good looking car in Automation... or just how to make a good looking car PERIOD
i read that a little bit too fast and it sounded wrong
20 paragraphs 30 paragraphs whatever
make one like 10 paragraphs
i mean hell my first one was like 3 paragraphs now my latest one is a sentence fragment, gotta beef em up a bit
make em better, duh
4TEVENABweetsAgain"To up your blog game?" How the hell do you up your blog game again?

hell yeah
i really need to up my blog game autism
drank coffee ate a concha now i feel like i can take on the world
Dendy: the new reality
sitting here like wet ashes with Xes in my eyes
its raining outside
cazzo merda
oh for crying out loud has nobody listened to me since she even started existing
S amylee HAS to be trolling like this has to be like nikocado avocado, because she genuinely annoys me, I legitimately hope people like this account don't exist around me IRL.

death by snu-snu
just be grateful this place aint full of culattoni bustin wide open easter
hell yeah
thats a very 13 year old way to do it
to make things even wose my first name is also Anthony
XenseerI think Punchy might be the new Giarruso

lol it was literally a joke dont be butthurt
DylanCoronaTVGet a fucking life other than critiquing others.

what can i say im edumacated
we know dylan is 13 because he rages like he is
people like xenseer is why good comedy is dead
like she got pissy because i was wearing my Soundgarden t shirt... so now im wearing a polo shirt and i look like a total fag
my mom keeps criticizing what i do, so she's a huge cagna
gonna eat good tonight
if you dont know what cagna means it means bitch
my ma made me watch passion of the christ again and now my b rother is being a total cagna
get what
retards still take the bait part 11: and this sucks because i cant think of anything witty that rhymes with eleven
hell no
hell no greasy
ate a concha
i shoes have more holes than a polish battleship if this isnt style i dont know what is
i learned how to put music on my Spacehey profile so now i got Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart on my profile
its 10 am ya jackass
im on that fine but oddly thick line between fat fuck and fit fuck
i pumped some iron, i've started this new method of lifting em and its more effective i think hitting the town
whatever anti-aging product he's using, put it on the market eh
why does rover from animal crossing ride around on trains so much... hes been doing it for 20 years now but he looks like he hasnt aged a day
but im have 1.38 to my name so i guess all i can really do is buy a 2 liter of rc cola and walk around
i get to go back to my ma's today which means i can actually go out
thats a trick question: you dont
i feel like im gonna retch
i also learned to not eat burritos in bed
ate a burrito and the juices spilled and pretty much slathered my legs, now i feel as greasy as the guy who made it
theyre all for free too just to add and that tag is for discord you know since my vidlii got deleted i have to find new ways to bring music to you people
Punchy207if anybody is intersted in owning some albums dm me (Punchy 207#9227) i got a huge selection of something i doubt many of youve ever heard before... decent music

theres that one sonic movie i think that'll be alright
if anybody is intersted in owning some albums dm me (Punchy 207#9227) i got a huge selection of something i doubt many of youve ever heard before... decent music
made 3
makin a gif
dont say that fuckin word fuckin haole trash sunnuvabitch
i wanted to jam out with my friend but apparently he's celebrating Passover by getting shitfaced on wine
well when you think about it they look and talk like bitches, and the lumberjacks are total bears, and the french canadians are french so thats gay too
i am 100% convinced that every canadian man is like, way gay
god the 60's mustve sucked only cool things to come out of it was psychedelic rock, austin powers, the camaro & mustang, and lava lamps
try to run, try to hide, break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side, break on through to the other side, YEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
made some of that maruchan and i learned that them town house crackers are great in that broth
now we're talkin
yeah ok dad well atleast im not bald and have bad fasion sense like you
i got a fuckin 3 year lecture from my dad all because i said girls msut have low standards to like me
oh you dont say
it essentially ferments into aspirin anyway
i have a pounding headache so i chugged some 3 month old rc
watching 12 oz m demolition derby my shoes
hes better at guilt tripping me than nordict is
im forced to be with my dad another night
but if its one of those eastern german women it may be a little more difficult
you can always tell a real woman from one of those trannies by two things, 1. the jawline and 2. the adam's apple
now thats a win Cook County can be proud of
i threw up in an empty bag of potato chips, and just enough so none spilled out
this might sound like total emo retard shit but i guess im ready to die
i've done everything on my bucket list... and im not even 18 yet, and now i have nothing to do
yep its gone... coo
im bored so im gonna delete my vidlii
i mean i've seen pathetic photography in my days, but those took the cake
they werent even good photos either
im getting one of those scam sex texts, im just happy that theyre calling me a man
i wonder what to upload to vidlii tonight
i got to see my dad today getting ripped off at the mall
thats my boy last cup of sorrow
good now get the fuck out of here you haole skateboard frenzy (unfinished)
cause trust me you'll be sayin that quite a bit
shut the fuck up you to and go back to speech class so you can lean to properly pronounce "im fuckin shit"
great, i got a retard and a brony trash, and it aint even thursday
oh great the speds found bwitter, wouldnt be the first time music videos: the blog Bass Drum Of Death - Get Found (official music video)
damn straight
no im just finally talking about things that are actually somewhat interesting instead of calling retards retarded and roaming websites like a damn jackass
S @Punchy207 has a lot to say lol i have retrofitted my spacehey profile to become a blog
i should start a blog
blasting drive like jehu to drown out tv trash, and now im talking about it again
kill me now before i paint my fingernails black, quick!!!!
i cant believe im saying this but i think im becoming a moody teenager
then again my brother is a neurotic gangsta wannabe dork and my mom is overemotional and loud
and then my brother says he would kick (insert name here)'s ass or something, then he acts like a total wigger threatening them and such, maybe im too smart or too dumb to understand or something, maybe this is the tv of the future for all i know
like this one show called ultimatum or whatever, the worst part is they watch it on the big ass tv so im forced to hear it throughout the whole damn apartment, i cant even work on my car designs because im constantly distracted by my mom's fuckin pigeon screechy sounding shit
all my mom and brother do together is yell at the tv at reality tv couples, i dont get it
you know what tonight i will
i think i just start uploading music videos to vidlii sometimes
of course 99% of things i do for free because well you get what you pay for
i even got a dinky ass clip-on tie to put over my drive like jehu t-shirt cause im a damn pro
its called being a businessman
i backslid into drawing porn if you didnt know, but now i actually do paid commisions so i've actually made some money... 3 bucks
and yet they wonder why nobody likes weebs
now that foreshadowing actually means something drawing flies
im conclusion, drop out of the 8th grade cause it goes downhill from there fuck this im out of here
and now im talking to some dork on a stupid ass website when i should be getting in my 4 hours of sleep so i can put on my damn acne cream at 4 am again
made a god damn peanut butter and beef jerky sandwich and now i got some emo chick giving me the googoo eyes, shes hot but i heard shes had 7 boyfriends so im not doing those flaps
atleast on PSAT days you dont have to go to the lunchroom that reeks of old piss as a noah's ark of bastards flood the tables and then try to get you outta your fuckin fused-to-the-floor stool all cause they wanna sit next to a fellow bastard named Timothy or some white-bread crap
i mean you saw what they all did in the boys locker room during 3rd-4th passing period, all because you forgot your damn walkman in your gym locker again, its shit that'll turn you Brazillian
all the while the track kids run past, half of em going like half a mile per year because their coach aint watching, their stupid short ass shorts beating in the wind as you realize "these shorts shorts are whats making all the track kids gay for one another"
then when you finally leave you gotta deal with all the bastards waiting for the school busses but you gotta trudge your fat ass home in hopes of being able to catch a rerun of Bar Rescue
and then when its time to actually leave at noon, cause the PSAT days end at noon, the fat old bitch will make you wait for like 200 years because "there will be an announcement over the PA system for all A-wing classes to dismiss soon" that never comes until youre a god damn senior citizen
the teacher in the class you get tested in is probably a fat old bitch who smells like provolone cheese, talking on her phone during the test to some other fat old bitch probably called Bertha Mae
you get a 5 minute break every hour that you can talk to friends during but lets get real neither you or i have any real friends to talk to so thats out of the question
you gotta stick your stinky ass phone in a plastic bin full of everyone else's stinky ass phones, and then theres one phone owned by that hot cheetoh bitch thats all stained and probably contaminated with her chlamydia that'll stink up your phone
it's a test that lasts 4 and a half hours long, and you cant move ahead a certain section until an hour is passed, if your pencil breaks youre fucked cause you cant sharpen em and you have to use pencils cause mech pencils and pens are prohibited
no not cool, when youre in highschool youll learn it aint
i should really hit the damn sack i got the PSAT tommorow morn
seems like a very 13 year old dork thing to do
but im sure skee-ball is involved somewhere in there
i dont want to know what "sick party" means to a 13 year old
let that be foreshadowing
leaning on the pedestal that holds my self denial Firing the pistol that shoots my holy pride Sitting here like wet ashes With x's in my eyes, and drawing flies
my mouth tastes like gasoline and i love it
pretend we're dead
ikr, real professional behavior oh boy
and then dylan takes the bait
im happy to say im not surrounded by idiots, but sometimes im cornered in an alley like in those movies, but i aint no karate master
lua takes the bait part 2: piss in a rubber shoe
i just didnt think it would be today damn it i knew this was gonna happen
then after school i went to the mall cause im a total mallrat
i did it in 9 minutes
i mean nobody told me high school was gonna be fun but jesus louisus you know
i gotta wrtie a 5 paragraph essay about cocoa production in the Cote D'Ivoire for class
gave my profile a makeover
nordict added me back so i changed my pfp super unison
just watched Mallrats
hell yeah
Kyasadi927 you love to see it

i got the PSAT wednesday
yknow i think we oughta settle out differences
who woulda known hatred could bring people together
see me and this bastard can agree on somethin for once
got free speech might as well take advantage of it
amen, i encourage you all to stand up to that bastard y'know dont be afraid to make ur on viodeos bout him
nothing like warm dr pepper zero sugar while listening to Faces of the Wind
album came in the mail today, even came with a poster anmokn sucks and here's why
i was able to watch a car crash in person today
im hitting the town because its nice out
i remember eating toaster waffles in the shower when i was in the 5th grade, damn shower water gave em the moistness they needed six wave hold-down
yea happy birthday
pink bricks, duh
i sang to some violent femmes songs because i have nothing better to do at 8 at night
my lamp has leapord print, if superfly had a lamp, it would be like mine
hell no it aint my record player's speakers being put to good use
now im lifting my weights, i might be a chubby peice of shit but im in shape, i dont know how that makes sense but WORK WITH IT
listening to my records, Bass Drum Of Death 2013 should be comin in the mail soon
my sega genesis had a seizure while playing FIFA
i moved my television from one side of the room to another, so now its in the place it was in the first time i brought it up to my room. its nostalgic, man
i mean its almost as if blips just isnt as active or, dare i say, GOOD as bwitter
you know for someone who hates bwitter you sure use it a lot huh
thank you
i got to see my nana today, shes improving, she didnt recognize me at first but then she did so hey
my dad was pissed but now he's making goodfellas references and i dont know what to do a small victory by faith no more
you aint gotta apologize, that guys a party pooper

see now, if you were, i'd recommend suicide or the witness protection program as a viable option because trust me that is rock bottom
if it makes you feel any better youre still not as unfunny as samantha bee
i mean seriously if i were to say, compile a list of most unfunny people, you'd be at the wayyyyy bottom, ever unfunnier than Trevor Noah, i mean you know youre unfunny when youre worse than Trevor Noah, everyone knows that
youre one to talk
thats the spirit
i know its shit, but im shit and i make it work
and to piss him off a little more im just not gonna change it that crazy son of a bitch actually did it this will be interesting to say the least
i call it jewish grilled cheese
have you ever melted colby jack cheese on toasted rye bread, its real good i tell you what
taking the bait even after it was exposed as bait, way to go the crisis king is mighty
i didnt sit with the emo chick today, but i complimented her alice in chains shirt because she looked totally tubular in it
i just ate a whole bag of fritos now im trying to light
god havent you heard the song
because idiots rule
god like as i said like a billion years ago, im surrounded by idiots
when will you retards realize that amylee is a troll account, and you dumbasses all took the bait
the original father, because the son's son of a gun would be the grandson of a gun to the father of a gun
i'll dig an emo chick but if shes into femdom im booting my fat self out of there
at lunch today some girl with black lipstick and weird ass spiky boots asked if i liked alice in chains, i said yeah and she invited me to sit with her, of course my dumbass said "maybe tommorow" prove my love
frankly im honored just ya did
whats the matter, ya miss me? i dont know why you would
everyones crawling back
...on a late start day
im finally going back to school
but you fuckers have no authority and neither do i so we dont rule idiots rule
and i learned Hecdaz is named Gabriel
it doesnt take a genius to figure that out
people bweeted
a fun fact about the Violent femmes is that most of the lyrics for their songs were written by frontman Gordon Gano when he was in high school, usually during class
i have a good few of their albums downloaded, shit, maybe i'll upload some tracks to vidlii huh
hell before punchy 207 my account was called ViolentFemme207, and thats a retarded name so thats why i dropped it cause it made me look like a bitch
did you know i got a Violent Femmes poster from their wisconsin tour from like 35 years ago
turn it off
its shit
SamTheDumbass6666666why is this song good

not on my watch it dont
i knew it would end one day but not this soon, its like losing family members
the Hispanos are starting to depart, we just lost Miguel and Anticris
im not tellin my dad about you he'd be ashamed im associating with dorks
well everyone here is but theres some variety you know
well only losers play roblox so i'd say its pretty deserved paid in cigarettes
i got to stay home from school cause i got food poisoning from that damn salmon high school roaches
is this a thats what she said joke
mama287536You shouldn't be here LONG!... You haven't seen anything.

why do like the noses of dogs remind me of chocolate chip cookies
i drew punchy for the first time in a long time, so THAT will be my profile picture until Rabbit #1 gets a bit of a makeover for the modern era
nevermind the new one looks shit im changing back
and still with the splotchy red eyes the public has come to... i dont know
of course he's still gonna be kinda chubby cause thats just how i draw rabbits
im redrawing Rabbit #1 for the first time in a while, making him a little more streamlined and not as fat looking
i always say the midwest is boring but hey sometimes shit goes down
there was a shooting by a black woman today at the Food 4 Less not too far away
and then you were able to CHOOSE how you want them potatoes done it wasnt just french fries no you could have mash potatoes if you want and they were good
damn good salmon to at that not that shit out of a can like it was a filet
my dad took me and his girlfriend out to some steakhouse in Worth, its the fanciest eatin establishment i've ever been in i tell you what, they even served salmon
now im taking it down
this was an accidental upload my damn brother got onto my pc and uploaded this shit i made
Punchy207 alvin and the chipmunks get high on crack and try to preform No One's Leaving alvin and the chipmunks get high on crack and try to preform No One's Leaving
today is my dad's birthday, im gonna buy him some cargo shorts caffeine by faith no more
i made some spaghetti and kielbasa
or ma's suzuki, ok well that thing looked a little indifferent but you get the point
i remember my papas gen 3 cavalier, thing looked like it was having the time of it's life, sure shaked like it too
like even a pussy little Smart ForTwo looks like it wants to slit my throat
why do cars nowadays look so pissed off
the video nobody wanted but society needed bands that suck
im makin a new video: bands that suck
im really bad at naming characters, examples being Bastard Bear, Beau Bitchass, Dodge, Francise, and Moe Jomma
gotta change my pfp back to Rabbit #1, real creative name i know Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart
she's also an artist, but the kind of art that you'd expect from a shy and sensitive girl, yknow what i mean
going back to school monday, im going to talk to my ex-girlfriend Gianna and see if she drew any new characters or something like that
who am i kidding its always been cool
i was bashing jr before it was cool a showcase of my physical drawings
ate a pillsbury cookie and ingested ash
made some taco meat and now mommas lost her prilosec
well i did
for april fools day i will change my pfps back to Punchy from animal crossing, and chances are i'll forget to change them back this aint pleasure
Toxophilia is a sexual attraction to archery
did you know theres a fetish known as Narratophilia, which is a sexual attraction to vulgar words. A.K.A. the fetishee will be turned on by literally saying "bitch shit fuck tits bastard"
i pity the fool who dont eat my cereal Ty Segall's Slaughterhouse
i remember a good 10 years ago and i hated it back then, but lookin back, it was great... cause it was so damn dark you could barely make out no imperfection, and that music ruled
i remmeber back when the bull's intro was actually good, now they got these hyper realistic cgi bulls runnin on the buildins and shit
among a sea of reds and blacks i'll see my brother's half jew-fro and my other brother's goat teeth
watching the bulls game, my brothers actually got tickets so im trying to look for them on the tv
now we're talkin
ROBLOXIgotzznew video..

if this is how you treat your users i can see why people always talk shit about it
jrMad because you can’t reply in the way you’re used to 🤡 stop acting like a mean old lady and we might be friendly to you

i dont feel bad but some other bastard does i guess he feels bad
gonna upload some helmet
Perry Farrel turned 63 on the 29th aint no right by Jane's Addiction
wait no you said dhcp is and i dont even know what the fuck
i made some coffee and i learned that them water crackers are good when you dip them in
i got to learn some more about my dad's girlfriend, turns out she likes the Toadies, which are my favorite band (kinda)
speaking of which i just spotted another Leganza, so that makes 5 total
sunnuvabitch talkin bad about shitty unreliable south korean cars like theyre shit
youre not talkin about the daewoos are ye
the audacity indeed
i educated this giarusso man on daewoo lanos production, since he inquired about it on my channel comments... fuck i love using big words
i couldnt find a magazine so now i've resorted to using my records as mousepads
to quote kidnapper and murderer Robert Alton Harris: "You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper." real profound stuff aint it Sex Type Thing
i was reunited with my sister today, she bought me lunch and we talked about some folk music festival she's goin to in the summer
yeah and now im lookin at recent video uploads and i see a video called KENAI HOT GAY BEAR SEX and thats alright apparently
mac type "secks" instead or something

i keep track of a lot of shit if you havent noticed
i've also seen a total of 16 asian people in person... 4 asians for one daewoo huh
yesterday i saw a Daewoo Leganza, so that means i've seen a total of 4 Daewoos in person in my life: 1 Nubira wagon, 2 Lanos sedans, and 1 Leganza
tried uploading Sex Type Thing onto vidlii but it wont upload cause it has sex in the title
what do you want
and then the host is that chick fom the movie Vacation who gave Clark's daughter the mary jane
KangRooI've seen that show while looking for stuff to watch. I never even watched for longer than 5 secs, and I was able to come to the conclusion that most of the songs would be pop.

get that pfp outta here tanny trash
im watching this gameshow called Name That Tune, my mom is gtting a lot of them right but i suck cause theyre all top 40 pop trash
my dad used to rollerblade but he stopped when a girl was killed and set on fire where he used to go
i dont know and here it is
making an animation: stick-splat here come the rome plows
how about you be a man
tagisverycoolcurrently sitting on the floor being insanely conjested and crying :p and here it be
Death Camp Fantasy by Hot Snakes, from their 2018 album, Jericho Sirens
somethings rare is gonna happen; im going to upload a song that isnt over 5 years old squash and stretch animation attempt HOW TO BE A MAN: the movie
i get flak for not uploading orginal content, so i made a movie so thats original, and its uploadin
will smith's wife looks like a transgender Little Bill
i dont even know what the hell that is Soundgarden - Room A Thousand Years Wide
and my brother was singing with the shower even though he has a throat ache, so if you thought he already sung like crap, imagine if he sung after smoking a whole malboro factory
my drive like jehu t-shirt i ordered came in the mail
i went to one of my dad's AA meetings, some gay asian guy from that hellhole Florida talked about his alcoholism for 56 minutes, and i got to meet my dad's girlfriend
oh dear god
yeah i used to have my sister out there and when i went to visit her a few years back it was 74 the first day and snowed 3 inches the next
KangRooJust like Colorado weather. Scorching one day, sub-zero the next.

i'll always be south side irish though, i even have the song on vinyl, and the vinyl is green so you know it means business
gonna eat some breakfast from mcdonalds, i remember growing up with my dad in West Lawn near Midway, and that would be a treat but now i got my own money so i can get it when ever i want
just dont play minecraft
watching the movie "Reefer Madness"
cause lake michigan grabs the storms and throws them over to those losers called Indiama
good old illinois weather, it was hailing 10 minutes ago and now its sunny
look it up
KangRooWhat's that?

i thought youre profile picture was austin powers for a second
that and that those old cigarette holders are pretty hot
i think its cause for all my life in evergreen park n mount greenwood i've always smelled ciagrettes so ive grown to like the scent
i got capnolagnia
i think its hot when women smoke, but then when someone brings up the consequences of smoking then it fades for a while had a dad
downloading Jane's Addiction tracks and now my r key is jammed
no shit again
no shit
NightlyFox64@Punchy207 That is literally the song "speechless"

im at my dads now and i found my walkman speechless faces of the wind
ate some pizza
i think i have a crush on one of my ex-girlfriends friends, i hope she aint a lesbian like her drive like jehu's first song, caress
im a pervert
Yoshizin_Gordinis bitview dead yet?

you know what it might be a spider bite i get those all the time
dude ive had like this weird bruise thing on my prostate for a while, well today it like popped or something and i started bleedin, i dont think its anything serious but you know it was real freaky
so why not celebrate by uploading the namesake song from the album
i got a 1st reprint of Audit In Progress, came in the mail today from jolly ol great shit-tain unglued, apparently the last song Scott Weiland ever preformed live before his death
they drink their mother's milk dont they
my thighs are so sore but im happy to say theyre not as fat as they used to be been caught stealing
beanie is really weird, the way i met him is he came up to me at lunch one day and said my art was "the shit" keep in mind that my physical art is much better than my digital
gonna go out again, my friend, nicknamed Beanie, hes busy so im going solo
i cant wait for gym class its awesome
i can wear shorts again today cause itll be 75 by 2 10th planet i used to say that this was a theme song for me, Pervert by Descendents
i also learned to buy my beef jerky at walgreens cause its way cheaper there than the liquor store
i was gonna hang out with my friend Dylan but he was out in Blue Island and I wasnt gonna walk 8 miles just to hang out
i went out for a few hours, suckered some skateboard dork out of 6 bucks and stopped by walgreens for a zero sugar mtn dew
my mind told me to ration, but my body said fuck it, and now im in crisis mode
and there only one kielbasa left in the fridge
im out of beef jerky birth defect
ordered me a drive like jehu t-shirt off of one of them "alternative" sites
i meant suzuki swift but you see what i mean
bought a pair of shorts today, theyre like that venetian marroon color that used to be on them suzuki cultuses from 1997
my mom lets me sleep on the couch, ive slept there so much i put put a sheet on the cushions in 6 seconds flat
wicked garden
quite what
i dont mean like totally red but i got 3 red splotches next to my pupils
my eyes irl have red splotches in them, fun fact
gave my self a little haircut
i put beef jerky in my ice cream, makes it real good good luck in jail
Aftertaste by Helmet is 25 years old today now you see why my nickname is The Kielbasa Kid counterfeit
limp bizkit will soon be on vidlii
watched some brony fag get beat up at school today
also mrmelon youre a real dumbass for even posting it here cause everyone'll just report it
MrMelonlol im the most viewed bitview

im nothing without my walkman, which sucks because now im nothing, wonderful
i still havent found it, this sucks
im freakin out, ive lost my walkman such a bore
watchin Popeye, that bluto sure is a bastard wargasm
my english teacher always says that i should go into creative writing XOX
im on my computer OUTSIDE, it feels so weird sitting up against a tree typing something i give you that
gonna fry up some kielbasa today out of celebration, its 70 degrees F right now but saturday itll snow
beat it muscle man
now thats going by Model Years so it would technically be Early/Mid 1996 - Early/Mid 2001
i think 1997-2002 were the best years for car design
i got a phone call from my dad today, first call in a long time, im just happy it wasnt 19 minutes long this time cause that really sucked no one's leaving by jane's addiction
well i do it for the people, i am a public service, but listen close, i aint a public SERVANT, alright?
i always get shit by faglords on vidlii about uploadin music
all of it
i've always wanted to see louisiana
some good news is my nana got surgery so she will survive, but we still dont know if she's lost any of her senses or motor abilities or anything like that
yeah if ur frying any ground meat to brown it you gotta put oil in the pan or it'll stick
RealOskarLogo2Oh! That why people always say to me i didn't know that?

im makin some meatballs, i feel so stupid cause i forgot to put oil in the pan first so like, the first 3 meatballs got stuck to it
i was playing sonic adventure and the game glitched to hell so sonic somehow got stuck IN THE SKYBOX Wet My Bed and Crackerman
i cut myself while i was shaving and the cut kind of looks like a red banana
crackerman is one of stp's best songs i say
played some crazy taxi, the only peice of media that makes KFC look appetizing, and thats only cause i love the dreamcast's gaphics
it's an invigorating thing, until you have to use the bathroom of course
hell when i make my burgers i like em kinda red with the blood
Kyasadi927 My mom used to not let me eat any meat that had the sliiiggghhtttest amount of red in it. Weird now because having a bit of red is pretty good

i ate raw chicken once and i had to go to the ER
i fried up the steaks, turned out good but i grease burned my left hand flippin one
amen, son
ROBLOXIgotzz@Punchy207 I think if jr wasn't here, bwitter would be better because he is the one who starts drama human interest
tonight im gonna expiriment with my cooking, i bought some cheap ass steaks but im using a difference mix of spices for my rub
i dont design sports cars very often, i mostly do cheap sedans and such, but in the spirit of 90's car design, they are round as hell
youre one to talk

sexo de queso, hombre
i dont name them because I suck at naming things, evident by my username
i design late 90's cars in my free time
beef jerky is 7 bucks a bag at the liquor store now midlife crisis
just ordered another vinyl on the internet
salad!? damn rabbit food.... oh wait bad rep
gonna upload some more BDOD to vidlii
im not here sending my messages by stickin notes onto a pigeon, we all dont ty to act like its the middle ages like you
jrYou can write in English, but cannot understand English

ate it right out of the pan with the tongs
fried up some kielbasa
oh lord
Kyasadi927 Hitchbot was tame compared to what they did to him

habla usted ingles, chico
you complained about there being twitter revivals when you yourself made one, therefore youre a hypocrite
jrAh yes, 1 is too many.

yeah cause of you
jrThis is way more toxic bud

still makes you a hypocrite
jrYes, but was when there was only Bwitter

did they have to reboot him? was he leaking oil at the scene?
Kyasadi927 He was found dead in Miami after a driveby shooting

well i did see the rule 34 but i didnt question it at the time...
Yoshizin_GordinRobot Jones Wuz The Target Of Multiple Mechanophilia Groups renovation
havent you tried to make twitter revivals before
jrWe already have BLIPS and BWITTER we do not need more revival which by the way has an UNORIGINAL NAME

whatever happened to robot jones? I miss the little fella
cause he sucks
im sure she'll be alright
my nana just had a stroke, the ambulance took her away and i had to wait out in 18 degree weather for a good half hour in just my shirt and shorts
if you ate a big mac would that be cannibalism
im surrounded by idiots
so why not advertise it on another twitter revival
yep thats the consensus
vidlii's already goin to hell with some famous youtuber dork makin a vid about it, now its got over half a million users and its all fnf videos and 13 year old boy crap
Yoshizin_Gordini hope i get to see more shit, but who knows, maybe the entirety of the revival scene will crash and burn before june.

well i've seen it all, im like a veteran, from the drama of last january to fulptube and subcocks goin belly-up, to killer199 bein suspended and comin back to try to get me banned... and failed miserably... i've seen it all and im not proud of it
i remember being on newgrounds, it's where i developed my porn addiction. a special fuck you/thanks to Rabblet for that.... bastard
it was december 26 and yea
i remember the day bitview was flooded with scat porn and a live beheading video
like that's new
that sounds like something youd do
jrTrying to be an old YouTube, records in fucking 5K….. mkay

i aint readin all that shit
its not about length it's about resolution and video quality
hasnt been fixed for 35 days
psh, as if that's news
im trapped in a box of uninteresting people and lame conversation
no jane doesnt say hi you uncultured swine
jane says...
get out jr
and finally my vidlii crap uploaded
hell yeah
Monarkthis bunny looks like he smoked 12 weed because he looks in his eye

i hope not
they havent worked for over a month
i got bit by a brown recluse 4 years ago and the place where i got bit is still extremely mushy
lets keep it that way
you really dont know me do you
im Punchy207 for cryin out loud what do you want me to do
RealOskarLogo2NO DON'T DO IT

i've decided to look into this porntube thing and atleast they got what i like: lesbian ass worship
building cars in automation and playing my bass drum of death records
its a toilet paper roll
youre an angry sunnuvabitch aint ya
atom jack shit
atom jack
hijo de puta
shut up you
me and my girlfriend broke up because she came out as a lesbian today
its crappy software plus a gift you cant actually use
novekguys if i buy a windows vista computer i get 6 months of blockbuster

my rationing plan was better than kim jong un's but worse than ho chi minh's
woke up at 2 am and i ran out of beef jerky
i havent been able to for over a month
dont know the resale on a toyota vista i aint japanese
them 2000 Toyota echo coupes dont got very good resale value i tell you what
try saying that 3 times fast
fun fact's fun facts arent even that fun
yep nobody will care
these chinese, man
doubt it
i ordered chinese food and half of the damn receipt was misspelled
i passed out for a few hours as usual but im back in business
hey it let me in now
takes one to know one, mr "gay = heterosexual"
jrHa dumb fucker

i keep tryin to log into vidlii but it says "please fill out the captchas" but there aint none
cool blue reason, comes into your world. theres two more dead in texas, and its probably yo girls
and this is the midwest so 2 3rds of the people are overweight
i think basketball is one of the only sports where being overweight is actually kind of a benefit
went down to the convenience store it opened again cause it closed during the riots a few years back
played some basketball and fried up burgers
playin my lionel richie records and chattin with my fellow kielbasa kids
yeah if i was your grandpa i'd wanna be dead too
jrMy grandma is 80 and my grandpa is DEAD
i play Bad Rats a lot
some kid named Juan got destroyed during basketball
my grandpa is now 85
i give em an FSO they give me their Kielbasa
gonna make it look like an FSO Lanos then we'll be bringin memories of the homeland to them immigrants
dark green and its got an imported badge from POLAND
daewoo lanos cruising
whatever you say
jrI’m asexual DUMBASS, doesn’t mean asexuals can’t suck dick, but i haven’t

sitting in the alphabeta parking lot watching the sun go down
of course youd know a lot about suckin dick wouldnt ya jr
jrUbuntu and Windows 11 sucks dick. Windows 10 tops all

gonna play Bad Rats
the hell is that
jokes on you chucklefucks i top allaya with windows 11
makin chicken wings as usual, thats why i always reek of them i think vinyls makin a comeback i tell you what
got gb city on vinyl
my death camp fantasies
you give him a lot of attention, almost as if you love him
jrY’all, Blips is back. Go there so we don’t have to deal with Giarusso. He can post all his political shit until he realize he’s getting no attention.

thats racist
thats how how that works
jrIn denial you’re a bastard

jrI don’t you goddamn purple man

then why do you worship him
jr worships trump?
you people are boring
oh great the retards are fighting again get the camera dave
i just ate some lasgna my dads girlfriend made and its the best i ever had i tell you what
arent you like 12 years old
DylanCoronaTV@Username You stupid fucking cunt. I swear if I fucking see one more of your stupid fucking political bot accounts again I will track you down and fucking murder everyone you know.

doing jazzercise
bits and dust and peices, hangin from their trees aloha
a guy smacked me in the ass at school today
jrMight quit BitView cuz computer broke :/

my friend ryan told me i had bad music taste so i shin kicked him with my boot
yeah i am sick i drank a can of coke in my nanas garage
doin art
i got paid today so i ordered a Drive Like Jehu shirt off custom ink
got a algebra test in... algebra
i just regained conciousness and now my hand fell asleep
an emo bitch got called a fat fuck in geography and it was funny
my record player stylus came in the mail
the mask mandate in illinois is pretty much gone now cause the cova virus rates dropped suckers
nordict wanted a 10 dollar steam game but i wanted to buy a drive like jehu t-shirt but damn it i sucked up and bought him the damn game and now im poor again
fried up some kielbasa with my special spices
got in a car accident
it was a prank gone wrong but i like being hit in the chest
Yoshizin_Gordinwhat kink is this

i splashed water on my brother and he kicked me in the chest, felt good
drive like jehu
the stylus on my record player broke so im buyin a new one online
part 2 of jr covering up his blatant misspellings
he deleted it again, its not even funny anymore now its just sad
driving nowhere
he had one again
lol he deleted it
i dont think you can be succesful if youre having a stroke
what i mean was anyone with hopes and dreams
cause who cares
jrwhy doesnt bwitter look like this

im watching He-Man and eatin pecan sandies
i always had a suspicion that jr was a satanist
bought a ton of beef jerky
i made 70 bucks
no because nobody with a life CARES
jrHas anyone considered making a thefacebook clone. I guess @thefuckbook was but that server ain't shit. And any good old Roblox clones? I was on Goodblox but it shut down and Brick Hill changed their layout. Both are viruses(?). Also, Roblonium barely works.
i like it when people dont get my music references
my early speechless morning
i feel like i should have my own art gallery
and ya might wanna start setting up them funeral arrangements cause i just killed him
i mean hes a male but his ween is probably so small it may be mistaken for a clitoris at times
jr isnt a man
growin out my mullet
you mustve went back for a second lobotomy huh
jri found your yt channel in the comments of the sugar chex commerical compilation and also chex fucking sucks cheerios way better with honey @Punchy207 i can upload music again to a site hell yea
i fergot i even had a vidlii acc so now im gonna upload there too
south korean economy car
well shit
finishing a draft for my screenplay i've been writin since last April
left front fender is gray but the rest is red
my neighbor bought a 99 spectra
so thats what happens to people when they get a full frontal lobotomy
aint got school till tuesday
theres them videos on the internet its like them russian ships bombing their somali pirate crap its badass
aint them somalis the pirates
youre fired
i cant upload shit to bitview so might as well give good music to the people of bwitter eh
how bout Hot Snakes
only reason i dont like em is cause i aint a living fossil
hell no
i like my relationship with my girlfriend, cause neither of us know what the hell we're doin
jokes on you suckers thursday i get out of school at noon and got a break till tuesday
watchin the secret of the ooze
gonna go to school and make shit happen
one time i ate a tonna turkey and my piss smelled like it
saw that once
i mean first you say cope in seethe in the wrong context and now i get called straight for saying gay, a blunder and a half indeed
too late, you said im straight
define heterosexual
jri think Punchy is heterosexual he keeps talking about gay shit

let the desert bloom again like it did once befo
ben gurion... ben g
milky way midnight and automatic midnight
how romantic
jrNo, but i mostly dedicated that bweet to you

you are a modernttard?
jrAswell you guys actually ARE moderntards. The definition of a nostalgiatard is someone who forces everyone to think the old things are better. While we accept the fact that people use Discord nowadays and people use modern YouTube. Hell, we even use it. While you guys ATTACK people just cuz WMM vids

on todays episode of bwitter ball z, jr recounts the many times he was dropped, and how he was banned from omegle from flashing his micropenis to girls who use the site
i dont know
yeah and jr knows a lot about bullying, trust me, hes had his head dunked in toilets countless times
jrI love you! Happy Valentines

my valentines gonna be happy as shit i got her TWO boxes of them chocolates
its too late for that
proof seen below
why do you talk about this guliherme guy so much, is he your boyfriend
he already had it
Yoshizin_Gordinahh shit #jrgotaids

downloaded Jericho Sirens
in your dreams
gonna go to walgreens later to get it they got good stuff i tell you what
i gotta get my valentine some chocolate or somethin
beta male beta boobs
some nights i watch youtube kids videos and make fun of em
i watched the sun set
aloha t/watch.php?v=iD6KTvbU
wipe the last haole the fuck off our turf
nostalgia critic is so weird but his older videos are prety funny
its not about location cause im just 1 time zone away from the servers
Yoshizin_Gordinoh fuck, i thought it was only happening because i live far,far away from where the new servers are located, guess i'll just wait and see what happens.

all the ones i've tried uploading have done that
Yoshizin_Gordinanyone else's bitview videos coming out as black screens when uploaded? also sorry for all of that random rambling

bump and grind and a shoe shine
do you think crop circles are just ads for Target
i went to a cheese-tastin event
hell no
i cant upload nothin to bitview
drank 6 cans of pepsi
time to collect
thats the name of my new poem
Punchy207pipe dreams and wet creams

pipe dreams and wet creams
also this im a total coincidence but the low wuality one is posted exactly 1 yea ago and the HQ got posted today
i hate that it does that https://www.bitview.n et/watch.php?v=4i3HRBriZIE
the dream cause the HQ one is broke

i was bloggin bout animal crossing before it was cool now kiss the dirt
brent64About my Animal Crossing blog, I accidentally set the year to be 2011 when today is 2010. Sorry about that!

jr fetishizes nails?
wow and i thought I didnt have a life
karkat_simplistening to Karkalisious on loop :P

thats actually a verse from Open Book by Cake
Yoshizin_Gordinsave yourself and become a motivational CEO quotes account.

update your damn system
you may think she's an open book but you dont know which page to turn to
no because im not insane
i had a dream
but videos cant be uploaded and profils cant be edited for now
writing poetry as usual
sheep go to heaven, and goats go to hell
prolonging the magic
thw whitest person ive ever met is black
jri'm BLACK dumbass

you like the kkk?
yes it is
jrNo it really isn't, you're literally just changing how the computer LOOKS it's not like fucking erasing all your files and degrading all your goddamn features

theme is stupid too
jrToo fucking far dude, shouldve just got a Win 7 theme, it's not even as hard to imitate as say, XP (and yes, people still use 7, but this dude was intentionally installing it)

if you still use windows 7 in the modern day, you either need a new OS,a life, or both
i hate british people
stolen ideas
its not like its been down for 2 days or nuthin
you dont say
and the music video for Sleepwalker sucks
and then Moon Duo comes on autoplay and i feel like im dead
Ty Segall in a pitch black room
what do you want
the punchy 207 lifestyle is truly bliss
punchy207's 207th video extravagahooza
mr integrity
jrnah i'd marry the 2000s and youd marry the 2020s

you love the 80's so much, if it was legal to marry a decade, youd marry it i bet
jrno it's overrated as all fucking fuck im tired of seeing it same goes for 90s even tho i like the 90s

you love the 80s
jrok, yes my favorite song is from the 80s. but doesnt mean i like the 80s, in fact it's overrated as fuck.

yes you have
jrimagine being so NOSTALGIATARDED that your favorite song is a meme song from 2008. Everyone calls me a nostalgiatard but even i haven't reach that level of nostalgiatardation yet

still tatstes good
i learned something today: do not try to make beef ravioli while high, they'll turn black
that inmage just makes me grateful that it modernized
i've been drawing a lot of Coco lately
rabblet used to make decent stuff until he started making ghost porn
im part of Jeff's Brotherhood
better have cleaned it, them british do nasty shit so i can only imagine what they do to them phones
why are you digging around in the garbage
Marcus found a iPhone 5S in the recycling today, it works!

this is a weekend, nobody wants to read a paragraph like we in english class
you know you dont have to live a hatchet job or hatchet fight
who said anything about vidlii
nobody needs another youtube revival
jrHeyo yall, anyone with PHP and MySQL experience wanna make a YouTube revival with me? I'm purely saying because of the MySQL and PHP.

the idea for my OC came from a drawing i did in my algebra notebook, it was a rabbit taking a bong hit
and now the most popular song by Toadies is on bitview now
fried kielbasa for breakfast
the amish dont play soccer and most ceilings in schools have nails in them
got Rubberneck in the mail today
nevermind i got ideas
i meant more along the lines of video ideas
i dont know what to do with my bitview channel
blue moon ice cream and sega genesis FIFA
im a nugget of fashion in a world of faggots
i may disagree with his statement but hes got the right to free speech brotha
XenseerNo one gives a shit about your personal opinion you fat smelly basement dwelling fuck.

0 people
got my Suicide Invoice in the mail today
when the nostalgiatards fight the fnf fans, its like 2 shitstains fighting on a toilet seat
how original
DCTheGamrHey guys. I made a video on BitView on why TikTok is bad. I think it sucks and shouldn't continue to be a thing at all. Thanks for watching if you did :D

hell its bad enough, you live in jersey
Kyasadi927 Wifi is out, currently bweeting this from my phone. Anyone have an xfinity outage in south Jersey?

had arby's today
you just make things deader
jrto be fair, i just came back from trying wrapper online (goanimate revival)

so is goanimate
cant be friends with yourself
jrFirst up, i'm scared of these "horseheads" that are all over the beach, so i hate the beach. Secondly, i also hate summer because it has bugs and is so freaking hot, and also bragging douches are not my friend.

no cause nobody is jealous of a bragging douche
hell i tested positive yesterday and i aint goin back till the 24th
get out while you can aknodd
so who cares
jrIt ain't accurate either. It doesn't even have the fucking header!

no because people are greatful for what they have and dont try to replace what aint broke
coo, i susbscribed and then immediately unsubscribed
what the hell is blips
why are you scared of that
are you sure thats a good idea
i wish i had dedication to 3 viewers like that
Kyasadi927 I'm trying to restore it for a video man

then maybe get a computer that isnt two decades old
Kyasadi927 I can't find any form of working install for my iBook G3 Late 2002. It's frustrating that the only restore discs I find online results in corrupted graphics. It's incredibly frustrating.

today is my first day back to school cause winter break is over
last day of winter break
Bass Drum Of Death - Wait |
my birthday is today
no because its boring
hiewSerious question: do you people think that bwitter can be as addictive as other social media?

as long as theyre not annoying like you bring em in
they always say its some other crazy ass year for no reason
its the nostalgiatards man
conneathits 2022

is yee special needs
no shit
RecorpedAttention, all Bitview users, Bitview is filled with malware at the moment, I went on the site and I got popups, Use an Adblocker or don't go on the site at the moment!

and even worse RAID shadow legends ads on bitview
porn ads on bitview
downloaded all of Slaughterhouse
jr is also a redditor so i guess its battle of the redditors
ate some portillo's
gonna pool together some cash to buy more records, maybe Slaughterhouse by the Ty Segall Band
i finally found a place to put one of my paintings that fell off my wall
i got a record player for christmas, and the records for Automatic Midnight by the Hot Snakes and Too Cold to Hold by Bass Drum of Death
are you a crack baby or something
higgorgao1Can you believe it guys? Christmas, just a week away. Christmas is in a week! Woohoo! I am so happy about this information. Christmas! Just a week away, oh wow. Can you believe it? Christmas! Just in a week! It got here so fast! Christmas! Just a week away!

i own one but i spilled lemonade on it back in march so its all sticky
LakittorAny PSP fans around?

im on windows 10 because im living in the present
the iphone 12 is out you know
timdoeswhateveri hope i get an iphone 4 for christmas

no shit
how poetic is that
it was dead the second it was born
CC229Subrocks is dead

the land of race car ya yas
spoonmaaaan, come together with your hands, saaaaave meeeee
i accidentally killed my desktop pet
i wont be soothed over, smoothed over, like milk, silk, a bedspread... or a quilt, icing on a cake, or a serene translucent lake
perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
if you say xmas instead of christmas we cannot be good friends
made a turkey sandwich and now im on christmas break
i saw a mouse in the kitchen
she doesnt care whether or not he's an island
I finally own all of Fashion Nugget
Religious Girls
bitview hispano rules ites the best community on bitview
i think this relationship is going too fast LOL
i used one of those discord bot commands that ships 2 users as a joke, I did it with my friend who has a kid cat pfp, we scored 100%.
to me, friend is a four letter word
driving like jehu
dude he did that all the time to me back when he was killer199, hes just tricking you
jrNevermind! He said he wanted to apologize because the whole fight is making him uncomfortable now and decided to be friends! How did assholry turn into such a beautiful relationship?

i made some meatballs
i reported him... well an image violation but whatever
you must be going through some tough financial times huh
i love brown's chicken
do you ever get a really sharp pain in your prostate because i seem to get that a lot
if bass drum of death ever has a concert in illinois you bet i'll be there
religious girls
LittleJakoHey guys. New on here. i hope you guys treat me good unlike twitter. bye!

its the weekend and i ate some of those pepperidge farm milanos
nauticallyepicPivot animator is still so fun

shadoobay, shattered
i lost a subscriber on my bv but i dont even know who it was
collecting hidden packages in staunton island
dust to dust
ashes to ashes
any video ideas
happy thanks giving
indian puncher
sweet potatoes are awesome
why am i being dragged back into liking 80's music
ever suck the juice out of a celery stick?
be agressive, b-e agressive, b-e a-r-g r-e-s-s-i-v-e
aldi cheese curls are so salty
brighter ideas make better cars mercury cougar
a small victory
i made some art as usual
tennis balls
@goom are you kicking ass and taking names too
about to clean my room because i have all of my shoes in the corner for some reason
i dont get the whole week off for thanks giving this sucks but i get out wednesday at 1:00 and then got thurs and friday off so thats ok
its subrocks, what do you expect
wilma's rainbow of peaceful colors
belvita breakfast biscuits
youre never ever ever ever there never therrrrre
never therrre youre never theeeyyyaaa
did u know bwitter is available in china check it out
i said aboot by accident now i sound like a candian
what is jr whining aboot today
ate 3 bowls of chili and im hyped because i got the swimming unit in gym
the day i tried to live
moms at a baby shower today
had salt and vinegar chips for the first time in 2 years
bought a winter jacket today its very comfy
i have my coffee with a little pinch of sugar and a third cup of milk, how about you?
watching napoleon dynomite
poor dude gets a 28 year old computer for his birthday
i mean youre not wrong mine has fallen in the toilet 3 times and fell off a 2 story balcony and it still works
helped this other guy who needed help with it too so now i feel accomplished
finished my geography project for schewl
my brother told me to "turn off the window"
i am seriously dying of thirst
i love bar rescue its a great show
i got two tickets to paradise pack your bags we'll leave tonight
its great cause i can stay up all night
there was a bomb and shooter threat at all the high schools near me, so my mom says im not going to school tommorow yay
and "peewee" with no "w" is just "peeee"
i didnt mean spacemy i meant spacehey spacemy was crap
i have 1 friend on spacemy
tried putting an image on my spacehey page, somehow ended up in a whole other layout and my page is ruined
there's some real dorks on spacehey
hey kingkuru i saw u just made a spacehey wanna be friends
i made a spacehey if anyones wants to check it out
watching Happy Gilmore
i didnt know bwitter was back



Name: Punchy207

Bio: the alternative punchy lifestyle

Location: Cook County, Illinois, USA