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Dammit, got to it before me @TrashStudioz I am also bweeting from Windows XP

Just checking up on bwitter from the good ol terminal
Bruh, so like, im out here bweeting with a terminal
yo i should find my old flip phone and put a sim card in it, then bweet from it
Playing Rust
Shower thought: we should make a support system built into the website itself instead of relying on Discord
When you NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Playing Rust Staging Branch, my server is on the modded list ;)
@joell95 indeed
When bitview down
@LiterallyNobody yeah i tried looking at a video yesterday and i saw the same thing, like, stars are all non-existant, and videos just kinda, dont...
Jammin to music, true vibe style
When you update bwitter more than it ever has been in one day Oh yeah, i fixed that bug with the thing, and moved the delete/report buttons a bit, also changed the favicon, tell me what you guys think!
I added a report button :3
The bwitter gods have spoken, let there be delete button
Me over here making the delete button PogChamp



Name: Chris Chrome

Bio: Bwitter dev

Location: Somewhere