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I went thrifting today. Got Flight Simulator 2004, a monitor, Myst, and a flight stick. Decent haul from what I normally get

Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love |
i spent 40 minutes looking for an emulator that would load my ROMs and work on Windows XP for a video I'm working on. this is pain
I am going to fuvking kill my self my LED lights keep fucking falling
Finally, I can actually use Bitview!
@realnintendo My favorite game is Smash Bros Brawl. Fix Metaknight lmao
Found my old phone, got a second monitor, got some lights, and cleaned my room. Feeling pretty good.
@Punchy bababoey
@punchy pose with soap
I have been up all night homebrewing my Wii U, my 3DS, and watching Scott the Woz.
@Punchy Yeah no shit bro
Mfw Bitview's player doesn't fucking work on any device that has internet connectivity I own.
@enterwebs We can relive our anger at it's integration with E V E R Y T H I N G !
Man I just wanna play Quake but nQuake is being a bitch.
We need Our Bitview Flash Player Even Without Adobe approval |
Coleco gemini Atari clone console |
Hey! I just made an account!



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