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@Punchy Congrats on 50 subscribers

funny Bitview bug
You can send messages to yourself in bitview by clicking on “send message” on someone else’s profile and change the link to your username.
car animation
Me too, @suicide
New video :D
working on new bitview video
13 views on my latest video in one day? Thanks.
Found this music in newgrounds.
@FuckYouMe Hello
i was testing bwitter’s new embedding Bitview thing
Eddsworld Hello Hellhole |
Magic 7 frame animating skills
after two/three months…
Magic editing skills.
can someone give me bitview video ideas??
hey I can watch bitview here!
@MitchellStudios you can now embed bitview?
Uh oh!!! YOU’RE USING AN ADBLOCKER UH OH!!! YOU’RE USING AN ADBLOCKER!!! We here at Bwitter work really really hard in the internet to make this website and rely on ads for Socialising to operate fully. Will you whitelist us? 1. Yes, I will. I love you 2. No I am a piece of shit dum dum.
@succulent64 the website is broken. It redirects to a protogent video.
late at night
@GoodBlox when are you reopening?
haven’t played among us in a while... better get out the gameboy
is it weird that goodblox shutdown a month after I joined?
@ManuRandom86 if you didn’t know, you’re defending a racist person who I can’t tag because it says the n word.
just.. fuck off, thot
The guy below me is wrong
@9 is the first to bweet
“I kinda need to pee.” -mac 2020
i just sold some papers in animal crossing just for 120 bells...
the profile page on noobtube works again! instead of an error! thanks, @succulent64
uh oh... GoodBlox is down
anyone playing breaking the bank?
@Punchy i think it’s because of @AnnoyingOrange
whoever put “my snowboard skillz” on noobtube. i’m pretty sure your video is 3rd or 4th.
what do you mean “sus”?
@succulent64 it logs me out when i go on a video.
is the haunted man outside my door...?
@hiew is it upload:)?
@succulent64 is my video the 2nd?
@hiew are you logged in?
2nd video on noobtube
@hiew i think between 2005-2007.
noobtube signup works now.
among us gameplay (gbc) |
i got more games with among us like Borbo's quest.
i got this game called among us on my gameboy. i don't understand the language. it looks like a good game.
i'm making a show for luigi to save peach because mario is taking a break
going to work on episode 5 of the sm64 shorts.
who stole my profile picture?
@ROBLOX give me 1B tx
good afternoon. it is 4:05
good night
i completed ice fishing in club penguin
@Punchy hmmm.... how did you get that from 2013. it is not 2013 yet.
club penguin completed ice fishing:
@EthernetBoy2004 what do you mean?
first try
just got my first big fish in club penguin
i made a video about my animal crossing gamecube house.
hello. can someone suggest a video idea or maybe a sm64 show episode I should make?
what's happening?
time to play super mario 64
animal crossing house tour |
bwitter is finally back
join the super mario 64 show community
nevermind, it is gone.
who added "hot porn" to my recents. is it someone I subscribed to?
Anyone watch the super mario 64 show on bitview?
@YOURmomTHEgay the images
Super mario 64 show
super mario 64 show #4 (mario's house) |
windows movie maker
@Marcusverse shhhh
episode 4 is house themed
episode 4 is nearly done. only the text left.
super mario 64 show episode 2 and 3 are out! |
here's episode 1
my super mario 64 shorts episode 2 and 3 are done. got the footage and the audio. all that is left is the text.
what's windows 10? I only know windows xp and below.
i might record a video for bitview today.
damn ip leakers ruined GoodBlox. now they might shut goodblox down permanently.
@Stormedge cool
Hypercam 2 is good. The watermark isn't too interupting.
Club penguin #1 |
sup. Just got top 25 poster on GoodBlox
New super mario bros 2-A secret way |
Hello, world



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