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five weekends till december :kot:
why do all adults tell me that by this age i should already be in a relationship? i can hardly handle my existence
Selene Delgado
Spotify is conspiring against me so i can't listen to wyd and Sally from Remi Wolf's debut album 🤨
i'm hungry
we don't want your shit
i hate going to church
it's not that it does not exist; exists but in another way
i toasted corn tortillas and ate them with guacamole :miley:
they're just envious and jealous of the way you shine. they're bothered by your great and iconic way of being, so to try, in a mediocre way, to raise their tiny self-esteem, they try to turn off your light. they're the ones who fall low 😎
AnonCarrotand it happened today AGAIN

my 2019 trauma is returning
my room is a disaster
i have a home in her queendom
i love my cat
all that ass deserve an applause
sorry mom, but stopping listening to generic pop music by female artists won't make me less gay 🤨
chairs are a government invention to install 5G antennas
i'ma accuse you with my mom
nauticallyepici was the one who put firecrackers in the urinals

thank you i have no insomnia anymore
just tell them you don't want to do it and that's it. you are not obliged to anything, less if it bothers you. if they understands you, how good; if not, then it is their problem
exclusiveconte2My friend keeps adding me to discord servers for multiple roleplay series on his YouTube channel. I don’t want to be in the series but I don’t think he understands. How do I deal with this? Also, he keeps @ me telling me to pick a role and it's annoying

dang it
kingI regret to inform you all that BwitCon '21 is officially cancelled due to last year's "Urinal Firecrackers" incident. 😪

ye new vid up
why not
exclusiveconte2Hi guys. What do you guys think of my bweets? Also, why are you all talking about old computers and operating systems?

SubRocks down :sob:
god i need to sleep
when you reported a bweep accidently
those are the same frickin' thing
Marcusverse Just realized I bought a case for the iPhone 6S for my iPhone 7. How typically silly you little Irish boy.

boneless best weekend dinner
btw tomorrow new vid on SubRocks
Motorola ear buds 2 best buy
red light, yellow light, green light, switch!
i was writing a bweep but then i stopped, again
today is friday. TODAY IS FRIDAY
spam time. my DeviantArt profile:
planning to flee of this poop country
voices keep on whispering, but you should just stop listening. you got all that magic and you know it
i'm glad i have you now
link Mediafire
two videos in a week lol
well, i changed the domain. is over
Colgate selling food
they are coming
the game
did my 6 yo. insult offend you?
RedipsWhy are Kyasadi927, RepubIicanLover, and AbrahamPizzano not getting banned for violating #4 of the terms of conditions?

Anthony Giarrusso is ugly 😈
RepubIicanLoveranthony giarusso is fat

i opened Bwitter and my PC almost crashed
they are coming
so, will Bwitter be a replica of Twitter from 2009 for the rest of eternity?
it would be cool to be part of an LGBTQ family
Richardjust found out my mom is gay thats cool i guess

what happened
i'm not gonna say i'm sorry
i ordered a new tripod
"If I was a ruler I'll set you straight" :skull:
politics is a controversial topic that can cause a lot of toxicity. maybe those kinds of users just want to watch the world burn; i wouldn't be surprised 🤨
elastic love
can't wait for december
thank you, thank you

and he put his butt on my phone ok
AbrahamPizzanohelp my cat ate a swab

i am a funny human being
alexanderjt funny

help my cat ate a swab
when pigs fly
SMG10when do we post images and videos again?

idk what i did
i forgot i gotta make a new SubRocks video
the only toxic relationship i can accept is me and my cat
DeviantArt community is the most wholesome community online
should i give up? or should i just keep chasing pavements?
what if i change my name
b r u h
sorry my mum said no
3 months until Christmas
Please Me :mirk:
2021 and you still don't know how to write :neutral_face:
my spirit, my chakras and my powers of sorcerer and fortune teller tell me that you are a calm person, somewhat mysterious but kind; with a sarcastic or ironic sense of humor i really don't know the difference
there are tWo impostors among us :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
categorizing people's personality is fun
i am procrastinating
dihydrogen monoxide
i hate humans
how do you know my sister's birthday? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

rusty spotted cat
had to make another Google account because i no longer have storage :rage:
can't tell my mother, she doesn't know that when he touches me starting to feel things i've never felt before
i gave him my jacket but we ain't going home
help me out here, man. i'm new to this, what's good?
that's suspicious
pussy lover
on September 18, 2020, Ava Max released a master piece: Heaven & Hell
fiesta salsa quinceañera baila siente el ritmo ponte a sonreír, ven conmigo
that's cool
how was your week?
quelque chose
i think nachos are one of my favorite food
till queendom come
Vernet is dead
or at least a replica of it
hiew impossible due to little archives of g+

mac booty

Fan Cub
let her save the world, she is just a girl
William is dead
it is
PMK335i made my own trailer for this page, is it epic?


i need an old Google+
omg old Google logo i'm crying
Falkon 3.1.0
abismo came out a month ago
i still remember when you said that you love me
McDonald's selling toothpaste
perfectly polished
i have no friends
getting ready
getting ready
i love you, even when you're a dumb ass who don't learn about his mistakes <3
i was born to the night
joell95people still use this site?

sexy villian
i love myself
i hate myself
not right now but maybe down the line
who that? who that? I-G-G-Y
help i drank coffee being dehydrated and i ate a lot of chocolate today i feel so sick
this people crazy
omg that's me
kingFor @mac, @hiew, @AnthonyGiarrusso, @nauticallyepic, @AbrahamPizzano, @AnonCarrot, @Xwyrick, & every non-pfp:      >> <<

tell me i did a great job
r e t o u c h
i'm still learning and i don't have to be afraid of failing
preparing a photoshoot for a cookie
i regret having used the j word in spanish
i was about to bweep something but then i stopped
play me something nice
toasted corn
hiew @hiewsalt is the father!

congratulations, who's the father?
hiew I'm pregnant!

my teacher put Lo-fi Hip Hop Jazz in the class :xd:
Rick Astley is hot
you better not blink
if you plan on being mine. boy, i'll be your blessin', shinning knight. but God forbid, you leave me by myself, i'll take you to hell
why is my cat trying to attack me? he's a psycho
i filmed my last photoshoot. wish you luck because SR it's not working well
i didn't ask to be born latina, sólo tuve suerte
you're welcome
kingthanks bro...

that's inhuman. but after the storm, the sun will shine again
kingbeats me why she won't do research on it. /shrug

how is she not gonna know how ADHD works? i mean, she's your mom...
kingaaaanother round of my mom yelling at me for an hour because she has no clue how adhd works. apparently fixating on one thing and not focusing on returning another because of shit i can't control is "just being lazy". anyone wanna trade souls

i miss the way we used to funk

boomer jokes
timmysdadI hate my wife

Body & Soul
cat tear
is pronounced 'pisano'
yey i can bweep again
Apple commercial
damn i look like Mona Lisa right now
one day left :eyes:
AbrahamPizzanoyou only have 3 days to get the limited edition of abismo!

you only have 3 days to get the limited edition of abismo!
Waves by Funk Thunder
StormedgeAlso can someone tell me what's the song name of this video

b 🍕

this is a serpentine only dot is exclusive
an English translated version of abismo on my website and the opportunity to download it in full in high definition now available
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chryblsmgal
i don't recommend drinking coffee if you're not hydrated
and here's the video i made for it
i'll say anything i want to you. even if it comes out wrong, no filter on my tongue
can't wait for the Josef's new single
new stuff coming, stay tuned
i dropped this shit to make you, make you dance
you need to introduce your password to make changes, or just wait until the cache updates
i no longer have song lyrics to tweet
how sweet it feels to look at you
wachito rico
making animated photos...
i'ma slap you with a tortilla

damn boi
that explains a lot
TarePandy i think that is an gitch

no angel
where's my new pfp
who need to breathe if there's horchata
i'm not that pretty, but i'm pretty f*cking cool i love it
uploaded a new vid on SubRocks :P
you got what you deserve
are there still people who put their real name on the internet?
no, i don't need a cure for me
She's so norrrrrrrmal Hate her!!
She's so crazzzzzzzzy Love her!!
welcome to Heaven
every time i cry i get a little bit stronger
it's just bad behavior
but honey i'm better, the sun is up forever. i just see you in a different shade
goodbye Pizzeria
When you lie and cheat, to a woman who's sweet. I really must forewarn you that is not doubt. The psycho will come out and in your dreams... she'll hunt you.
what will my next move be?
fire on kerosene
i'm gold, gold nararara-tararatatao, nararara-tararatatao, nararara-tararatatao, i'm gold, gold
i'm tired
why does angry cats look so cute
i'ma-ma-ma out my mind
if all of the kings had their queens on the throne we would po champagne and raise a toast
taking out the trash
my cat is vegan
there is someone trying to make me less just because they want to, but they will never make it
i think Windows 11 is ugly
so am i
Ava Max is fire
cats are the only ones who treat humans the way they deserve it: with hatred
i love my cat
10 months living with me. are you sure?
the sun is up forever
Mexican Communist Party
Meghan Trainor is fire
Trisha Paytas is the queen of pop
i remind you that reverse discrimination DOES NOT exist
vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup
who can it be now
Wallows is fire
welcome to the Pride Month
stick together like glitter, glitter, glitter
does it make you feel good?
i'm too fucking nice
my cat is sick of my love
that will be cool
kiss whoever the fuck you want
white mocha is my favorite coffee
Aurora Aksnes is fire
there's blood on your lies
@alexanderjt yes
my ass itches
hello, Bwitter



Name: Abraham Pizzano

Bio: i make art with a camera, i'm 15yo. and i'm a jerk

Location: United States of Mexico