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101 mac 
@vikimal19 Well, it can be. But you can also share what you're doing. Like what the label above where I'm typing asks you.
101 sniped128
typing at 2:59 am yay
101 enterwebs 
@vikimal ikr
101 vikimal19
bwitter seems more like a chatroom lol
101 enterwebs 
hi guys
101 goom 
hi john
101 john
101 b 
@Metalboy b
101 joell98 
hey guys
101 reuploadyoutube
twitter 07
101 Metalboy 
hi guys, im gonna cancel someone if i see you doing things bad!!!1111
101 joell98 
it’s an here comes pacman reference
101 Chainsword
cracka ass!
101 joell98 
it’s not i just had to
101 Chainsword
why are you acting like its a bad thing v
101 joell98 
aw shit, here comes chainsword
101 Chainsword 7 is a fucking pedophile
101 Chainsword
twiter sucks
101 joell98 
watching vidlii and BitView
101 joell98 
@LiterallyNobody bwitter - the weed eater machine

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