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101 succulent64
@sir what model of Dell Dimension?
101 succulent64
@enterwebs Windows 10. Since the hard drive came out of a 64 bit PC, the install doesn't work. I'm in the process of installing Windows XP.
101 Sir
@succulent64 my mom bought her old pc to my home after YEARS YEARS of being in my dad's home, and it is dell dimension
101 anticipatingdnp
damn i love whole wheat goldfish crackers
101 k24a1
101 enterwebs 
@succulent64 awesome! i got an optiplex 990. what OS is that on?
101 succulent64
I got a free Dell Dimension 8400 from my local school as might be making BitView videos on that PC.
101 jerd
can i delete my old bweets without having to scroll all the way down
101 jerd
my bitview account
101 enterwebs 
nevermind it was just my pen drive making that error
101 enterwebs 
oh shit i destroyed my pc with windows gadgets wtf
101 Marcusverse
I made a mistake, I was installing the Android OS when I accidently formatted the Windows drive. Plus it was 1.6, a very old version lol
101 Toudouboufou
android users belong to the cool kids club
101 Toudouboufou what celeb would go on bwitter lol. no celeb would find Bwitter and create an account, that aint the real chip
101 Toudouboufou
havent went on here in a while
101 Team_fortress2
i can play goodblox again
101 devjuice
annoying orange dies |
101 bwitterofficial 
@Chipflake Could you please add some sort of indication your Bwitter page that you aren't the official Chipflake YouTube channel? Thank you.
101 mac 
Thinking about posting on Bwitter a lot more again.
101 SebaCasual
im good

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