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101 Sir
@enterwebs bwitter
101 Marcusverse
Ugh, it's another Monday which means that everyone has to go to school.
101 Stormedge
Sunset Riders on the Sega Genesis looks more fun that the SNES version.
101 enterwebs 
@bwitter bwitter
101 Stormedge
Just joined recently.
101 enterwebs 
hi guys!!!
101 Toudouboufou
are you BUH
101 Joell84
101 ThomasJamesFilms
101 ThomasJamesFilms
welcome to beeppeeps
101 YOURmomTHEgay
I kill my mom for roblox
101 TalalQ8
I love this video a lot!!!
101 Toudouboufou
fajke bwitter!!!!
101 bwitter
101 SmlNostalgia pls vist my channel
101 YOURmomTHEgay
@me me is cool
101 mac 
Thinking about this new BitCoin thing. Should I get some?
101 JustAAnimator
*throws cryptolocker*
101 Kaguya
@Marcusverse same goes for crypto. I have both made and lost money that way.
101 Marcusverse
I've been learning about the stock market lately. You guys should try it, it can earn you quite a bit of money.

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